Bumping Up…Harry McKenny

Interviews can be a tricky topic. Not only do you have to create engaging content, but you also have to come up with questions that make for a cohesive read. And that’s all before you’re even able to find time in the interviewee’s busy schedule to ask the questions.

If it were an interview with someone you’re already aware of, then it’s more likely you will read it, right? But what about those you don’t know. You could be missing out on getting to know your next new favourite wrestler, and you wouldn’t even know it.

So, in order to spread the word on talent on the indie circuit, I got straight to the basics.

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So without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks & introduce you to…

Name: Harry McKenny
Age: 17
Hometown: Huyton, Liverpool

How many years have you been a professional wrestler? I started training nearly 4 years ago (on February 6th 2016), aged 13.

Who are your role models? (either currently or growing up) When I was growing up my role models were always Edge, Christian and the Gallagher brothers (weird mix I know) and to be completely honest not much has changed except there’s a lot more wrestlers on the list now eg. William Regal, Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and so many more.

Was this something you always wanted to do or did you slowly transition from ‘9-5’ to where you are now? I started watching wrestling at the age of 3 and ever since then I’ve wanted to it so the first opportunity I got to, I started. I work a ‘9-5’ job alongside wrestling so I can fund what I do along with getting some lovely lovely trunks along the way!

What are your main goals for the next few years? I want to become someone who fulfils their potential and who learns as much as I can from as many people as possible to become the best possible version of myself. (AND WRESTLE EVERYWHERE!!)

What’s your proudest achievement in your career so far? There’s so many that could be contenders to be honest. Winning the RWA Heavyweight Championship at the age of 17 will always be a highlight, debuting for WAW and countless other promotions in 2019. Hoping there’s more of the same this year!

And finally where are some of the promotions fans can currently, see you in action? RWA (Runcorn Wrestling Academy) ,Just Fabulous Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Sport, Wrestle Island, Wrestling For and Pro Wrestling All Stars in Belgium (soon!). Hopefully many more go come…

Make sure you keep your eye on this one. A future UK wrestling legend in the making. Follow him at the following socials to keep track of where he is up to.

Twitter – @THEHMCK
Facebook – Harry McKenny
Instagram – theharrymckenny

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