WWE RAW 2.17.20: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. The Best Version of Randy Orton

What we saw tonight was the best version of Randy Orton possible. There are times when his give no fucks attitude can be fun to watch. But in the end it is kind of meaningless to him as an overall performer. Randy Orton is polarizing person to a good amount of the wrestling community. There are some people that find him incredibly boring and an average worker. There are others who think he is one of the best, if not the best of his era. I think the fact that he has had such longevity shows he is a very good performer. His performance ever since turning on Edge has been nothing short of tremendous. Orton is a guy who normally gets cheered. But his vicious attack on Edge, and now two weeks of attacks on Matt Hardy, show that this sadistic heel Randy Orton is one of the best versions of Orton possible. Outside of the few idiot fans who chanted “one more time” during his attack, the crowd is ready to boo this version of Orton. And the pop when Edge returns is going to be great.

2. Drew McIntyre Continues To Shine

Just remember that the Hot Tag Wrestling Podcast, all 3 members, were all aboard a Drew McIntyre main event run as early as last April. We saw something in the guy long before anyone else did. And now here we are going into Wrestlemania 36, and Drew McIntyre is one of the most over people on RAW. I know a good amount of people were skeptical on a possible Drew babyface run. But the guy has a charisma that is connecting with the audience. He gets the crowd to interact with his promos in a way that doesn’t come off as forced or corny. Like tonight when he said since Charlotte pointed at the Wrestlemania sign already, so he needed everyone to point at the sign with him. It just came off so cool and natural. Then Drew went and squashed MVP. They are doing everything right at the moment with Drew. He’s serious when he needs to be, and jokes around at the right times. I hope all of this continues for Drew after Wrestlemania.

3. Why Waste Time With The Elimination Chamber?

Earlier today, the WWE announced that there will be an Elimination Chamber match for the right to fight Becky at Wrestlemania for the RAW Women’s Title. Those participants? Shayna Baszler, Natalya, Asuka, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and SARAH LOGAN. But it is so blatantly obvious that they are going down the Becky/Shayna route after last week and this week. But we have to waste time with this match because there is another gimmick PPV they have to do for some reason before Wrestlemania. I mean do they really expect even the markiest of a mark fan to think that anyone other than Shayna is winning this thing? I don’t think so. This is the problem with having a PPV like this before Wrestlemania. Shayna and Becky have had two great segments over the last two weeks and this added Elimination Chamber match to everything is just stupid.

More Thoughts!

-At some point they need to move on from this Seth/Murphy/AOP vs KO/Joe/War Raiders stuff. Logically, it would make sense for this to end in a War Games match at some point. But that won’t happen any time soon. But they can’t stretch this out all the way to Wrestlemania.

-I hope Charlotte is just playing the delusional heel role. Because if she actually believes she had to “fight” for everything during her time in NXT and her reign was more influential than Sasha Banks or Bayley’s then that is good for a laugh.

-It was nice knowing you Rowan’s singles push. Now the question remains: Will we ever find out what was in the cage?

-They planted the seeds for AJ Styles/Undertaker by calling himself the greatest superstar of any era and Mr. Wrestlemania. Of course, after listening to that, I want to see AJ/HBK more than AJ/Taker.

-Asuka and Kairi Sane are just great together. It is a shame they aren’t doing a damn thing with the Women’s Tag Titles. But those two have just killed it over the last few weeks as an act.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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