WWE Raw Review – 2.10.20

Seth Rollins stood in front of the crowd and said he is standing there proudly as the Monday Night Messiah! Rollins says at first he was not fond of the name, but it has grown on him because he’s realized how hard it is for us to truly speak from our hearts and make difficult decisions.

After a look back to last week’s elimination match, Seth says his patience is growing very thin when it comes to Kevin Owens and his friends. Rollins then says he is here to preach a message of unity, and he and his disciples are not leaving this ring until that message is heard.

This brings out Kevin Owens, and Seth tells him that if he stands alone, he will fall alone. Owens then tells Seth he looks and sounds stupid, and Owens says he is not alone. This brings out the Viking Raiders who are back & healthy.

The trio then heads down to the ring, which brings out the AOP and Murphy. Rollins is all alone in the ring until Samoa Joe sneaks up behind him and puts Seth to sleep. This was just a little taste of the eight-man tag team match set for later in the night.

Below is the rest of what took place on Monday Night Raw, ranked best to worst followed by my ranking.

Becky Lynch vs. Asuka (Raw Women’s Title Match):

Just a few weeks after their incredible match at the Royal Rumble, these two women tore the house down once again. Becky and Asuka hit each other with their best shots, but they kept on kicking out and fighting back.

Lynch also had to avoid Kairi Sane on the outside, who tried to run interference in favor of Asuka a few times. Becky dug down deep and even locked in a Dis-Arm-Her in the ropes and also hit an inverted DDT on the ring apron.

After the second commercial break is when the math truly began to heat up as Asuka landed a superplex, which results in a two-count. Asuka then locked in an armbar, and then a triangle choke, but Lynch was able to transition that into a powerbomb.

The final sequence was fast-paced. Lynch missed a leg drop, which allowed Asuka to lock in the Asuka Lock. Then each woman had a couple of near fall attempts off of a roll-up before Becky hit her version of the ‘Rock Bottom’ to secure the win.

However, Lynch barely had time to celebrate, as, from the crowd, Shayna Baszler came in and attacked her. First, Baszler locked in her Kirifuda Clutch, and then she removed her mouthpiece and bit Becky.

There was a good amount of “blood,” and Becky did an excellent job of selling this attack. This was just another example of Becky’s exceptional character work over the past couple of months.

After a commercial, Becky is being escorted to an ambulance. But she refuses to be taken to the hospital and jumps into the driver’s seat and drives off in the ambulance.

Later on, Lynch returns in the ambulance and looks to be in a rather foul mood. Becky says mission accomplished, Shayna has her attention. Becky then says she doesn’t give a damn about settling anything with Baszler. Lynch says she will break Shayna down week by week, and she better find her before Lynch finds Baszler.

What incredible character work again by Lynch, who seems to be heating up at the right time.

Randy Orton explains himself: 

A week ago, Randy Orton went to explain his actions but simply walked off without saying much. Orton started off by saying what he did to Edge hurt him more than it hurt Edge.

However, Orton was cut off by Matt Hardy! Hardy came down to find out why Orton did what he did. Matt says the history between himself and Edge is well-known (hint: Lita), and at one point in time, there was not someone who hated Edge more than him.

Hardy then went on to detail the history he had with Edge, Christian, and his brother and how they revolutionized the business. Matt just wanted an answer, but Randy was not ready to give one. Instead, he attacked Hardy and hit him with the same move that took Edge out two weeks ago.

Hardy, whose time in WWE may be up, did a hell of a job here. It is a shame Hardy will likely be gone, and I think WWE will regret what they did with Hardy in his return to the company.

But this was an excellent segment that tied Edge’s past to his current situation with Orton, who is doing a superb job in this all-too-familiar heel role.

The VIP Lounge:

For the first time in ten years, MVP was back on Raw hosting the VIP Lounge. His first guest was the 2020 men’s Royal Rumble winner. Drew hears the word “Wrestlemania” right when he came out and said he has to point at the sign.

MVP then tells Drew that “some people” are saying he is not ready to become WWE Champion. MVP then tells Drew to keep his eyes on the prize, and he can help him reach his full potential.

McIntyre says he does not need an external brain thinking for him, and he can talk for himself. MVP grabs Drew and tells him not to walk away while he’s talking to him. This sets Drew off, and he headbutts MVP before delivering a Claymore kick.

This version of Drew McIntyre is unbelievable. He has the look and feel of a WWE Champion, and I really hope the powers that be pull the trigger on him.

A Family Affair: 

Angel Garza is back on Raw, and Zelina Vega’s newest business partner is here to make a statement. After his attack on Humberto Carrillo last week, Carrillo cut off his promo this week and attacked him in the ring.

Carrillo, who was in street clothes, beat down Garza before security pulled him away. Garza then was able to regroup and put away Cedric Alexander in mere minutes with the wing clipper.

An Angel Garza/Humberto Carrillo feud seems to be inevitable at this point, and I do think it would be an excellent match.  But what happens when Andrade returns, what happens to Garza? With the amount of momentum he has gained in just two weeks on Raw, I’d like to see what Garza can do on a full-time basis.

Sarah Logan calls out the Champ: 

Rhea Ripley was here on Raw after challenging Charlotte Flair last week. However, Sarah Logan cut off Ripley’s interview backstage and goes after her for coming to Raw, acting like she owns the place.

Logan then called out Ripley, and the two had a match. But in no time Ripley put down Logan with the ‘Riptide’ to win. Rhea then turned her attention to Charlotte Flair and wanted to know where her answer is?

If I am a betting man, Charlotte will show up at NXT Portland this Sunday and attack, and later make the match a triple threat between Rhea, Charlotte, and Bianca Belair.

Eight-Man Tag Team Main Event: 

Rollins wanted to speak to the crowd, but Kevin Owens and company weren’t having it & attacked before the match was officially underway.

Early on, Owens hit an elbow drop in the corner on Murphy, and then made the “Suck it” gesture toward Seth, who was none too happy. But Owens’ team would lose their momentum, and the AOP and Rollins took their turns beating down Erik.

Ivar was eventually able to get into the match and ran over Murphy for a bit, even hitting his cartwheel into a clothesline. Back from the break, Owens was the one getting beaten down by Murphy, and Rollins attacked while the referee’s back was turned.

Then the AOP would have their turn to beat down Owens in the corner. After enduring a lengthy attack, Owens planted Murphy with a DDT and tagged in Samoa Joe, who ran wild for a bit. Joe and the Viking Raiders eventually did a triple suicide dive through the ropes onto the AOP and Murphy, which was a pretty cool sight!

Each of the superstars got their moment to shine, including Owens hitting a cannonball onto the outside on the AOP. Joe had the match won, as Murphy was tapping out to the Coquina Clutch, but the referee was distracted. This allowed Seth to hit a stomp, and Murphy pinned Joe for the won.

These eight men have been in the main event for quite a few weeks, and while what they have going is good, I do not know how long they can keep this up. With that being said, this Monday Night Messiah storyline does not seem to be slowing down, and I like the idea of Kevin Owens solely focusing on them as his mission these days.

Street Profits vs. Mojo Rawley & Riddick Moss: 

Before the match, the Profits get under Mojo’s skin by saying he is best known for riding Rob Gronkowski’s coattails. As for the match, the Profits wasted little time hitting “Cash Out” on Riddick Moss to pick up the win.

As the Profits leave the ring, Mojo confronts Riddick, who then rolls him up and wins the 24/7 title. So looks like that partnership lasted all of three weeks. I miss R-Truth and Carmella with the 24/7 belt, their skits were incredible.

The Street Profits have lost a bit of momentum since joining Raw, and I am hoping they are given a chance to shine over the next few months. They are a very charismatic duo and connect well with the fans. The profits are also great babyfaces to go up against the tag team champions…just saying.

Ricochet vs. Bobby Lashley: 

These two men were apart of the triple threat match last week to determine the No.1 contender for Brock Lesnar.

This match was almost like a warmup for the Beast. Lashley, who is extremely powerful, hit Ricochet with a military press early on. But Ricochet fought back and hit a couple of high-flying dives to the outside.

Back from the break, Ricochet was down on the outside, but avoids getting thrown into the steel steps and lands a moonsault. But Lashley would get the edge back after he landed an elbow strike and then threw Ricochet into the ring post.

Ricochet was able to fight back and eventually landed a shooting star press for a near fall. Lashley would counter with a HUGE spine buster, but it was only good for two, and then Ricochet landed on his feet off a superplex attempt.

This led to Ricochet connecting on a 630 splash on took down the “All Mighty” just two weeks before his match with Lesnar. While that match has potential, do we really think Lesnar has any shot of losing the belt?

Aleister Black dominates (again):

Black has been on a mission of late, he is done waiting for a fight and is out to pick a fight. He demolished Akira Tozawa in mere seconds with a Black Mass. Afterward Black says he is starting to feel like an animal inside of a cage, so for those who venture out here, know that it is not Aleister in the ring with you, it is you trapped in a cage with Aleister.


Overall this was another solid episode of Raw.  The Becky/Shayna angle throughout the night was quite good and I really did enjoy Matt Hardy’s promo about Edge.

Angel Garza continued with his momentum from last week, and Drew McIntyre let us know he does not need any help on his journey to the top. I am still waiting to see what is going on with Aleister Black, and the Ricochet match was a solid TV match, but nothing special.

This week’s show did not top last week, but it was still a good show by my count.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5.