WWE Raw Review – 11.25.19

Seth Rollins was not here to make any friends. He first responded to CM Punk chants, saying he tried to get him here, but Punk likes his office job more.

He then called out the Raw locker room, saying they all sucked last night at Survivor Series. He called out Randy Orton first, then Charlotte Flair, and finally Rey Mysterio. One by one, they walked off to the back, as Rollins’ speech was falling on deaf ears. Only one superstar stayed back, and that was Kevin Owens.

Rollins went on to say that K.O. would never be as good as him, and he is a “lazy piece of crap.” K.O. brilliantly did not say a word and delivered a stunner to Rollins. It feels like they are setting up Rollins for a heel turn, as he is trying so desperately to be the good guy, but the locker room is not responding. There is only one thing left to do, turn “The Architect” heel.

After the break, Rollins laid down a challenge to K.O. for a match later in the night.

Did the chaos carry over through the rest of the show? Check out the rest of my review below to find out!

United States Title Chaos: 

As Humberto Carrillo made his way to the ring, he was attacked by Gallows and Anderson. After initially fighting off the duo, Carrillo was thrown into the steel steps before Gallows and Anderson hit a magic killer on the steel steps.

Ricochet runs down to check on Humberto and then tells A.J. this is not what champion is made of and challenges the champ to a fight. A.J. turns that down, but Randy Orton then comes out to throw his name into the mix, but again, Styles turns that down.

Drew McIntyre is the next superstar to come down and challenge Styles, but A.J. says he is feeling sore after last night. Finally, Rey Mysterio walks out and says A.J. cannot use injuries as an excuse after he went to war with Lesnar last night.

Then a fatal four-way match was set up between Richochet, Orton, McIntyre, and Mysterio.

Fatal Four-Way Match: 

The match started out hot, and Rey sent McIntyre over the top rope with a hurricanrana. This led to Ricochet going one-on-one with Rey for a bit before he tried to hit a dive on Drew, but McIntyre slams him to the floor. Back in the ring, Orton and McIntyre team up to take down Richochet. They take turns laying hands on Ricochet in the corner, and when Rey tried to interfere, he was sent out of the ring with ease by Drew.

Ricochet finally broke free and ran wild for a bit, then Rey got back into the mix with a springboard cross body onto Randy, and then he and Ricochet trade blows over the top rope. Drew breaks up Rey and Ricochet on the top rope. With Drew hung out over the turnbuckle, Randy sends Richocet to the outside and turns his attention to Rey. Just before the break, McIntyre was playing possum and sent Randy and Rey to the mat despite still being hung up in the corner.

Out of the break, McIntyre encourages Ricochet to fight him, which he does and hits McIntyre with a dropkick before hitting an enzuigiri on Randy. Orton then catches Ricochet and nails his signature draping DDT for a near fall. McIntyre then tells Randy it is his time and the two trade chops. Orton then pokes McIntyres eyes to gain the upper hand but Drew response with a Glasgow Kiss headbutt.

Back comes Ricochet as he takes out McIntyre with a lariat and then a standing shooting star press followed by a dropkick that connects to Rey on the outside. Drew Catches Ricochet and goes for an inverted Alabama Slam. But that is reversed into a rollup by Ricochet for a near fall. McIntyre then hits a lariat and then a powerbomb for a two-count.

Drew sets up for a Claymore Kick for Randy with an RKO from outta nowhere! However, the O.C. breaks the pin up and sends Orton into the barricade. Rey comes back into the picture and goes for a hurricanrana on Richocet, but is caught. Rey then goes for a springboard, but Ricochet catches him, but Mysterio gets the inside cradle for the win!

What a great match, and it was the first lengthy match of the night. These four men worked well in the ring together and gave the crowd a solid TV match.

U.S. Title Match: 

Mysterio had no time to rest, as he was now facing Styles for the United States championship. AJ went on the attack early on, beating down Mysterio in the corner and then hits a backbreaker followed up by a snap German Suplex. Styles then beats down Rey on the outside for a bit, before cutting Rey off on the top rope then hits a basement dropkick.

Styles then slows the match down by applying a chin lock and then pins Rey against the ropes & then catapults him into the middle rope. Rey finally gets a bit of offense in, but his knee gave out on a springboard attempt but was able to connect on a second try & then sent Styles flying into the ring post.  Styles is then stunned & thrown into the ropes, but Anderson trips up Rey. But the referee saw the interference and sent Gallows and Anderson packing.

AJ was in control as Raw returns from the break. Rey gets hung over the turnbuckles, but as Styles goes for a baseball slide, Rey moves, and AJ collides with the ring post, which allowed Rey to hit a seated senton from the top rope & then perched on the middle rope hit Styles with some rights and lefts. Rey then hit a bulldog on Styles for a near fall.

Styles would regain momentum for a bit, but Rey would bite Styles’ hand, but AJ gets under him for the ushigoroshi and a near fall. AJ then tried to hit the Styles Clash, but Rey countered for a near fall. Rey then connects with a hurricanrana, and a 619, but Styles would fall into the referee!

This led to the O.C. running back down and beat down Mysterio with a flurry of kicks, but Randy Orton would run out to take out Anderson and Gallows. In the ring, Rey catches Styles and hits another 619, and Orton follows that up with an RKO, which sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Up on the top rope, Rey dropped the dime and became the new United States Champion! Dominic runs out to celebrate with his dad. This watch an overall great match. Styles worked over Rey for much of the match, but Mysterio battled back, and with the help of Randy, he was able to put down Styles. Excited to see where they go with Rey as the new U.S.Champion.

Bobby Lashley vs. Titus Worldwide: 

Before the match, we got a video clip of Rusev being served with a temporary restraining order, and he was forced to leave the arena.  The match did not get far when Rusev jumped the barricade and went after Lashley. This is a side of Rusev we have not seen in quite some time. He was relentless in his attack on Lashley, throwing him into the steel steps and then taking him up the ramp and throwing him into the video board.

Rusev was about to throw Lashley through the announce table when the police came to arrest him. Those cops could not stop him despite being handcuffed as he knocked Bobby off the stage and then knocked a piece of scaffolding onto him. Rusev was escorted out of the arena to massive “RUSEV DAY!” chants.

This was the first time in a long time the crowd seemed to get behind this storyline, and at least for this week, it took a turn for the better.

Charlotte vs. Asuka:

One night removed from Asuka hitting Charlotte with the green mist and leaving the Survivor Series match, the two women were here to do battle. Right off the bat, Charlotte gets the upper hand and sends Asuka into the barricade. Charlotte then attacks Kairi Sane and lands several kicks on Asuka in the corner. Later on, Flair sends Asuka’s head into the top turnbuckle several times.

Asuka then went for a submission, but Charlotte countered. Sane then runs interference in the corner, which allows Asuka to gain the upper hand. Asuka then locks in an armbar and then hits a couple forearms followed by kicks to the chest. Flair then changes the momentum of the match when Flair landed a big boot for a near fall. Charlotte then runs off Sane into the crowd as the show heads to commercial.

Back from break hits a baseball slide and knocks Asuka onto the floor, but back in the ring Asuka locks in an armbar, but Flair is able to break out of it. On the apron, Flair eats a kick, and again in the ring misses a kick, which allows Asuka to hit a German Suplex. Asuka then goes for the Asuka Lock, but Flair turns it into a near fall.

Flair now in control and lands some chops and follows that up with a fallaway slam. Flair then heads to the top rope for a moonsault that misses, but she lands on her feet and hits a senton for a near fall. Asuka back on her feet goes for a headlock, but Flair counters with a suplex. Asuka then caught Flair with a codebreaker for a near fall and then went to the top rope, but nobody was home.

Flair then went for Natural Selection, but Asuka transitioned that into a cross armbar. Flair regains momentum by locking in a Boston Crab, but Asuka breaks the submission and then connects with a roundhouse kick. But then Flair hits a spear from out of nowhere for a near fall.

Sane then shows back up, and Flair sends her into the ring post. Asuka then hits the green mist again and rolls Flair up for the win. These women have put on great matches in the past, and while this is not up there, it was still a solid TV match that carried over from Survivor Series.

Rollins vs. Owens: 

Owens went for the Stunner right off the bat, and Rollins rolls to the outside. Rollins would then go for a dive but was caught by KO, and Owens then hit a senton in the ring for an early near fall.

Rollins then gained the upper hand, as he hit a sling blade and then connected on a pair of dives to the outside. Back in the ring, Rollins missed with the flying knee, and then Owens hit a superkick. Rollins then rolls out of the ring and grabs a steel chair.

Back from the break, the two men were perched on the top rope, and KO dropped Rollins on his face before going for a senton. Rollins, though, got the knees up and then went on the attack, landing strikes and kicks to KO on the mat. Owens, though, turns the match around by hitting a DDT that was followed up by a cannonball. KO then went to the top rope, but Seth rolled out of the ring to only get hit by a cannonball on the floor.

Owens heads to the top rope and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Owens went for a pop-up powerbomb that was countered. Rollins then picked up a near fall off a falcon arrow, then looked to set up for the stomp, but KO countered it and then hit the pop-up powerbomb for another near fall. Rollins would then connect with a flurry of kicks, but KO connected with the stunner. However, he was unable to get the cover.

All of a sudden, AOP enter the ring. Owens attacks and the pair beat down KO, which results in a DQ finish…how predictable. The crowd verbally agreed with this awful ending. After a long beat down to KO, the AOP turned their attention to Rollins but then decided to just walk off. Rollins then nails Ownes with a pair of stomps as the show goes off the air.

Buddy Murphy in action: 

Just before the break, we got a returning Matt Hardy coming to the ring! He would be the man to take on Murphy here in Chicago. The two men traded blows early on, but Murphy separated himself from Hardy with a swift kick to the chin, followed by throwing him into the ring post.

On the outside, Murphy would throw Hardy into the barricade twice. But back in the ring, Hardy dodged Murphy coming from the top rope & hit the side effect.  After being thrown into the corner, Hardy delivers an elbow that sends Murphy to the mat. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate, but Murphy countered that move with a knee strike and then followed that up with two more knee strikes to pick up the win over Hardy.

After the match, Buddy said he was here to pick a fight & Aleister showed up. Black made a beeline to the ring. Black would hit a wicked elbow strike, and then a front kick sets up a pump knee, which sent Murphy stumbling to the floor.

My oh my Black vs. Murphy has all the potential to be a show-stealing match later down the line. Lets just all hope they book this feud properly.

Kevin Owens promo: 

Backstage, Owens grabs the mic and tells Seth he has known who he is since he laced up a pair of boots 20 years ago. Owens then says Seth has done everything he can to be what he thinks the company needs him to be, but all he’s done is turn himself into an insufferable prick. Wow, those are fighting words!

Ownes then lets Rollins know he is going to turn Monday Night Rollins into the Kevin Owens show! Boy, this match later should be entertaining!

Akira Tozawa vs. Andrade: 

Andrade hit a powerbomb early on in the match and laid hit Tozawa with boots in the corner. Andrade then hit a massive chop to Tozawa before taking him down to the mat and locking in an armbar.

Tozawa finally gets some offense in, countering a suplex into a near fall and then hitting a hurricanrana off the ropes followed up by a snap German Suplex. Tozawa went to the top rope but was caught by Andrade as he then hit the double knees and put Tozawa away with the Hammerlock DDT.

Another impressive victory by Andrade, and he finally got a win without the help of Zelina Vega!

Backstage, Aleister Black told Buddy Murphy that he would find him and collect what he was owed.

AOP makes their re-debut: 

AOP dominated from the opening bell. Hitting the last chapter, then a super collider, and finally finished off Hawkins & Ryder with a powerbomb/neck breaker combination. These two, if booked correctly, have a chance to really shake up the tag team division on Raw.

Erik Rowan vs. Kyle Roberts:

Rowan manhandled Roberts in mere seconds and won with the claw slam. Rowan had so much momentum in the summer with that Roman Reigns storyline, now I am struggling to get behind this storyline.

Well, this was an okay episode of Raw, the first few matches were rather short, but the night ended with great matches. However, the ending match was a bit frustrating. It does get a bit tiresome to see EVERY main event match on TV end in a DQ finish. Let Owens win clean and give the crowd what they want for a change.

The opening segment was great, as the Raw roster no longer respects Rollins and literally walked out on the “lockerroom leader.” And after what happened to close the show, are we seeing the heel turn of Seth Rollins? It would surely help him at this point as the fans are full-blown against him.

My rating: 3 out of 5