WWE Raw Review – 4.27-20

Raw kicked off with MVP in the ring, he brought out the men’s Money in the Bank participants from Raw.

Side note: Samoa Joe is back on commentary, and is an instant upgrade over Jerry Lawler.

Anyways, MVP didn’t get past the introductions, as Zelina Vega brought her trio of superstars out on to the stage.

After hyping up her clients, Vega led her trio to the ring and said they deserve the three spots in the Men’s MITB match. Rey Mysterio and company don’t take too kindly to the suggestion, and a brawl ensues.

Predictably, this brawl led to a six-man tag team match.

Aleister Black came out of the gates strong and nearly put away Angel Garza a couple times early on. Despite Black’s early dominance, Garza was able to make a tag.

Mysterio later saw action against Andrade, who have had their fair share of matches over the past year. The MITB participants stood tall early, as Black and Crews went over the top rope to take out Theory and Garza.

Back from the break, it was Vega’s trio taking it to Black in their corner. Black was finally able to break free, and Mysterio tagged in and again was opposed by Andrade. Even though their interactions in the ring were brief, I’m amazed at the chemistry those two men have together.

Andrade later landed his vicious elbow strike, which Crews was able to kick out of, and then landed a Blue Thunder Driver to pin the United States champion!

It’s unfortunate Vega’s trio had to suffer another defeat here, but there was no way the men’s MITB participants were going to lose two weeks before the pay-per-view

United States Title Match:

After laying the challenge down earlier in the night, Apollo Crews had a shot at claiming the U.S. championship.

Apollo showed off his pure athleticism early on and kept up with the champ. Crews is finally getting a chance and right from the start did not back down, trading blows with Andrade.

However, right before the commercial break, Crews would miss on a moonsault attempt and appeared to tweak his knee.

After the break, Crews was hampered by the bum knee, and Andrade took full advantage. Apollo did fight back though, even hitting an Olympic slam and later a military press into a standing moonsault.

Crews, still greatly affected by the knee, managed to kick out several times despite Andrade’s best efforts, which included countering the military press into a DDT.

However, Crews would miss on a frog splash, and that was the last gap for the challenger as the referee called for the match to be stopped.

I figured the match would not have a definitive finish, but this way, Crews looked valiant in defeat, and Andrade still holds the belt. Unfortunately, this injury to Crews would result in him being pulled from the MITB match, according to a WWE.com release.

Riott squad rematch:

Just a week ago, these two former friends did battle on Raw, with Liv Morgan emerging victorious.

To their credit, these women had another solid match. Liv did manage to kick out of a Riott kick from Ruby, which shocked her.

Once again, Liv was able to set Ruby up for her new finisher, which she calls “Oblivion,” and picked up another win.

On the surface, it appears as if Morgan is getting that “push,” which can only help the Raw women’s division at this point. Hopefully, this isn’t one of those “start, stop” pushes we’ve seen many times in the past.

WWE Championship contract signing:

Well, we almost got through the night without hearing Jerry Lawler. He was here to moderate the contract signing.

Lawler, however, left the ring after both men stepped in the ring, as Drew warned him things would take a turn for the worse.

McIntyre wasted little time in signing the contract, but Seth took to the microphone before signing on the dotted line.

Seth starts off by saying he doesn’t want to do this, but he has to. Rollins tells McIntyre he needs to get the title to where it needs to be.

Rollins then says McIntyre is a fighter, a warrior, an honorable man, but he’s not a leader, and Rollins is a leader.

Drew bluntly tells Rollins he’s full of shit and that no one wants to hear him talk. Lastly, McIntyre says Seth he didn’t finish the job two weeks ago, but he should finish the job at Money in the Bank, or he will finish Rollins.

The two men then square up, and Drew attacks first by throwing Seth’s face into the table. But Seth evades trouble when Murphy shows up to run interference, and for his troubles, Murphy ate a Claymore to close the show.

Former Champion returns:

After not being seen in a WWE ring since June of last year, Jinder Mahal made his return to the ring.

Unfortunately for Akira Tozawa, Mahal came out laser-focused and threw him all around the ring. In just a few minutes, Mahal hit Tozawa with the Khallas to pick up the win.

Will Mahal go back to vying for titles, or go back to being a jobber? For the time being, it looks like the former.

Ricochet/Alexander building momentum:

This newly formed tag team has gotten off to a good start over the past few weeks. Alexander and Ricochet have similar high-flying styles, and the duo does not shy away from showing off their arsenal of aerial moves.

To finish off the match, Ricochet went to the top rope and delivered a dropkick, which led Alexander planting Chase Parker face-first into the mat.

This duo will have to prove themselves next week in a rematch against Brendan Vink and Shane Thorne.

Bobby Lashley dominates:

The bigger story here was Lashley telling Lana to stay backstage because she is a “distraction.”

As for the match itself, Lashley made quick work of Denzel Dejournette, winning the match with a spear.

Lashley has done nothing but squash opponents since losing at Wrestlemania looks like he’s in the process of getting built back up.

Women’s MITB “triple threat” match:

The men’s MITB trio was featured for nearly the first hour of Raw, but next up was Nia Jax, Asuka, and Shayna Baszler, squaring off in a triple threat match.

But before the match even began, the action spilled outside. Baszler dispatched of both competitors but took too long in setting up a ladder, and Asuka hurled Baszler into the ladder.

Nia would take over from here, and stood tall with a ladder in hand. It looks like no match would take place, guess they didn’t want Nia to injure anyone else before the Women’s MITB match.


Overall this show had its moments. The United States Title match was great, and I was very impressed with Apollo’s performance. It was also nice to see Liv’s push keep going, and Samoa Joe on commentary was a plus for the entire show.

Raw is managing to pull this off without Becky Lynch, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Randy Orton over the past few weeks. This just goes to show how truly deep WWE’s roster is, despite their recent cuts.

Given the circumstances, WWE has done a solid job in building to Money in the Bank, although I do not really know what was going on with the women’s triple threat match, involving the three women from Raw who are in the match.

My grade: 3.25 out of 5