Bumping Up…Simon Miller

Interviews can be a tricky topic. Not only do you have to create engaging content, but you also have to come up with questions that make for a cohesive read. And that’s all before you’re even able to find time in the interviewee’s busy schedule to ask the questions.

If it were an interview with someone you’re already aware of, then it’s more likely you will read it, right? But what about those you don’t know. You could be missing out on getting to know your next new favourite wrestler, and you wouldn’t even know it.

So, in order to spread the word on talent on the indie circuit, I got straight to the basics.

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So without further ado, let’s get down to brass tacks & introduce you to…

Name: Simon Miller

Age: Too old

Hometown: London, UK

How many years have you been a professional wrestler? I started training in July 2016 and made my debut in April 2018. The reason I write it like that is that I don’t really know when you can consider yourself a wrestler I still feel a bit guilty referring to myself like that [laughs]. Like I’m going to offend someone. But they are the numbers!

Who are your role models? (either currently or growing up) Bret Hart. Steve Austin. The Macho Man. Repo Man (not a joke). Anyone who captivated me in the world of wrestling got on that list. There were others as well like Batman and James Hetfield but we can talk about that another time.

Was this something you always wanted to do or did you slowly transition from ‘9-5’ to where you are now? I always wanted to do it and tried a lot. When I initially gave it a go though I wasn’t mentally strong so it took me zooming past 30 before I developed that. As soon as I realised I felt more comfortable in my own skin I knew I had to give it one more go. Thankfully this time it worked out and thank goodness it did.

What are your main goals for the next few years? Just to improve. I, of course, want opportunities to keep coming my way but as long as I feel like I’m getting better and making more of a name for myself, and proving some people wrong (!), I’ll be a happy man

What’s your proudest achievement in your career so far? Not dying [laughs]. I wouldn’t say there was defining one. Just a few matches here and there where I walked away thinking “Yeah. That was pretty good!” It’s a nice feeling. I am proud that I came back, though. I injured my shoulder and was out for 8 months after just 5 matches. That sucked. But to get through that and now have a year under my belt. I’m pleased.

And finally where are some of the promotions fans can currently, see you in action? Anywhere who will book me! In the U.K. there’s EWE, UPW, UBW, Breed, EWA, Kapow, Fightstar, New Force, SWW. I’m headed to America for my first booking over WrestleMania weekend for Pro Wrestling Revolver, then I’m back in July for Battle Club Pro. I’m excited!

Massive thank you to Simon for his time. You can follow him on Twitter here.

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