AEW has hit the seas as Dynamite took place on the Jericho Cruise tonight.  I feel like I might enjoy something like this if I went except I’d inevitably have to listen to Fozzy’s music and I don’t think anything is worth that.  I would however be living for some wrestler karaoke.  When I went to Wrestlemania in Atlanta with this site’s own Justin C we tried to sing karaoke but the wait time was about two weeks.  What could have been if only Hornswoggle sitting at a nearby table had heard my dulcet tones singing Steve Perry (Happy Birthday to him btw).  Er, anyway.  They taped a wrestling show…yesterday I believe but I’ve avoided (most) spoilers and will now at least give everyone on this show kudos for being able to perform and not be sea sick.  Cheers!

As they opened all I could think was – who is going into that pool?

Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page defeat SCU for the AEW Tag Team Titles

Sigh.  I obviously think Adam Page and Kenny Omega are very talented.  I think they’re awesome.  That does not mean I think they should be the AEW tag champs.  One of my biggest problems in wrestling for years has been that tag team wrestling is basically a joke.  Every once and awhile you get a tag team that dominates but mostly they dominate because there just aren’t other tag teams that get built up as threats.  AEW seemed to be trying to make their tag team division a big deal by showcasing a tag title tournament at the inception of the weekly show.  It seems though that they’re making the same mistakes as WWE would make.  The story with The Elite these past few weeks has been that Page has a problem and isn’t on the same wavelength as them.  That makes it an easy way to have them be defeated here, but instead the age old – these guys are such great singles they can come together to be the best tag team – comes to pass.  Build your tag teams!!! There is no shame on Page and Kenny losing here.  They didn’t though and despite my feelings of the outcome this was a super fun match.  There were a couple of times I genuinely thought one of the competitors had a broken fricken neck but I suppose that’s what makes it good.  I really did like this match and enjoyed the hell out of watching it.  Page gets the win with a monster lariat.  You really should watch and enjoy this – it’s the best AEW match I’ve seen on Dynamite in awhile, it just didn’t have the outcome I thought it should have.  BUT I’M NO BOOKER (T).

Britt Baker defeated Priscilla Kelly

Dr. Britt Baker (SHE’S A DENTIST!!!!!) obviously has had a different attitude since she has fallen out of title contention because she has to find a new way to be put in the title conversation obviously.  After her win by questionable means Tony Schiavone came down to interview Baker and called out her tactics.  Britt then called out Tony for being a Starbucks barista before this and repeated this…many times.  They then – INEXPLICABLY – went to break in the middle of this interview segment.  I.  I don’t know how to respond.  This was a taped show people and they cut off their, well, what they’ve tried to establish as their #1 woman even if she isn’t champion.  This was bizarre.  They just let it go when they came back from break.  Okay.

Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz defeated Jungle Express

This match was kind of a mess, though I figure it probably pleased most fans watching because they just love Jungle Express getting a chance out there.  I don’t mind smaller wrestlers, I just don’t think other wrestlers always necessarily know how to handle them in the ring.  Jericho used to be the light heavyweight guy – people like Marko Stunt and baby Luke Perry have to be a true conundrum to him. I do like baby Perry though, I think he might really have something.  The real out of control thing in this match was the wind.  It’s been out of control all night but I finally really saw it flowing through the wrestlers hair here.  Inner Circle got the win after that asshole Jake Hager shows up.  Jericho did let Marko Stunt get some believable offense in before he took him down with the Judas effect which proves he can be an asshole in real life and still understand the importance of putting talent over.

MJF defeated Joey Janela

Joey Janela is out with some questionable hair, but I guess they’ll say they’re in the Caribbean so it’s fine.  Very white girl on vacation.  MJF needed to get the win here to build up his feud with Cody, but Janela looked pretty good in the match before getting distracted by the appearance of Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.  Yikes at AEW using real life drama to put performers over here, but I guess if it gets them TV time they’ll go for it.

Everytime the smoke or fireworks hit on the ramp I was terrified because the wind blew them everywhere and I definitely thought they were going to have a problem.  After MJF wins he cuts a promo on Cody only to be interrupted by Cody who of course isn’t allowed to touch him due to the stipulations put forth by MJF for their upcoming match.  As MJF left the ring to let Cody speak he gave him the finger and moved backwards up the ramp as Cody admitted he couldn’t touch MJF – they could!  MJF walked into superkicks from the Young Bucks and then – in a move nobody saw coming – they threw MJF into the pool.

Back….well…on some part of the boat Tony Schiavone found the new AEW champs.  Kenny said he never expected to be here and Page was saying how he said he’d beat both guys before Schiavone interrupted to ask Kenny about PAC.  Before he could speak again the Young Bucks interrupted and as they said they were surprised it wasn’t them first Page wandered off.  Again proving these guys have problems, again proving this was a weird and not great move.  SO SAYS ME and I am pretty smart alright.

Jon Moxley defeated PAC to become #1 Contender for AEW World Title

Jericho came out for commentary during this match and at least puts both guys over at the beginning saying he really wouldn’t want to face either of them.  PAC always looks badass but Jon Moxley as Snake Plisken/Beric Dondarrian is…well it’s pretty hot.  Not sure how anyone could have expected this match to be anything but good and it delivered.  They fought all over the boat – which of course happened during a commercial break (again – THIS WAS TAPED).  It doesn’t really matter though because the action inside the ring was enough to keep any wrestling fan invested.   As the match went on it was clear Jericho didn’t want to fight one eyed Moxley as his commentary focus was on him – which only made clear what the eventual outcome would be (we knew).  I loved, loved this match and found myself taken in by it.  Both of these guys are awesome and it’s so good to see them being utilized in television main events.

It looks like we have a World Title Match set up for the next AEW PPV!  Who could have guessed.

WATCH THIS MATCH:  Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs SCU AND Moxley vs PAC

Both matches are worth the watch.  Even if I didn’t like the end result to the tag title match it was still entertaining as all hell.  You should give them both a go.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Britt Baker vs Priscilla Kelly

It wasn’t exceptionally bad, in fact the Jurassic Express vs Inner Circle was probably worse, but it didn’t really bring any excitement either.  You could watch the awkward interview after but I’d skip that too.

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