NXT Hits and Misses w/ The Chairman 3.4.20

This episode of NXT was highlighted by two steel cage matches. One featured Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai and the other Velveteen Dream vs Roderick Strong. Find out who was victorious in these steel cage matches and much more in this weeks recap of NXT.


HIT: Tegan and Dakota Locked in a Cage

One of the biggest rivalries in NXT finally reached a boiling point where they had to settle things inside a steel cage. Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai are wrestling in a rubber match to perhaps settle this feud once in for all. The match started slow, but really picked up towards the end. Tegan Nox was looking to escape the cage and Raquel Gonzalez of course at ringside made her impact. She tried to pull Dakota Kai out of the cage door, but Nox kicked the door into Kai’s surgically repaired knee. Gonzalez though pinned Nox with the door as she was climbing down and this gave Dakota enough time to escape. I give credit to this finish. Dakota Kai of course picks up another huge win over her rival. Perhaps one of these two or both could make their way to Takeover Tampa in the upcoming number one contender ladder match?


HOLD: Chelsea Green Makes Shotzi Unprettier

Chelsea Green and Shotzi Blackheart squared off in a match with the winner claiming a spot at NXT Takeover Tampa in the ladder match. The match was didn’t last long and Chelsea Green managed to defeat Shotzi with the Unprettier without Robert Stone’s help this time. Looks like Shotzi’s brief feud with Shayna Baszler didn’t do much for her in the grand scheme of things being she won’t be going to Takeover Tampa. Chelsea Green of course had a hiccup with Kayden Carter, but now she’s been racking up the wins as of late.


HIT: Undisputed Era Want Their Belts Back

Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly faced off against their old rivals Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. Fish and O’Reilly of course took care of business, but spoke after the match about their missing titles. They called out the Broserweights and Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne came to the stage to answer the challenge. However Grizzled Young Veterans James Drake and Zack Gibson aren’t too fond of the tag team champions and told Undisputed Era what they thought of them. Well Gibson did, Drake never talks. Later in the show, it was confirmed that Riddle and Dunne will face Fish and O’Reilly in a NXT Tag Team Championship match.


HIT: Theory and Swerve Face Off 

Austin Theory has bragged about being a top star in NXT, but was giving a reality check by Isaiah Swerve Scott saying he’s only got four matches in and he’s got ways to go. The two end up going to Regal for a match and it was a good one. The match was fast paced and full of excitement. Swerve has been looking to regain some momentum after his tough loss at Worlds Collide, unfortunately for him he couldn’t stop Theory. Theory hit the ATL for the win.


HIT: Johnny Turncoat Intimates Mauro

The world has been asking “Why Johnny Why?” and Mauro was hoping to get some answers in a sit down interview with Johnny Gargano. Gargano however was angry and kept going after Mauro and said he already knows why. Gargano then called Mauro a liar and it got to the point where Mauro couldn’t finish the interview because he feared his safety. Looks like this Gargano heel run is off to a good start and alot better than his last one which I consider a failure.


HIT: Dream Eyeing a Bigger Prize Than Marina

The main event featured Roderick Strong and Velveteen Dream inside a steel cage. Marina Shafir early in the match gave her husband a kendo stick thru the cage showing how personal this feud has gotten. As the match continued and things looked bad for Roddy, the rest of the Undisputed Era ran to the ring. Dream had to snag the kendo stick and fight off the UE. Adam Cole got inside the cage and Dream was in for a fight. Velveteen Dream for some reason pushed Roderick Strong out of the cage giving his rival the win. However the Dream had a bigger plan and locked the cage door with NXT Champion Adam Cole inside. Dream went all out on Cole and the rest of Undisputed Era tried to save their leader, but were unsuccessfully. The end of the show had Dream sitting on the cage holding the NXT Championship. More than likely it appears Cole vs Dream is the NXT Championship match at Takeover Tampa.


Decent episode of NXT. It was also announced that Keith Lee would defend the North American Championship against Cameron Grimes. So that makes it two title matches next week. Thanks for reading and we’ll do it again next time.