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NXT UK 6.12.19

Xia Brookside & Isla Dawn Vs Jinny Jazzy Gabert Isla Dawn started things off very focused & controlled, but that soon changed when Gabert was tagged in and pretty much destroyed (the now tagged in) Brookside (picking her up & throwing her around like a ragdoll!) The domination continued until the (very sly) Jinny tagged in to get the pinfall.

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NXT UK 5.12.19

Piper Niven Vs Jamie Hayter This was over as quickly as it began. A little back & forth until Hayter straight up slapped Niven. She didn’t take too kindly to that, returning the favour with a Glaswegian kiss & a Michinoku driver. The hometown hero claims another victory. Ligero Vs Jordan Devlin (Fatal Four-Way Qualifier) On paper, this bout was

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