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NXT UK 08.07.19

Noam Dar Vs Ashton Smith I’m conflicted when it comes to Noam Dar. He’s clearly talented (& loved) but there’s just something about him that really winds me up. To be fair, if his role is that of an arrogant heel then he’s clearly doing his job! But in my own personal opinion…there are more stars worthy of TV time,

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NXT UK 06.05.19

‘The Hunt’ Vs Saxon Huxley & T-Bone The gimmick of The Hunt is that they are these feral, ape like neanderthals…and boy do they play it well. Grunting, unorthodox (to the point of holding the tag rope with their mouths) and aggressive animalistic wrestling. As good as T-Bone & Huxley are (in the sense of being more technical fighters) The

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NXT UK 5.22.19

Travis Banks Vs Joseph Conners (Fatal 4-Way Qualifier) This was a pretty slow paced, by the books kind of match up. Took a while for the crowd to get behind them, and even then it was mainly for Banks. Conners picked up the pace towards the end with a very aggressive attack, but it was, in the end, Banks with

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