Wrestling Nonsense; 3 WWE Sports & Energy Drinks

Much like the Fully Poseable brothers, I too love an energy drink (shout out to Rockstar for making my all-time favourite energy drink; Blueberry Pomegranate) but what if the WWE were to make energy drinks based on talent? that would be awesome, right? ridiculous, but awesome.

Well, this isn’t called Wrestling Nonsense for any old reason! that’s right, today I’m going to take a look at 3 sports/energy drinks based on wrestling.

What a world we live in…

1) Hogan Energy by Socko

Right off the bat, this can would be worth it for the artwork alone! Lord knows how it tastes, but the (can) version of The Immortal One is Jacked UP! I love it. Plenty of flavours too. In fact, one flavour, in particular, was praised by the man himself…

Very tempted to try track some down, but given they will be at least 15 years old at this point…I think not.

2) Supernatural Sportz Drinks

First of all, I think we can ALL agree that anything that ends in a ‘Z’ that shouldn’t is terrible from the get-go. If that weren’t bad enough, the drinks themselves look vile. Like, I’m pretty sure the Batista drink is just pond water. From what I found (on WrestleCrap) they are

Scientifically formulated for rapid hydration

I think I’ll take their word for it…

3) Bodyslam Juice Drink

Now, with this one, I’m not entirely sure it’s an energy drink, but based on the ingredients I’m inclined to think it is aimed towards that market. Either way, they make the list because they are so uniquely awesome (& quite the collectable based on eBay posts)

Much like Supernatural, I bet they tasted awful, but with so many wrestlers on the packaging (Ken Shamrock, Vader, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are just some of the guys I’ve seen) they did (& still do apparently) have the collectability appeal to them. Just expect to fork out a fair bit of Green if you want to start your own collection.