WWE NXT Review 11.20.19

Becky Lynch vs Rhea Ripley Went to a No Contest

The show started with Becky coming to the ring. She said she remembers everything from her time in NXT. She calls out Shayna Baszler but gets Rhea Ripley instead. They have a good match where Rhea came out of it looking like she can hang with Becky. That was probably the main goal here. You knew we would get interference, and sure enough, Shayna and her lackeys come out to cause a DQ. But Becky and Rhea quickly clear the ring.

Matt Riddle Defeated Ricochet

NXT is on acid tonight. Kona Reeves came out for a match with Matt Riddle but was attacked by Ricochet. Riddle then accepted a match with him and the two had a great five minute match that left you wanting more. Cesaro and Nakamura came out but were both knocked off the apron. Riddle then rolled up Ricochet for the win. After the match, Ricochet hit a springboard dive over the railing onto Cesaro. Nakamura went for Kinsasha but Roderick Strong came out and took out Nakamura. Finn Balor then attacked Riddle. Balor went for Bloody Sunday but Riddle escaped and kneed him out of the ring.

Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish Defeated The Revival

What an awesome match. Everything tag team wrestling is suppose to be. Revival got the upper hand late after double knees to O’Reilly, who pushed Fish out of harm.We had Revival hit a superplex/elbow drop combo off the top. UE blocked a Doomsday Device but Revival hit Shatter Machine on Fish. O’Reilly pulled Dawson out of the ring then tossed Dash Wilder into the barricade. O’Reilly hit a Bombs Away Knee Drop off the top. Scott Dawson did his best to fight back and got a couple of near falls. But Fish and O’Reilly finished things off with the High Low for the win.

Kay Lee Ray Defeated Dakota Kai

These women were in a tough spot following that tag team match. To give them some credit, they got the crowd into it by the end with Kay Lee Ray picking up the win. After the match, the women of Team Smackdown came out. Followed by the NXT women, then team RAW. Then Nikki Cross wiped everyone out with a trash can lid and stood alone in the ring as the show went to commercial. We also had an Io/Kairi tease in there as well. Crowd was really into the brawl.

War Raiders Defeated The Forgotten Sons

I like to try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. But I just can’t see anything in the Forgotten Sons. They are the Baron Corbin’s of NXT and I can’t see past it. Obvious result here but something has to be done to change the Forgotten Sons up.

Adam Cole Defeated Dominik Dijakovic In A Ladder Match to Give His Team the Advantage at War Games

Has anyone been on as big of a hot streak over the last few weeks as Adam Cole? Cole was already a well known name to wrestling fans but anyone who didn’t know him before these last few weeks knows him now. And I have a feeling he will be winning the Wrestler of the Week Award from me. And I have always been high on Dijakovic so this match was just great. Of course the heels got the win because that is how you have to book War Games.

The story after the match was the melee that ensued. Undisputed Era came out but were quickly surrounded by RAW and Smackdown wrestlers. Ivar and Keith Lee hit dives onto the giant pile of wrestlers on the outside. Seth Rollins then came into the ring and super kicked Adam Cole. Rollins soaked in some boos then Tommaso Ciampa’s music hit. Ciampa kneed Cole on the outside, then came to blows with Rollins as the show went off the air.

Fun show. Don’t let anyone tell you (Bryan Alvarez) that this was just done to win the ratings. This was part of a storyline that played out over the last few weeks and it came to a head here. Now if these guys are showing up on TV in mid December? Yeah it is ratings related. But this show fit in storyline wise and gave us some really great wrestling.

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