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New Cruiserweight Show “205 Live” To Air On WWE Network

The WWE sent out the following release today: STAMFORD, Conn. — A one-hour, in-ring program called 205 Live, showcasing WWE’s new Cruiserweight division, will premiere Tuesday, Nov. 29, at 10 p.m. ET, exclusively on WWE Network. The live weekly show will be called by Mauro Ranallo, the voice of SmackDown LIVE, and Corey Graves, color commentator for Monday Night Raw.

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WWE Raw Brings You the Crusierweight Division, Sort of

  The highly anticipated return of the Cruiserweight division and title is now one month born into this new wrestling world but it hasn’t gone exactly as expected. The WWE Cruiserweight Classic was nothing short of phenomenal but the transition to the WWE Network to weekly live crowds which 80-90% of the audience isn’t very familiar with your work; good

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WWE Cruiserweight Classic: 2nd Round Results From 8.10.16

-Corey Graves is wearing one of the most hideous shirts I’ve ever seen. Tajiri vs Gran Metalik -We get two different “feeling out” exchanges from both men. -Now both men exchange submissions without a flaw. -Metalik hits a running head scissors. Tajiri ducks a baseball slide but Metalik catches him with a superkick. -Tajiri catches Metalik with a buzzsaw kick.

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