AEW Dynamite 3.4.20: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Possibilities Abound For New Debuts

We all know the rumored names coming into AEW. Lance Archer has been confirmed. Colt Cabana is now there. Matt Hardy seems like a lock as does Brodie Lee/Luke Harper. The Dark Order continues to wait on the arrival of the Exalted One. And tonight, Jake “The Snake” Roberts shows up out of nowhere and talks about his client who is coming in and wants a piece of Cody. And in case you were wondering, Jake can still cut a promo with the best of them. While we all kind of have Matt Hardy penciled in as the Exalted One, the possibilities are out there for it to be someone different. Harper/Lee in kayfabe has cult experience. Roberts could be managing Lee, but Archer is also a possibility. There are different options out there for AEW to explore if they so choose.

2. How Many Factions Do We Need?

This one is tough for me. I like Pentagon, Fenix and PAC. But did AEW really need another faction? We have the Inner Circle, Nightmare Family, Dark Order, Best Friends, the Elite and now Death Triangle. It is overkill if you ask me. Guys can be friends and have affiliations with other wrestlers but everyone being in a stable just seems unnecessary. Just leave Darby Allin and Jon Moxley away from any stables. I wonder what Los Boricuas are up to nowadays.

3. Chris Jericho Swerved Us Bro

So when Chris Jericho said if Jon Moxley left standing, he would take a 60 day hiatus, everyone was worried. Myself included. For me it was mostly because I’m going to Dynamite in two weeks and was really looking forward to singing Judas. The crowd started chanting “Fozzy Sucks” during the promo, assuming Jericho was leaving for that. A quick search would have shown that Fozzy’s tour doesn’t start until April. Not only that, there are no tour date on Wednesday. So Jericho fooled everyone into thinking he would be on a hiatus, when in actuality the Inner Circle is probably in the Blood and Guts match in three weeks. And Jericho as well as the rest of the Inner Circle made Darby Allin look good during the 2-on-1 match in the main event.

Random Thoughts

-Anyone that says they want to be Shawn Spears partner is lying. They just want to get close to Peyton Royce.

-This version of Hangman Page continues to be great. That is all.

-MJF’s promo skills are a million miles ahead of his in ring work. He cut another good one tonight on Cody.

-The Inner Circle better hope Axl Rose doesn’t see their shirt.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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