WWE NXT Review 11.27.19 w/Justin C

The show started with a rap party with the NXT roster out there celebrating their wins from this past weekend. Undisputed Era came out and shut that shit down. Cole asked what the hell everyone is doing. Cole said the only reason NXT was successful was because of them. He said they dominated Survivor Series and War Games. Cole called Undisputed Era the ironmen of NXT and said they will continue to fulfill their prophecy.

Tommaso Ciampa was in the ring. Ciampa said War Games was the start of the downfall of the Undisputed Era. And it continues tonight when Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic take the Tag Titles. Ciampa told Strong he’s sure Strong’s days are numbered too. Ciampa then turned his attention to Goldie and said there isn’t anyone standing in his way to get Goldie back now.

Finn Balor came out. Balor said it looks like he is standing in Ciampa’s way. Ciampa said Balor met his king tonight and challenged Balor to a match. While Balor decided Keith Lee took the mic and said he’s sure that match will be made. But it is basking season and he wanted Fish and O’Reilly now.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era (c) vs Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic

Lee and Dijakovic tossed O’Reilly and Fish out of the ring early on. When Lee tossed Fish to the outside, his knee hit the mat pretty hard. Fish was replaced by Strong. Not sure if that was legit or not. Lee and Dijakovic continued to overpower UE. At one point Dijakovic suplexed Lee onto both Strong and O’Reilly. Dijakovic got caught in the ropes going for a kick allowing Strong and O’Reilly to take advantage.

Dijakovic still got his knee worked over back from break. At one point Strong and O’Reilly tried stopping Lee from making a tag, but he overpowered them and tagged in Lee. Lee cleaned house. He tossed both men to the outside and planned to go for a dive. O’Reilly and Strong moved. Strong chop blocked Lee and O’Reilly hit a running knee off the apron.

Back in the ring Lee was able to tag in Dijakovic. He went for a chokeslam on O’Reilly but he turned it into a triangle choke. Dijakovic pulled him up, then also grabbed Strong and hit a choke bomb/powerbomb for two. Dijakovic went for Feast Your Eyes but O’Reilly rolled him up. Lee took out Strong on the outside. O’Reilly chop blocked Lee. Dijakovic hit a springboard swanton onto both men. Dijakovic got his knee caught and attacked coming back in the ring, but still hit a double choke bomb. Adam Cole came out, but Lee hit a pounce sending Cole into the crowd (which were obvious plants but still a cool visual). Strong and O’Reilly ended up hitting the High/Low for the win.

WINNERS and STILL Tag Team Champions: Undisputed Era- Not as good as last week’s tag with The Revival but still a fun tag match. That Lee spot was a great visual to see play out. Keith Lee’s rise to the top of NXT is going to be fun to watch.

The Dakota Kai turn was recapped. Candice LeRae was then interviewed. She said tonight, Kai is going to be fighting Tegan Nox’s pissed off big sister.

Shane Thorne vs Mansoor

This was pretty much a showcase match for Mansoor. He ended up winning with a slingshot over the top rope neckbreaker. Remember when Shane Thorne was fighting Johnny Gargano a few weeks ago?

WINNER: Mansoor

Candice LeRae vs Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai came out with Nox’s knee brace. She needs to work on her facial expressions as a heel. LeRae took down Kai and landed some punches. She tossed Kai to the outside and hit a running dive. Kai took her out back in the ring. She tied LeRae in the ropes and landed a couple kicks to the head. Back from break LeRae started her comeback. They went to the outside where LeRae hit an awkward German and Kai landed a little bit on the apron. LeRae hit a tornado DDT for two. Kai caught LeRae with a headbutt then hit a running kick in the corner. Kai went for it again but LeRae caught her.

They went to the top. Kai blocked a sunset flip bomb and went for the knee brace but LeRae pulled her away and hit the powerbomb for two. LeRae went for her springboard moonsault but Kai moved and hit a Panama Sunrise backbreaker for two. Kai landed some kicks until LeRae grabbed her and applied the Gargano Escape. Kai eventually got to the outside. Kai grabbed the knee brace and used it on LeRae for the DQ. She threw LeRae into the steps and went for a chair until Rhea Ripley came out and kicked the chair away.

WINNER via DQ: Candice LeRae- I really liked that match. Good action and the DQ finish is fine given Dakota Kai’s recent turn. It is all setting up for Tegan Nox’s eventual return.

Cruiserweight Championship: Lio Rush (c) vs Akira Tozawa

Some back and forth early on. We go to commercial with Tozawa hitting a senton on the apron. Back from break Tozawa goes for a dive but Rush moves. Tozawa then goes to the apron and hits a running swanton off the apron and hits a missile drop kick back in the ring. After a double kick both men fight back out to the apron. Tozawa ends up hitting a German suplex off the apron sending Lio Rush flipping over to the mat. Tozawa goes for another but Rush counters to a pin for two. There’s a weird spot where Rush goes for something off the ropes and Tozawa wasn’t there for it. They throw some more punches and they redo the spot and Tozawa is there to catch Rush and hit a German suplex. Tozawa goes to the top but Rush gets his knees up. Lio Rush then hits two Final Hours for the win.

WINNER and STILL Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush- Kind of sloppy in a few spots but otherwise a fun match. It is nice to see these guys get more time to have matches people are actually in to down in NXT. And it is nice to see Lio Rush actually wrestling and not stuck as Lashley’s mouth piece.

Xia Li vs Vanessa Borne

Xia Li wins a two minute match. Shayna Baszler and her goons come out. Xia takes out Duke and Shafir but Shayna pounces on her. Xia Li lands some kicks on Shayna but the numbers game catches up to her. Shayna starts going off about how she is responsible for everything that took place this weekend as the crowd chants for Rhea Ripley, who eventually comes out. The Horsewomen leave. Rhea says she had something to say to Shayna face to face. Rhea congratulated her for beating Becky and Bayley, but then said Shayna never beat her. And the next time they fight, it’ll be for the NXT Women’s Championship. Shayna got in Rhea’s face and said she’s heard that song and dance before. And just like the rest of them, Rhea will either be napping or tapping. Rhea said why doesn’t Shayna try it right now. Shayna left and Rhea said if Shayna would have tried anything she would have dropped Shayna.

That segment was $$$$$.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Finn Balor

Both men keep it to the mat early on. They go to the outside where Ciampa catapults Balor into the post. Balor regained control during the picture-in-picture break. Ciampa starts a comeback and lands a couple of kicks in the corner. Balor is able to catch Ciampa with a Sling Blade and then dropkicks Ciampa into the railing on the outside. Balor goes for 1916 but Ciampa counters with a backdrop. Back in the ring Ciampa hits Project Ciampa for two. They go to the top where Ciampa hits the same drop he did at War Games for two. Adam Cole comes out to distract Ciampa. Balor rolls him up for two. Balor tries to use the belt but the ref stops him, so Ciampa rolls him up for two. Balor hits a reverse DDT that lands on the belt for two. The ref pulls the belt out, so Cole hits an enziguri kick on Ciampa and Balor hits 1916 for the win.

WINNER: Finn Balor- Match was fine. Don’t know if those two actually clicked in there or not but it seemed like the match was missing something.

Cole and Balor pose over Ciampa, but then Balor hits a Pele Kick to end the show.

Really fun show. The Shayna/Ripley segment was great and there were four good to great matches on the show. An easy to watch two hours.

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