Participants Announced For AEW Blood and Guts Match

AEW announced on Twitter the participants for the Blood and Guts match. The match will take place on AEW Dynamite on March 25 from Newark, NJ.

Justin C’s Take: Many people speculated this would be the case when this match was announced. From a big match standpoint, these are obviously the biggest names you can do. The Inner Circle is the top heel faction in AEW. And The Elite is the foundation of AEW. So outside of including Jon Moxley, these are the biggest names to have in the match.

Having said that, I would have gone with the idea of using someone other than The Elite in this spot. Maybe some of the guys but not all of them. The Inner Circle really isn’t feuding with the Elite. I personally would have gone with Moxley, Darby Allin, Dustin and The Young Bucks. The match would elevate Allin even more. Dustin has a rivalry going with Hager. Santana and Ortiz don’t really have anything going for them right now when it comes to a rivalry.

It’ll be interesting to see what rules will be different from a traditional War Games match. If you don’t know the rules, two members start. After five minutes a member of the team that won the coin flip (always the heels) gets to add a member. They alternate until all members of each team are in. In the old WCW ways, a match can only end when one person surrenders. In the WWE you can do pinfall or submission.

Either way the match should be very good.

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