WWE NXT Recap 12.4.19 w/Justin C

Killian Dain defeated Pete Dunne

Apparently Damian Priest is injured and couldn’t fight Killian Dain tonight. Why do I even bother still watching at this point? Now I’m just sad. Dain still wants a fight so Pete Dunne answers. There’s just something not clicking with Dain in NXT. I think he is just a step below all of the other workers there. He isn’t going to be pushed strong. And he just doesn’t look like a threatening wrestler. The match just seemed slow and Pete Dunne seems a step off ever since coming over full time to Full Sail. Dain got the win after about 18 minutes. Dunne had a sleeper applied on the second rope and Dain fell backwards, falling on Dunne and getting the pin. Kind of a weak finish and the match wasn’t anything to write home about.


The Undisputed Era minus Bobby Fish comes out. Fish has a neck injury. Adam Cole goes on about the mistreatment from Keith Lee and Finn Balor. Cole wants answers from Finn Balor but Keith Lee comes out. Undisputed Era rips on him. They say Lee has so many moments but they don’t mean anything in the end because Lee has nothing to show for it. Lee said while UE has some points, he made Adam Cole into a gif machine. Lee looks down and says he is just wondering what Title to take first. UE says they might as well beat him down right now. Lee clears the ring of Undisputed Era. Cole bails but Ciampa attacks him from behind. Lee goes for the powerbomb but O’Reilly and Strong pull him away. Keith Lee has clearly passed Matt Riddle and is right behind Ciampa in the babyface pecking order.

Shayna Baszler defeated Xia Li

Li had a couple of hope spots but Baszler ended up winning with the Kirifuda Clutch. I was surprised there was zero of anything afterwards. I would have liked to see the match go a bit longer and maybe have Li get one or two really close near falls. But they rushed through something that played out last week and now Li is no more in the near future when it comes to the women’s division.

The Forgotten Sons won a squash match against a team from Evolve. Next.

We were suppose to get Dakota Kia vs Rhea Ripley, but instead Mia Yim comes out. Kai called Yim a fake hood rat earlier in the night. Yim and Kai fight to the back. Shayna Baszler comes out with Duke and Shafir. They all go after Ripley. She fights them off until Shayna finally applies the Kirifuda Clutch. Ripley breaks it but Shayna just reapplies it. Shayna applies it until Ripely passes out. Shayna says she wants a Title match too, and on December 18 she will fight Ripley for the Women’s Title. Solid segment.

Matt Riddle defeated Kassius Ohno

I don’t like saying this about people, but it looks like Ohno added some weight back. But it really didn’t hinder him in this match as Ohno and Riddle but on a nice little 10 minute mat based match. Ohno knows exactly what kind of style he needs to work now and he does it well. I’m really curious to see what happens with Riddle going forward as it seems like he’s been passed on the babyface side.

Kushida defeated Cameron Grimes

Raul Mendoza was the original opponent, but he is attacked by Cameron Grimes coming out. I’m not really sure why they did what they did. If Grimes is the new opponent, why not have him beat Kushida in a cheap way to get some heat? Instead they had a five minute match with Kushida winning. I don’t know what the point of Grimes gimmick is. I thought they did a nice video package for him a couple weeks ago but similar to Killian Dain, he is just kind of there at the moment.

Tommaso Ciampa, Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic defeated Undipsuted Era

This went the way of every other 6 man tag. Dijakovic got worked over early on. I’m not the biggest fan of him always getting worked over in these matches but with his team it has to happen. Ciampa got the hot tag then Lee did. That’s when all hell broke loose. Dijakovic hit a springboard spinning plancha to the outside. Finn Balor came in from the crowd and dropkicked Cole into the ref. He then hit 1916 on Ciampa. Great visual as Balor lined up the kick in the corner but Lee rose from the apron. Lee hit a Spirit Bomb on Balor, then a jackhammer and pin on Cole for the win.

William Regal came out and made Keith Lee vs Tommaso Ciampa vs Finn Balor next week with the winner facing Adam Cole for the NXT Title in two weeks.

Tonight’s show was okay. The wrestling was fine but nothing spectacular. It is clear they are building up the next two week’s shows. This show was more of a storyline driven show than anything. That’s fine it just means the wrestling is going to struggle a bit during the show which happened tonight.

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