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WWE Raw Review – 1.6.20

The first Raw of the new decade kicked off with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman marching to the ring. This is the first time we’ve seen the WWE Champion since Survivor Series. Heyman said that his client wants to make history. He goes on to say that Brock told him that no one on any roster is worthy of sharing

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WWE Raw Review – 12.23.19

After being assaulted by the AOP and Seth Rollins two weeks ago, Kevin Owens was back on Monday Night Raw. But before K.O. could get his thoughts out, Mojo Rawley’s music hit, and he wanted an explanation for Owens hitting him with the lead pipe. These two had a no disqualification match set for later in the night, but the

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WWE Raw Review – 12.16.19

Fresh off his heel turn last week, Seth Rollins kicked off Raw from his home state. Rollins said he’s always been “the future” of WWE, and shortly after he beat Brock Lesnar twice, something changed with the fans. Rollins still thinks he is a leader, and if anyone resists, the AOP is going to enforce his will. Rollins then said

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WWE Raw Review – 12.9.19

Raw kicked off with Jerry Lawler in the ring, he was here to oversee the divorce of Rusev and Lana. The two made their way to the ring, Lana of course was booed, while Rusev walked out in a Donald Duck T-Shirt, to cheers and “Rusev Day!” chants. Lana was screaming into the microphone about how Rusev was selfish, and

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WWE Raw Review – 11.25.19

Seth Rollins was not here to make any friends. He first responded to CM Punk chants, saying he tried to get him here, but Punk likes his office job more. He then called out the Raw locker room, saying they all sucked last night at Survivor Series. He called out Randy Orton first, then Charlotte Flair, and finally Rey Mysterio.

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