Justin C Watches WCW Starrcade 1994

Welcome to Hulk Hogan’s WCW. 1994 was the year of Hogan. Not only did he become World Champion in his first match (which was the right thing to do, I admit that), but he brought in all of his old WWF buddies and pushed out anyone that wasn’t one of his guys. And we’ve built up a new heel group to challenge Hogan.

Oh and Brutus Beefcake is main eventing WCW’s top PPV.

Some country star sings the National Anthem in a Tampa Bay Lightning uniform. That wouldn’t fly nowadays in Nashville.

I will say that I like how these WCW PPVs started with the announcers running down the card and talking about it so the audience can hear it. This was right when Randy Savage came into WCW. So they are playing up whether Savage will shake Hogan’s hand or slap him.

We cut to an actual press conference for Hulk Hogan winning the PWI Wrestler of the Year Award. This is totally something Hogan would want. It’s a kayfabe magazine for the most part but you just know Hogan ate all of this up. Hogan talks about how the people that voted for him for wrestler of the year were the ones that convinced him to get back in the ring. That makes no sense. Hogan says that everyone wanted to see him beat Ric Flair. Well, everyone except the people that booed him in WCW.

United States Championship: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan (c) vs Vader w/Harley Race

I fucking love Vader. He’s the best big man ever in the wrestling business. There is no discussion. Period. And his WCW theme song kicked all kinds of ass. Meanwhile, here comes Hogan buddy Jim Duggan. He all but killed Steve Austin’s career in WCW. So I guess we can be thankful for that. Vader jumps Duggan in the aisle and loses his mask before the match even begins. It’s always fun to guess when Vader will lose his mask. Duggan has control early on. He throws Vader into the railing then clotheslines him over the top when he gets back in the ring. If you ask me Vader is selling way too much for Duggan early on. Duggan is a genuinely all around great guy in the wrestling business, but he couldn’t do anything in the ring once he joined WWF.

Vader finally clotheslines Duggan over the top and he almost comically goes over lightly into the railing and sells it like death. Vader finally hits a Vader Bomb but Duggan gets his foot on the rope. Vader goes up for another but Duggan kicks Vader right in the nuts, right in front of Nick Patrick. Vader then clobbers Duggan right in the middle of the ring. Vader goes to the top for the Vadersault but Duggan moves. Duggan charges at Vader with a clothesline. He hits the 3 point stance clothesline. But Race digs at Duggan’s eyes during the pin to break it up. Duggan bodyslams Vader but Race distracts the ref. Duggan gets up. He runs into race who had Duggan’s 2×4 in his hand. Vader then faceplants Duggan for the win. WAYYYY too much protection for Duggan there when Vader should have squashed him, especially with what is coming later.

We get a promo from the Three Faces of Fear. Brutus “The Butcher” Beefcake should just stop talking. When Avalanche is the best promo in a group you know its bad.

Jean Paul Levesque vs Alex Wright

Hey, this Jean Paul Levesque guy looks really familiar. I think he is a big wig for a wrestling company nowadays. This is Alex Wright pre dancing so it’s not as good. Still has the kick ass techno music. OH WAIT NEVERMIND HE DOESN’T DANCE UNTIL HE GETS INTO THE RING! Bobby Heenan asks if he has to get in there to show Wright how to dance and grind. And now I want to see that. Levesque is wearing these really shitting black leather boots. They look like the rain boots girls wear nowadays. Man is this crowd dead silent. And these two are off early on. Sometimes you have to adjust but there are way too many rest holds early on. There’s just lines of people going and leaving the stands and it kind of looks bad. I bet this Levesque amounts to nothing in the business. The ref admonishes Levesque for a closed fist. My new favorite ref ever. This is a case of the heel working the match WAYYY too long. Levesque finally misses an elbow off the top (a shitty one at that). Wright fights back but the crowd is killed at this point. We then get a really shitty collision mid ring. Alex Wright finally wins with a rollup. No dancing after. Automatically loses a star.

WCW TV Championship: Johnny B Badd (c) vs Arn Anderson w/Col. Rob Parker and Meng

This was suppose to be Honky Tonk Man, and his music plays, but out comes Arn Anderson instead. Match immediately becomes better. I always found it weird that the TV Title was defended on PPV. I mean I guess technically this is still TV. Meng is in a suit and sunglasses. Normally I would make fun of someone with sunglasses inside. But I don’t need Meng coming and finding me. This match is slow to start too. But both guys are over and Arn knows how to work a crowd. Badd misses an atomic drop and Arn hits that FUCKING SPINEBUSTER like no one else can. Badd eventually fights back and wins with a rollup. How did Hogan approve this show with so many rollups?

The Nasty Boys won Tag Team of the Year for 1994. Must have been a shitty year for tag teams.

Harlem Heat w/Sister Sherri vs The Nasty Boys

Imagine if the Nasty Boys gave the pit stain to people today. Sherri has a purse so you know that is playing a role later in the match. This match is a mess as everyone is brawling on the floor. Schiavone says Nick Patrick is being lenient. I say he just sucks as a ref. Heenan says if he didn’t have 12 girlfriends he would go for Sherri. What is it with this show and rest holds? These two teams should just be brawling and beating the shit out of each other. Stevie Ray and Sags brawl up the aisle and Stevie Ray hits a really shitty front suplex drop on the railing. I think Sags feet land on it. Stevie Ray applies a bear hug to Sags that feels like it lasts six days. Why is it so hard to book a match with these two teams? After what seems like a decade Sags tags in Knobbs. Sherri gets involved and accidentally sprays Stevie Ray with hair spray, then misses a splash and hits Booker T. The Nasty Boys pit stain Sherri and win via DQ.

Sting won PWI Most Popular Wrestler of 1994. At least that one is believable.

Kevin Sullivan vs Mr. T

For some reason, Mr. T is wearing a ref shirt despite fighting Kevin Sullivan. Mr. T looks like he would rather be anywhere else. At least he learned how to throw some good worked punches. Santa Claus starts walking down the aisle. Kevin Sullivan ducks a charge and sends Mr. T to the outside. He takes off the ref shirt too to avoid future confusion. They knock over the cameraman and fight over hum. Some brilliant genius in the production truck cuts to that shot and we get a shot of Kevin Sullivan’s ass. I bet it was Kevin Dunn. Jimmy Hart comes out and puts his megaphone in Santa’s bag. Santa was David Sullivan, who is Kevin’s brother and the ultimate Hulkamaniac. Dave hits Kevin with it and Mr. T gets the win. Kevin attacks Dave after and hits a piledriver and whips him with his belt. I guess Hogan doesn’t care about him that much.

Avalanche vs Sting

Avalanche, the Nasty Boys and Honky Tonk Man all have themes similar to their WWF ones. No idea how they got away with it. Sting comes out to the awesome “Man Called Sting” theme. The first few minutes are just Sting yelling and Avalanche jumping up and down. Avalanche shrugs off Hogan’s offense and starts to work him over. Sting tries a bodyslam to no avail. Now it’s Avalanche’s turn to slow things down and work over Sting. This is bad. Avalanche applies a headlock that lasts years. Then a few minutes later he goes to a bearhug. Ooof. Sting applies a sleeper. Fitting given this card so far. Sting splashes Avalanche in the corner, but it was right onto the ref. Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock but the ref is out. Sullivan comes in. Sting throws him into Avalanche. But Avalanche catches him and runs into Sting. Avalanche hits an Avalanche Drop. Hogan comes out for the save with a chair. Another ref comes in and awards Sting the match via DQ. Okay then.

Jimmy Hart won PWI Manager of the Year. Of course he credits Hogan.

We get a recap of the Hogan/Butcher feud. I still can’t believe Brother Bruti main evented a Starrcade.

WCW Championship: Hulk Hogan (c) vs Butcher

I guess at this point if you wanted to get Hogan cheered, you put him in a match with Bruti/Butcher. Michael Buffer calls Hogan the “King of Hulkmania.” They then replay Hogan’s music after the intros for some reason. Hey, I kind of like Hogan’s WCW theme. WCW Commissioner Nick Bockwinkel is out to get rid of Sullivan and Avalanche. Bockwinkel at this time was probably still the best worker out there.

Butcher gets the early heat on Hogan. They fight on the outside where Butcher grabs a chair, but Jimmy Hart grabs it. Hogan uses the chair in plain view of Nick Patrick but there is not a DQ. Hogan throws Butcher in and Butcher runs at him with an awful knee. Butcher misses a top rope move and Hogan gets control. The offense is offensive. Butcher is able to apply a nerve hold. He does it twice in fact. Hogan escapes, but Butcher applies the Sleeper. Only unlike when he was The Barber in WWF, no one cares. Hogan’s hand kind of drops to three (I think it did) but Patrick says no. Hogan plays possum as Butcher stupidly celebrates. Hogan hulks up but no one seems to care. Out come Avalanche and Sullivan. Hogan single handily fights them off, then Big Boots and Leg Drops Butcher for the win.

They all come in the ring after the match. Hogan grabs a chair. Macho Man comes out and tells the Faces of Fear he’s on their side. Once he gains their trust, Savage attacks them and helps Hogan. We all saw that coming. So basically in one night they squashed the supposed top heel group in WCW. Savage and Hogan finally shake hands. Nowhere near as good as the Mega Powers handshake. They pose for a bit before leaving to the locker room.

Hogan is interviewed with a handful of faces with him. This is probably the closest Alex Wright ever was to Hogan. Vader comes in, with mask, like a complete badass. Vader says Hogan is living with the demon of fear. Hogan is afraid of Vader. Vader said he is going to cut the head off the snake that is Hulkamania. They have a scuffle before Vader leaves. Vader losses his mask during the brawl.

That ending was the best part of the show. The highest rated match from Dave Meltzer was **1/2 stars, that is all you need to know about the show.

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