AEW Dynamite 1.1.20: Three Thoughts and More w/Justin C

1. This Was The Exact Type of Show AEW Needed To Start the Year

I will get into more of the specifics in the next couple points, but this might have been my favorite episode of AEW Dynamite so far. There was very good wrestling throughout the entire show. They started off the show by questioning if The Elite was still great. They had storylines play out well during the show. Nothing dragged whatsoever. It is exactly what I would want out of a two hour wrestling show. Without real competition from NXT you hope more people got a chance to take in this action and this was the absolute best way possible to deliver it.

2. Yes, The Elite Is Still Elite

One of the many things about AEW people questioned so far is the booking of the Elite. Nobody wanted them to win every match they had, but nobody wanted them to lose every match either. And that was what AEW had been doing so far. What they needed to do was find a happy medium between the two and they hadn’t found it. I loved the video package at the start of the show questioning if the Elite still had it and was the force everyone knew them to be in the world of pro wrestling. Well Cody beat Darby Allin in a very good match, and Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks defeated PAC and the Lucha Bros in a fantastic main event. Add in the Hangman Page story of not wanting to come to the ring at the end of the show and it was a great night of story telling for these five. I still think they have work to do to reestablish Kenny Omega’s true star power but tonight was a step in the right direction.

3. A Good Showcase for the Women

The women’s division in AEW isn’t what we are used to seeing in the WWE. It doesn’t have the true star power like the WWE and hasn’t had much of an impact so far for AEW. I thought last night was the best showcase on TV for the AEW’s women division so far. Nyla Rose and Hikaru Shida in particular had a good night. The fatal four way match did a good job of showcasing everyone’s strengths, which is what you need to do in that type of match. I’m not sure if I am on board with a possible Britt Baker heel turn, but I am willing to let things play out and see how they develop. The division can still be built around Riho. And now they should use the fatal four way as a possible springboard to showcase the rest of the women in the proper manner.

Other Thoughts

-I wasn’t a fan of Jon Moxley saying he would give Chris Jericho his answer next week, when they hyped the answer for this week.

-MJF’s promo was fantastic. I liked the stipulations laid out by him and they make sense from a heel perspective. And a cage match against Wardlow is fine because Cody can bump like hell for him and make him look good.

-There is zero reason for AEW to still have audio issues at this stage in the game.

-Whoever the “Exalted One” is that Evil Uno was talking to in his promo needs to be someone big in order for the reveal to be worth it.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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