WWE Raw Review – 4.6.20

After an unprecedented two-night Wrestlemania, that I would say was definitely better than expected, it was time for what is typically the most exciting Raw of the year.

In the opening match, Liv Morgan, who defeated Natalya this past weekend, took on Asuka.

This is the type of match I expected from Liv when she first made her re-debut. She went toe-to-toe with one of the most talented woman’s wrestlers in the world, and it didn’t appear that she was overwhelmed.

Even in defeat, I feel like this rose Liv Morgan’s stock. Asuka, needing a win, had a solid showing after losing the woman’s tag team championships.

I’m excited to see what Liv does in the coming weeks. Besides, it is time WWE build more female stars beyond the four horsewomen.

After a recap of Becky Lynch defeating Shayna Baszler at Wrestlemania, we got our first Wrestlemania rematch.

This match was a typical tag team match and was quite similar to the match they had this past weekend.

The team of Angel Garza & Austin Theory was disqualified in both matches, with the help of Zelina Vega. And both times, Bianca Belair would come out to make the save. But this time, Belair would announce she goes here now.

Belair then challenged Zelina to a match, which we got to see after the commercial break. Bianca dominated most of the match, with Vega getting a shot or two.

However, there was another disqualification when Theory interfered, and Montez Ford got involved on Belair’s behalf.

Honestly, I should have seen this coming, but all of this led to a six-person tag match. After the Street Profits cleared the ring of Garza and Theory, Belair was finally able to set up Vega for the KOD, which got her and the Profits the win.

This whole situation went on FAR too long, but Raw does have to fill three hours of TV. Belair coming to Raw is good for the women’s division after all Becky Lynch needs some fresh faces to wrestle after she’s made her way through the roster over the past year.

Next up was Aleister Black, who picked up a win over Bobby Lashley at Wrestlemania. Black would take on newly acquired Apollo Crews.

Though Black was victorious this past weekend, Aleister had arguably a more impressive showing on Raw. He and Crews went nearly 30 minutes in an absolute battle.

This match is just another example of how deep WWE’s roster is. A guy like Apollo, who is seldomly used, can go out there and hold his own in a match against a talent like Aleister.

I am always a fan of lesser-used superstars getting time to show what they have. Big props to Crews here.

Speaking of giving superstars a chance, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch took on Ricochet and Cedric Alexander.

While Lorcan and Birch put up a fight, this match to me was all about trying to establish the Ricochet/Alexander duo as a legit tag team.

The talent the new duo each has is undeniable; it’s merely just a matter of how they will be booked? At this point, I don’t know that answer, but this match was still solid, in my opinion.

Seth Rollins was ticked off after his Wrestlemania match against Kevin Owens, and NXT talent Denzel Dejournette got the brunt of that frustration.

The Monday Night Messiah picked up a quick victory, and honestly, this made sense. Interested to see where Seth heads next; hopefully, his feud with KO is in the rearview mirror.

The big return for the night was Nia Jax, who squashed Deonna Purrazzo in no time. Earlier I mentioned that Lynch needs new faces to wrestle, and ‘The Man’ already has a history with Jax, so a feud between the two may begin shortly.

Keeping up with the theme of NXT talent taking on Raw superstars, Brendan Vink took on Humberto Carrillo. It was nice to see Carrillo back in action, but I’m not sure if a squash match was the way to go here.

We then got a backstage interview with Charlotte Flair, the new NXT women’s champion. While Flair excels in her role as “The Queen,” I thought this was a missed opportunity to put Rhea Ripley over as a fierce competitor. Instead, she called Rhea “alright” and said she is like every other superstar, they bow down to the queen.

I fully understand why Flair won (NXT ratings, of course), but this decision wasn’t the right one in my mind. At least it puts Charlotte and Becky away from each other because that feud has been done enough.

The final segment of the night was actually one taped after the end of Wrestlemania. Drew McIntyre was in the ring for an interview. The new WWE Champion talked about the match, and he thanked Paul Heyman for giving his client bad advice about giving Drew multiple F-5’s.

McIntyre, though, was cut off by…. the Big Show? Initially, McIntyre resisted Show’s challenge to fight, but after a slap from Big Show, Drew was ready to fight.

Big Show slowed the match down and took advantage of McIntyre being fresh off a match against Brock Lesnar.

Drew kicked out of a chokeslam from Show late in the match, and then dodged a knockout punch to set up the Claymore, which McIntyre hit. After his second fight of the night, McIntyre still came away as the WWE Champion.

Overall, I’m not sure how much sense Big Show challenging McIntyre makes. Why not have it be someone from the roster who is more active & deserving of a shot? All I know is that McIntyre is finally champion, and I’m interested to see who his next feud is with.

This show overall wasn’t great. It was mostly squash matches, and Wrestlemania replays. Most of the big names had the night off, as several interviews were filmed shortly after their Wrestlemania match.

At this point, WWE should really consider taking a break, it’s the perfect stopping point. But for the time being, that doesn’t sound like it’s happening.

My rating of this Raw: 2.5 out of 5