NXT UK 12.12.19

Kay Lee Ray Vs Isla Dawn

Isla Dawn was on fire tonight! Ray ain’t nobody to f*ck with (she is the women’s champ after all) but Dawn was in control of the match for the vast majority of it. So much so, I was starting to get a little worried!

Thankfully, the Scottish Psychopath did what she does best and turned up the heat to 11. Demolishing Dawn within seconds. Credit, where credits due, it was a phenomenal fight from the Yorkshire lass but she just couldn’t finish the job.

Michael May Vs Trent Seven

The match didn’t even get started before Eddie Dennis appeared from the crowd, grabbed May by the legs, dragged him outside of the ring and pretty much destroyed the Irishman before throwing him back in the ring. Props to Seven for trying to motivate May to fight, but he was done for.

Not the best start for new talent, but they all have to start somewhere I suppose.

Jack Starz Vs Ridge Holland

Starz is an exceptional athlete. He’s like Cesaro in that, you don’t realise how strong he is until you see him in action. But even he is no match for Holland. I know I’m biased because I’m a fellow Yorkshireman, but nobody can deny the strength, power and relentless force of the former rugby player.

Starz put up a fight, but he was no match for the constant barrage of strikes coming his way. Win streak for Holland continues.

Imperium Vs Gallus (Tag Team Titles)

As much as I like the GYV, these two tag teams are the best on the NXT UK roster. The positive of this match is that we get to see all 4 men in action against each other. The negative is that I’m stumped as to who I want to win. I’d love Imperium to hold all the gold (a la Undisputed Era) but at the same time, Gallus deserve to hold the title too. I predict shenanigans, but we shall see…

Well, surprise, surprise. It was exactly as expected. Both teams put on one hell of a show…until the GYV randomly decided to steal the belts! well, attempt to. Because just as they were about to leave FMW & Andrews ALSO turn up and, well, chaos ensued.

I didn’t like this ending. I knew shenanigans would take place but this was ridiculous. Why do Gallus now have to defend their gold against 3 teams when they weren’t the ones to initiate this four-way brawl! it’s madness and more than a little unfair. The only good of this is that should get a banger of a match at Takeover Blackpool.

Not all bad then, I suppose.