AEW Double or Nothing Moved From Las Vegas, Show Still On

AEW announced on Twitter today that while Double or Nothing will still take place on May 23, it will not be taking place from the MGM Grand on May 23. Here is the official Twitter thread recently posted:

Justin C’s Take: A likely announcement. While I personally think live events and sports will be back by the summer (without fans to start), the end of May was probably still too early for any event like this. A new location was not announced, but the show will still take place. If restrictions are still in place in regards to international travel, the roster might be limited as to who can appear. And if the show does go on, it will be interesting to see what kind of backlash they get (if any) like the WWE. Let me say, before I get accused of bias, that I do not think the WWE should be doing live shows and should have taped all shows for the next month last weekend.

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