WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review (Jan 3rd) (Memphis Tennessee)


Kicking off this weeks Smackdown with highlights from last week’s show.

Daniel Bryan and the Miz meet backstage and Miz talks about the shit the Fiend did to his family and his desire to get revenge, but Bryan earned the right to face the Fiend and asks him to beat him at the Rumble, not just for him but for everyone.

Smackdown Womens Champion Bayley & Banks are in the ring and mock the fans for their resolutions and says they can’t make positive changes. In 2019, she and Banks made big changes and they are the leaders of this locker room. Lacey & Dana arrive. Lacey says they can’t stop talking about her daughter, which they weren’t. She wants to set a good example and build a great life for her. Her resolution is to show you can stop the bad guys. Bliss & Nikki arrive and question if they belong in the match. Nikki says they do if they want a shot at the Womens Tag Team Titles.

Match 1 Triple Threat Tag Team Match:Boss N Hug Connection vs Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross
Lacey attacks and Banks runs away to tag in Nikki. Nikki cradles Lacey for 2. Lacey then cradles her for 2. Dana tags in and hits a slam for 2. Nikki cuts her off, tags in Bliss and she grounds things. Dana fights out and Bliss cradles her for 2. Dana follows with strikes, Bayley pulls her to the floor and Bliss attacks, dropkicks Banks and Bayley cuts off Bliss, allowing Banks to hit the double knees for 2. Double teams follow as Bayley covers for 2. Banks tags in and grounds the action. Bliss escapes, but Banks hits a dropkick for 2. Bliss fires back, dumps Bayley and Nikki hits s a high cross to the pile on the floor. Banks then whips her to the steps. Post break and Banks hit meteora until Dana makes the save. She works over Banks & Bayley, and the cartwheel splash gets 2. It breaks down, Bayley cuts off Dana and Banks hits the running knee for 2. Double teams follow and Bayley covers for 2. Bayley lays the boots to her and Banks tags in with double knees and coves for 2. She chokes her out and Bayley tags back in as she maintains control and dumps Lacey. Banks hits a knee strike, Saito by Bayley and that gets 2. Dana fires back and hits a tornado suplex on Banks. Lacey & Bayley tag in and Lacey runs wild with clotheslines, a standing moonsault and running kick. The broncobuster follows, and Lacey heads up top and the mero-sault misses as Banks pulls out Bayley. Bayley to belly follows but Dana & Bliss make the save. It breaks down again, Dana tags in as Lacey hits the women’s right and Dana hits the swanton for the win.Winners:Lacey Evans & Dana Brooke

We see highlights of Dolph ruining the fruitcake Otis gave to Mandy. Mandy wishes Otis a Happy New Year and he tells her to ask Dolph. His mom saw what Dolph did.

The Miz walks backstage and meets with New Day. He’s not in the mood for un as Big E says he watched “the balls” drop. Kofi tries to cheer him up, noting his accomplishments. Miz is annoyed by this and talks about the Fiend’s actions against his family, and spills their tray of pancakes. Miz wants a fight so Kofi steps up to face him tonight.

Elias arrives and sings a song while wearing a lovely kimono. He mocks Sami, Shane McMahon, the Revival, Dolph, & Corbin in the song.

Michael Cole breaks down the Revival’s recent run of bad luck. Backstage, the Revival complain about being made into bad jokes. They want respect and won’t be made into clowns. Gable arrives and says they shouldn’t feel bothered and that they should embrace who they are. They mock Gable and he says he doesn’t care about short jokes. This sets up a singles match between Gable & Dash.

Match 2:Shorty G vs Dash Wilder
They lockup, working into counters as Gable follows with suplexes for 2. Gable up top Dash crotches him and follows with an avalanche belly top back suplex for 2. He talks shit and grounds Gable. Gable counters back, follows with strikes and an XPLODER. He dumps Dash and back in, follows with a high cross but Dash rolls through into a cradle for 2. Gable gets stunned off the ropes, and then counters and rolls for the Ankle Lock and Dash taps.Winner By Submission:Shorty G

After the match,The Revival attack and lay out Gable with Shatter Machine. Sheamus arrives, runs them off and lays out Gable with the Brogue Kick.

Match 3:Smackdown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston (c) vs The Miz
They lockup and Kofi counters and hits a standing splash for 2. They pick up the pace, monkey flip by Kofi and Miz is pissed. Kofi follows with a back elbow, Miz dumps him gets frustrated again. He attacks with kicks, and grounds Kofi with elbow strikes. They work into counters, Miz follows with kicks and a running knee strike and another. Kofi cuts him off with a kick and flying chop. The Boom Drop lands and Trouble In Paradise is countered but Kofi cradles him for the win.Winner:Smackdown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston

The Miz attacks post match and Big E runs him off. He then snaps at the fans, claiming he gave them everything.

Cathy Kelley tries to interview Miz but John Morrison appears and says Miz has nothing to say.

Match 4:Otis vs Drew Gulak
Otis attacks, starts suplexing Gulak around as Mandy watches on backstage. Otis hits a press slam and Dolph now hits on Mandy as Gulak avoids a charge. Gulak slaps Otis and says Mandy will never choose him, but Otis fires up and follows with slams and the caterpillar. The Vader bomb finishes it.Winner:Otis

Match 5:Braun Strowman vs Cesaro
They lockup and Braun overpowers him to begin. Cesaro follows with chops, they trade shoulder tackles and Cesaro works him over with strikes and Braun then mows him down. He starts tossing Cesaro around and works him over in the corner and hits a clothesline. Braun then knocks him to the floor. Post break and Braun slams Cesaro to the buckles. Cesaro cuts him off with a dropkick, chokes him out as Nakamura gets in a cheap shot. Cesaro up top and Braun cuts him off until Cesaro gets a sleeper. Braun fires up and slams him way out. he follows with shoulder tackles, a corner splash and takes out Nakamura until Cesaro attacks with uppercuts. Braun cuts him off and heads to the floor and runs everyone over. Back in and Sami is in, distracting Braun as Cesaro post him. Braun hits the powerslam anyway for the win.Winner:Braun Strowman

After the match Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura lays out Strowman with the Kinshasa

Next week, Lacey Evans faces Sasha Banks.

Main Event Tag Team Match:Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler
Corbin attacks Reigns at the bell and Reigns quickly fires back and hits a Samoan drop. To the floor and Reigns hits the drive by kick. Dolph distracts him as Corbin attacks, Dolph tags in and Reigns cuts him off. Bryan tags in and follows with uppercuts. He dumps Corbin, and then Dolph. The Fiend’s gimmick plays. Post break and reigns is working over Corbin. The big boot follows and Reigns sets, and takes out Dolph, which allows Corbin to hit deep six for 2. To the floor and Corbin sends reigns to the a steps. Back in and Dolph tags in, talks shit and slaps him around. Reigns fires back until Dolph hits a neck breaker. Corbin back in and posts Reigns. He does it again, and then a third time. Corbin is cut off with a superman punch and Dolph & Bryan tag in. Bryan fires up with strikes, a clothesline and follows with the corner dropkick. He lays in kicks and then an avalanche RANA. Bryan now delivers kicks until Dolph cradles him for 2. Bryan gets the YES lock, Corbin makes the save and it breaks down, busaiku knee on Dolph and the lights go out.Winners By DQ:Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan

The Fiend is here, Bryan hits a suicide dive and they brawl on the floor. Fiend cuts him off with the mandible claw and slams him through the barricade. He then disappears, and officials check on Bryan. Dolph & Corbin attack Reigns and handcuff Reigns. They have dog food, but the USOS make the save. They take out Dolph and then Corbin with dives. They unlock Roman and stand tall.