AEW Blood and Guts Match Postponed

AEW still plans on having a show this Wednesday. But it will not include the Blood and Guts match that has been hyped up over the last few weeks. Late last night, AEW announced that the Blood and Guts match will be postponed.

Justin C’s Take: In the end I think this is the right move. This is the type of match that needs a live audience to add a little bit extra too it. I just feel like they probably knew the match couldn’t take place before this past Wednesday’s show. The empty arena AEW is currently filming in doesn’t appear to have the capacity to hold a War Games like cage. Not only that, you more than likely need a full crew to make sure things are setup properly.

I do hope that AEW continues with their shows until they are told to stop. Last week’s shows was one of their best ever.

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