WWE Raw Review – 3.9.20

The Man kicked off Raw, and we got a recap of Shayna Baszler running through five women in the Elimination Chamber.

Lynch did not lack confidence in her promo, saying she remembers Baszler not shaking her hand last year, and people like Lynch don’t beat world-class killers like Baszler.

Becky closed with saying Baszler is underestimating Lynch, and she’s going to bash her face in for it.

These are the moments where Becky shines brightest. It’s Wrestlemania season, and The Man has her game face on. This match has all the potential in the world, and the build to it should be incredible over the next month.

Below is the rest of what took place on Raw, ranked from best to worst, followed by my overall rating of the show.

Edge Returns:

MVP is in the ring, saying he wants to become a leader. He wants to start his stable by bringing in Edge. But he says Edge needs to correct his focus.

Backstage we see Edge roll up and make a beeline to the ring. Screaming into the microphone, Edge calls out Orton. MVP then interrupts, asking Edge about his wife.

This sends Edge over the top, and he spears MVP, but laying in wait was Orton. Randy is able to escape, but not before Edge hits the Viper with his own move, an RKO! MVP was less fortunate and receives two CON-CHAIR-TO’s from Edge, who looks at Randy and says these are for him.

With Wrestlemania just weeks away, we’re really going to see this feud pick up. I wasn’t in love with MVP being a third party in this segment. Edge and Orton would have been good enough, but I guess someone needed to be on the receiving end of those chair shots.

But don’t get me wrong, this match should be great, and the story is incredibly personal.

AJ Styles calls out the Phenom:

After the Undertaker cost AJ Styles his match the previous night, the Phenomenal One was not in a good mood.

Styles calls out the deadman, challenging him to a match at Wrestlemania. AJ then took it a step further by calling the Undertaker a broken-down old man named Mark Calloway.

AJ then calls out Michelle McCool, saying she’s running him into the ground, and he’ll help her at Wrestlemania.

Styles was right about one thing, this match would have been much better a decade ago. While these two are legends in the ring, I’m interested to see how they’ll pull off a match in 2020.

Mysterio vs. Garza:

Garza had the edge early on, sending Mysterio to the floor with a dropkick. After the break, Garza went for the 619, but Mysterio countered with a dropkick.

Later on, Mysterio had Garza set up for the 619, but Angel dodged it with a superkick of his own. Unable to capitalize, though, Garza once again was set up for the 619 and Rey connected and dropped the dime for the win!

This was a pretty solid match, and Rey picking up a win is a step in the right direction. But with Wrestlemania less than a month away, where does Rey fit in?

Charlotte and Rhea faceoff:

Before Flair makes her entrance, a video package about Reha Ripley plays. Back in the ring, Flair says she is fighting for the NXT Women’s Title because she wants to reach Rhea a lesson.

Ripley then comes to answer the Queen, but Flair cuts her off, saying that this is still her kingdom, and Ripley is excused. But Rhea responds by knocking Flair to the mat and walks off with a grin.

Just like Becky/Baszler, this is another women’s match with a ton of potential. Flair is back in her better role as a heel, and Ripley is over with the crowd. A great dynamic to have, especially for a Wrestlemania match.

Street Profits vs. Monday Night Messiah:

After Rollins vs. Black ended in a disqualification, Seth’s faction took on the Viking Raiders and Street Profits.

This match ended up being the main event of the show, and the crowd was into this match, especially when Montez Ford ran wild. But to me, this match lasted a bit too long, and with the build Edge/Orton had been getting, that as the main event would have made more sense to me.

Rollins was able to give his team the win when he hit the stomp on Ford after Montez hit a dive on the outside. Seth then stood tall after hitting an attacking Kevin Owens with a trio of stomps. On a stacked Wrestlemania card, Rollins and Owens still may turn out to be one of the better matches, that of course, if it’s given time.

Who Knocked on Aleister’s door?

Aleister Black is cutting a backstage promo when Seth Rollins and Murphy interrupt with an offer. Rollins invites Black to join “the movement” to which Black took as a challenge, and he accepted.

After a lackluster feud with AJ Styles, Black needs a direction, and a feud with Rollins and his disciples may be the thing he needs at this point. It is a good sign, to me at least, that Black is going from one former World Champion to another.

Later on, Black and Rollins went one on one. Rollins spent the early parts of the match on the attack. But just as Black was getting going, Murphy interfered to cause the disqualification.

The Viking Raiders came down to go after the Monday Night Messiah and were later joined by The Street Profits.

Drew McIntyre vs. Erick Rowan:

Drew made quick work of Rowan here, and the spider as well. After taking out Rowan on the outside, Drew crushed the cage holding Rowan’s “friend” into pieces.

Unfortunately, this three-month build ended so abruptly, but Rowan is just a victim of poor booking and a lack of crowd support. Wonder what is next for Rowan after this? I can’t imagine it’s anything good.

Later on, we got a video package hyping up a Lesnar vs. McIntyre with Paul Heyman because Brock can’t be there every week.

Kabuki Warriors vs. Natalya/Liv Morgan:

Asuka and Kairi Sane spent several minutes laughing and cutting a promo in Japanese. The crowd gave them the “WHAT!” treatment until Natalya and Liv Morgan, who were both brutalized in the Elimination Chamber by Shayna Baszler the night before.

Right before the commercial break Ruby Riott,, who was also apart of the Chamber match, came down to the ring. The Kabuki Warriors took advantage of Nattie’s injuries and worked her over for several minutes.

But just as Liv was going to tag in, Sarah Logan and Riott went after each other at ringside. Liv couldn’t help herself and hit a dive off the top rope.

This would leave Nattie to fend for herself, and the Kabuki Warriors took advantage and picked up the win.

With the Riott Squad in shambles, are they on a collision course for a Wrestlemania match?? It would be a good match, but on a card that will be five hours long, it may suffer from other (more important) matches on the card.

24/7 Title Match:

Riddick Moss, came out of the gates on fire, throwing around Cedric Alexander. But Alexander was able to momentarily fight off Moss and get a near fall.

But Moss drove Alexander into the turnbuckles and then hit a wicked neckbreaker for an easy win. Maybe I’m overly optimistic, but Riddick Moss looks to have potential as the 24/7 champion and beyond.
Bobby Lashley dominates:

Lashley was in action, without Lana, though. The crowd missed Lana, as they chanted “We Want Lana!” during the match. Lashley made quick work of Zack Ryder, who got a jobber entrance.

I guess the point of this segment was to put Lashley over as a dominating force, but we already knew he was. Lashley is another wrestler who has no clear direction at the moment, which is never a good sign this time of year.


Overall this show was quite unerwhelming. Raw was built around the return of Edge, and instead of delivering that in the main event, we got that in the second hour of the show. While Edge’s return, and RKO on Orton was great, this was about all we got.

The rest of the show was primarily filled with okay TV matches. The main event had the crowd on their feet, but as I said earlier, it went far too long and did not feel like the main event segment. Becky’s promo was solid, but now, just like last year, there are only a few women on Raw who even feel like a big deal. Also odd not to see Baszler on the show a day after her win at Elimination Chamber.

Next week’s show is filled with a contract signing for Undertaker/Styles, and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be back. That alone might make Raw better than this week.

My rating: 2 out of 5