WWE Raw Review – 3.2.20

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kicked off Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn.

Heyman called the main event of Wrestlemania a sham and later called Drew McIntyre a hyped-up fraud. Paul then goes on a rant about how McIntyre did nothing more than take advantage of a momentary situation.

Then to make matters worse, Heyman uttered the word “bi*ch,” which brought out McIntyre, and he made a beeline to the ring.

Drew got right in the face of Lesnar, but Brock just smirked and began to walk off. But the beast went to attack, however, Drew was quicker, landing a Claymore and knocking Lesnar flat.

McIntyre was not done there, he ran back out and hit two more Claymore kicks to the WWE champion.

This segment made McIntyre look like a million dollars, and what made it better was the crowd was fully behind Drew. I’m sure Lesnar will get his shots in down the line, but for tonight this is what WWE needed to do to make McIntyre look like a true challenger to The Beast. Excellent start to the show!

Below is the rest of what took place on Raw, ranked best to worst, followed by my rating of the show.

Edge update:

Beth Phoenix was about to give the update on Edge when Randy Orton made his way to the ring.

Orton tried to hug Beth, but she was having none of it. As Beth tried to begin her speech again, Randy interrupts and grabs a microphone.

He went on to tell a story about meeting Edge over 20 years ago, and how Edge saved his life. Randy then said he did what he did to save Edge’s life. Randy said he wants Edge to be a father and be there for his family. Orton then calls Beth an enabler, and he had to step in to save him.

The crazy thing is, while Orton was telling Beth he did what he did to save Edge’s life and avoid putting him in a wheelchair, he tried to do that exact thing when he hit Edge with the chair. You can tell Orton is trying to justify his actions with his own twisted logic, a great character trait for this storyline.

Beth, finally fed up, slapped Orton across the face, which set him off. Randy calls Beth a bi*ch, and she kicks him low, but then Orton does the unthinkable and RKO’s Beth!

The final moments of the show were surreal as the crowd sat in stunned silence, and several wrestlers ran down to the ring to help aide Phoenix.

Wow… this storyline just got turned up a few notches! Orton was once again at his best, and the stage is set for Edge to make a triumphant comeback. This is one of my favorite storylines heading into Wrestlemania.

Now or Never Tag Title Match:

After the Streets Profits failed to win the Raw Tag Team Titles at Super Showdown, they had one final shot to capture the gold.

Like clockwork, Rollins and Murphy attacked before the match even began and threw Montez Ford into the barricade.

Angelo Dawkins had to begin the match solo, but when Ford finally tagged in, the crowd erupted. Ford then was by himself after the champs took out Dawkins by throwing him into the post.

Ford battled with Rollins for a bit, but the Monday Night Messiah sensed trouble and called down his backup, the AOP. Luckily for the Profits, the ref saw this and barred AOP from ringside.

Then, while the ref was still distracted, Kevin Owens ran in and stunned Rollins. This led to Ford landing a frog splash for the 1,2,3!

Like the opening segment, the crowd was hyped for this, and it is great to see the Profits get the tag belts. After not doing much since their debut in October, this is just what the Profits needed.

Now let’s hope WWE does something with them, unlike the Viking Raiders after they won the Tag Championships.

Carrillo/Mysterio vs. Garza/Andrade:

These four men have bad blood with each other dating back months. Mysterio’s name speaks for itself, but the other three men have put on their fair share of matches on Raw.

After a bit of time, the pace of this match really picked up. Rey came in and ran wild before Carrillo attempted to take out Andrade on the outside, but missed and paid the price.

Out of the commercial, Garza caught a 619 attempt, but then countered with a Canadian Destroyer. Later on, Mysterio landed a 619 on both Garza and Andrade before Carrillo landed moonsault for the win.

These four superstars put on nothing but good matches, so I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of them going against one another.

Aleister Black vs. The OC:

After not reading the fine print in the “contract,” Black had a match with Karl Anderson in order to fight AJ Styles one on one.

Black had to keep his head on a swivel with the OC ringside, but Aleister landed the Black Mass and put away Anderson.

But Styles let us know Black had to now beat Luke Gallows in order to face AJ. Of course, Big LG beat down Aleister before the bell, and once the match was underway, Gallows took the fight to Black.

Luke Gallows would end up getting disqualified after not obeying the referee’s count. While Black technically won the match, the OC hit the Magic Killer on Aleister.

Styles, of course, wanted to pick the bones, but Black put up a bit of a fight despite the earlier beat down. In the end, a phenomenal forearm put Black away. AJ even used the Undertaker’s signature cover to get the win.

Knowing the caliber of match Styles and Black can have, it’s smart they saved a true one on one match for a later date. Black also doesn’t lose much after it took three guys to keep him down.

Later on, a no disqualification match was announced for Elimination Chamber.

Baszler debuts on Raw:

Though Shayna Baszler is competing in the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday, it’s a forgone conclusion she will win that match and face Becky Lynch.

Though Kairi Sane got in a few moves, this match was dominated mainly by the submission magician. Later on in the match, Becky came out to get a better look at the match.

Baszler eventually put Sane away with the Kirifuda Clutch for a dominant victory. It will be nice when this Elimination Chamber is in the rearview mirror, and Lynch and Baszler can go toe-to-toe. It’s the feud everyone wants, and it won’t disappoint!

Riott Squad Does Battle:

Liv Morgan and former best friend Ruby Riott were in action, with Sarah Logan as the special guest referee.

This match wasn’t anything spectacular, and getting really get good until the final minutes. Ruby and Logan had several back and forth moments, and Riott finally had enough and pushed Logan.

Liv rolled up Riott, and a quick count gave Morgan the win. After the bell, Riott and Logan had words for each other before Liv took out Riott with a kick. Then to solidify the Riott squad break up, and to hype up Elimination Chamber, Logan went after Morgan.

Even with a hyped-up crowd, this moment didn’t resonate much with them, and at this point, why would it?

24/7 Title Match:

Just days after his humiliating loss to Brock Lesnar, Ricochet was fighting for another championship. Things didn’t start well for Ricochet, as he was tossed over the top rope to the floor by Moss.

Despite Ricochet getting in some offense after the break, Moss flattened Ricochet and picked up the win.

Not sure what Ricochet did to piss off Vince McMahon, but this hasn’t been a good week for Pretty Ricky.

What’s in the cage?

After a recap about Edge, the show goes backstage, and we see Rowan talking to No Way Jose. He wants to see what’s in the cage, so Rowan pulls a spider out of the cage.

I mean did we expect anything different with this storyline? Where does this even go next?

While there were a couple moments on this show that was fantastic (Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton), most of this show seems rather forgettable. There was a solid four-man tag team match, and the Becky/Shayna storyline was furthered a bit, but there was next to no build for a pay-per-view that is Sunday…yeah that’s right, there is a pay-per-show in five days.

The opening and closing segments saved this show from being a total dud.

My rating: 2.75 out of 5.