WWE Survivor Series 2019: The Top 5 w/Justin C

1. Overbooking Right at the Start

First let me say it is good that Rhea Ripley got the win in the women’s Survivor Series match. But I wasn’t that big of a fan of how they did it. Ripley had a clean win over Charlotte Flair on Smackdown. Then she beat Shayna Baszler in the War Games match on Saturday. So why the hell did they feel the need to have Io Shirai and Candice LeRae help Ripley out to beat Sasha. Was it really going to be that big of a problem to have Sasha take a clean loss and give Ripley an amazing weekend? Not only that they had Candice and LeRae and Io Shirai help. Those are two people we are suppose to believe absolutely hate each other. But that is a completely different story all together. Maybe I’m being nit picky but I feel like a clean win would have been much better for Ripley.

2. The Sky Is The Limit For Adam Cole

We all knew Adam Cole was a great wrestler. But he had the opportunity to showcase himself to a brand new audience over the last month and delivered in a big way. And Cole didn’t disappoint tonight by putting on a great match with Pete Dunne. The guy killed himself in a War Games match last night and still delivered on a big stage. The Undisputed Era is the best thing in wrestling today and I don’t even know if anything else is close. Roderick Strong also picked up the win tonight giving them two big wins. Cole and Undisputed Era should stay in NXT through Wrestlemania. I don’t even know if they should be on the main roster but they will be extremely over when they finally get there.

3. Never Bet Against The Big Dog

I’m fine with Roman Reigns winning. Whatever. But some of the booking in this match just made me shake my head. They eliminated WALTER in the first three minutes of the match. I have no idea what that was all about. I guess that was “Oh you don’t want to come to the States full time? Bye.” At least let him get one elimination. Then they had Riddle pin Orton only to immediately have Corbin pin Riddle. Why anyone thinks Baron Corbin is worth a damn I’ll never know. And of course we can’t have Ali look good in his hometown. At least Keith Lee looked good by eliminating Seth Rollins then having a nice exchange with Roman Reigns before getting pinned. The one problem with having NXT involved this year is that there were so many quick pinfalls that you couldn’t give everyone a chance to shine.

4. Two Dominant Champions

It is became clearer by the day that we aren’t getting a WWE or Universal Title change until Wrestlemania. Brock Lesnar beat Rey Mysterio and The Fiend beat Bray Wyatt. And they are both booked as dominant Champions. Brock probably won’t be back until Royal Rumble season. And there is no one capable of beating the current form of Bray Wyatt that we have right now. It is going to take the intrigue out of any Title matches leading into Wrestlemania season. I just hope both of them actually lose at Wrestlemania. I’m all for a super long term Champion, but you can’t really accomplish that successfully with a part time Champ in Brock and a mega super strong no seller in The Fiend. I’ll be interested to see how they keep The Fiend feuds entertaining in the months ahead.

5. Planting the Seeds For Shayna/Becky

I’ve been on this match being the top women’s match going into Wrestlemania for weeks now. Even though the triple threat match tonight fell flat, I still think it is the way to go for Mania. The only way they don’t do it is if Ronda Rousey comes back (which I still don’t think is happening). I think they would obviously have a better singles match than what we saw tonight. Not that Bayley weighed things down, but the triple threat format is just such a bore at times and we had already gone through multiple ones tonight. Just don’t include Charlotte Flair in the match. Let her do anything but be involved in this match.

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