NXT UK 11.21.19

Trent Seven Vs Kona Reeves

Gotta give Reeves credit for his mic skills. The crowd was LOUDLY against him, but he was able to keep his promo going without stumbling over his words or getting a ‘What?’ thrown his way. He’s certainly a cocky little…git.

I personally am not too familiar with him, but first impressions are good. He manages to back up his trash-talking with a fast & athletic offence…it’s just a shame Trent Seven is better. Bias? possibly, but that suicide dive and finisher seal the deal

Jack Starz Vs A-Kid

From one wrestler I’m not familiar with…straight to another. I missed last weeks show (damn broadband issues) which apparently involved A-Kid and Ohno, so this is my first taste of the man from Madrid.

As mentioned by the commentators, both these athletes have a similar style. Lots of mat grappling and submission attempts. Starz was able to break it up momentarily with a rather impressive powerbomb, but in the end, it was A-Kid with a submission move that had Starz tapping out within seconds.

A good ‘wholesome’ / standard match up. A-Kid just needs to work on not breaking his neck when leaping out of submission holds.

Oliver Carter Vs Ridge Holland

Not only is Ridge Holland making his NXT UK debut…but he’s a Yorkshireman too! (I was born in West Yorkshire, so there is yet more bias here tonight) he has a background in Rugby so I expect his style to be very rough. Let’s see what he’s made of.

The match is an excellent mixture of speed and athleticism (Oliver Carter can pull off some serious moves, and in quick succession too) but Holland is able to put a stop to the high flyer with one simple (but devastating) move; the diving tackle. It sounds nowhere near as harsh as it actually looks, so I highly recommend you go check it out for yourself because after that, Carter was not the same and Holland was able to capitalise. His finisher (Northern Grit) was the icing on the cake and gains him a well-deserved win.

Ilja Dragunov Vs Alexander Wolfè 

Teacher vs student. Both men with a lot to prove and neither of them waste time going after one and other. I knew this would be a non-stop, intense brawl but they somehow managed to exceed my expectations.

As good a Dragunov is (& he really is one of the best on the roster) Wolfe shows why he is the master. His tactics are a little dirty (what do you expect from a member of Imperium) but even when he is fighting ‘clean’ he has constant control over his opponent…for the most part.

Because, if there is one thing that Dragunov does best, it’s being resilient. He never gives up. No matter who he is fighting, or what’s on the line, he consistently gives it his all. Somehow, despite all the hell Wolfe gives him, he turns the match completely around. Coast to coast? sure. Kick out of a super-plex? piece of cake. This man is a machine, and even Wolfe is starting to get p*ssed off and frustrated.

Both men are battered and bruised and struggling to stand up, but they also refuse to give in. The problem for Dragunov is that Wolfe has the rest of Imperium to call upon, and he does just that. Despite Dragunov giving the stable one hell of a go (I swear he’s half machine), Wolfe is able to out him down and the rest of the boys take revenge.

5 Vs 1 is never going to end well, but luckily for the Russian, Gallus has his back. Seriously, these two factions fighting it out is some of the best wrestling to watch. It’s so brutal and chaotic. Each team as crazy as the other. I don’t know how this story is going to pan out…but I definitely can’t wait to see.