NXT UK 11.28.19

Piper Niven Vs Jinny

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait for the day Gabert turns on Jinny. It’s bound to happen eventually, right? until then she is ringside as usual. But will she interfere? probably.

Surprisingly, Jinny is completely dominating this match and doing so without the help of Gabert! Not something I envisioned, but credit where credit is due. It’s also a good job seeing as how the ref wasn’t having any nonsense tonight. At the FIRST sign of interference, he sent Gabert to the back! In all the time they’ve been together this year I’m pretty sure it’s a first! and the crowd are loving it (the Hull crowd are a rowdy bunch tonight and really adding to the energy of the show)

As much as it pains me to say it, Jinny put on a damn good fight. I’m not her biggest fan, but I can appreciate talent when I see it and she most certainly displayed plenty of it. Just a shame she couldn’t get the 3 count.

DeReiss Gordon Vs Eddie Dennis

I’m not overly familiar with these two gents, so this should be interesting… I hope.

It wasn’t the most exciting of match-ups. Dennis was making his return, but it didn’t feel like the crowd were invested…and neither was i. Standard fight, nothing overly spectacular. Dennis gets the win.

Ashton Smith vs Noam Dar

Smith is one of the true underdogs on the NXT UK roster. He’s a workhorse, athletic crowd favourite and humble to boot…the EXACT opposite of the super cocky Supernova. Though even I can’t deny his in-ring talent.

This in-ring talent was exactly what gave him the win tonight, but Ashton Smith deserves a whole lot of appreciation too. He’s well-deserving of more of a push than he gets. He hits damn hard and is immovable at times (as Dar found out tonight) he has the crowd on his side, he has the moves to back it up…he just needs that one time to shine. Tonight was not the night. But there’s always next week.

Imperium Vs Gallus & Dragunov

Poor Dragunov took one HELL of a beating tonight. Credit to Imperium for excellent ring awareness & tactics (not like we expect anything less from the ring general and his men) because they were relentless. But he managed to escape in the end, just in time for Mark Coffey to unleash some hell of his own.

I had an incline as to where this fight would end and was (frustratingly) right; it ended way too soon when things got completely out of hand and all 8 men went medieval on each other. The bell rang (MANY times) and the match was over. But why did it just have to fade into nothingness. A? a viewer I want to see some kind of conclusive finish, not just fade to black halfway through a brawl!

Hopefully, this story will conclude satisfactorily, but with both factions beloved and protected, it’s very hard to see how.