JC’s Top Rope Report: The Week In Pro Wrestling 11.10.19-11.16.19

Hello everyone. And welcome back to my week in review column. I’m sticking with this format for a bit as I think it works better than the stock up and stock down. And it allows me to examine more than just specific wrestlers. There was much more bad than good this week in the world of pro wrestling.

The Shawn Michaels Wrestler of the Week Award: Scorpio Sky

A tough award to hand out this week. There weren’t really any standout matches. The best match of the week was probably the Cruiserweight Title match on NXT but I couldn’t really give any of those guys this award. So it goes to Scorpio Sky because he had the biggest win of the week. Scorpio Sky pinned Chris Jericho in the main event of AEW Dynamite to allows SCU to retain the AEW Tag Team Championship. This more than likely also earned Scorpio Sky a future AEW Championship match. The best thing about the AEW Tag Team Tournament is that they made Scorpio Sky a future star for AEW in the future.

The Patterson and Briscoe Brown Noser of the Week: Dave Meltzer

I tend to agree with Meltzer on a lot more than most people. And I think he is the most credible wrestling journalist there is out there, despite what Brad Shepard (LOL) leads you to believe. But his AEW biases came out pretty strong this week in his ratings of the matches from AEW Full Gear. Here they are:

Baker-Priestly: 1.75

Ortiz & Santana-Young Bucks: 4.25

Hangman-Pac: 4.25

Spears-Janela: 3.25

SCU-Lucha Bros-Private Party: 4

Riho-Emi: 4

Jericho-Cody: 4.5

Moxley-Omega: 4.5

If you remember, Meltzer was firmly against the Moxley/Omega match after the show. But here is what he wrote in this week’s Observer. (The Wrestling Observer is available for subscription at F4WOnline.com)

“The other top match, Jon Moxley’s win over Kenny Omega, drew a very wide range of feedback. I hated it, but also recognize that as far as the mental aspect of laying out a match and the physical aspect of doing it at a high level, it was a tremendous match and incredible spectacle. Many loved it and many hated it. … I hated the Undertaker vs. Mick Foley Hell in a Cell match, but it also became historic. … In feedback we got, most of it ranged from [4.75 to 5], while plenty also listed it as [1] or lower. Anyway, I get that the thought process had far more depth than most matches, even though to some the weapons usage would feel like mindless weapons use and violence for the sake of violence and shock value. I also recognized the performances from both guys were great. To me, when it comes to a Lights Out match, I’d rather see a violent fight, perhaps with some weapons use, than a ton of weapons use where it’s just about weapons use and the element of the fight is a very distant second.”

I might not agree with Meltzer on some of his opinions, but him changing his star rating on this match to appease his hardcore AEW fan base is comical. Would a film critic change his opinion on a movie he hated if the general population adored it? No. But if you visit Reddit you could see that the AEW hardcores were getting upset with Meltzer over the match. And I find this reversal by Meltzer as a way to appease that base and not lose any subscribers.

And as far as the rest of the match ratings go, it shows a pretty strong AEW bias. By these ratings, all but two of the matches from Full Gear were better than Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle from SummerSlam 2002. That’s comical. I’ve been more critical than others when it comes to AEW. I don’t want to look at it from an “AEW GOOD, WWE BAD” perspective. I’ve said all of their shows have been good to great. But not every one is the best ever like AEW fans tend to say. I want AEW to succeed. I want there to be multiple options for wrestlers to work. But we don’t have to lap up everything AEW does as the best thing ever.

The SEX Old Day SEX Worst SEX Segment of the SEX Week: Lana Isn’t Pregnant

This was one of those angles where you laughed at it because it was so bad. They tried their best to hide all of the boos in this segment with piped in crowd noise. But it was still noticeable. This angle is dragging on way too long and is making everyone worse because of it. Rusev is getting some cheers but is anyone really looking forward to a Rusev vs Lashley one-on-one singles match? The acting has been awful. Every segment has been awful. Lashley is a blackhole of charisma and looks extremely uncomfortable in every segment. Rusev comes off as a geek desperate for Lana to come back to him even though he is getting cheered. And since these two probably won’t fight again until TLC, we have another month of this crap at minimum.

The Well, You Know Who Booked This Shit Award: Bruce Prichard

I’m not saying Eric Bischoff would have been any better. But ever since Prichard became the Executive Producer of Smackdown this show has been the drizzling shits. They had one extremely good week and that was only because their backs were against the wall. But since then? Baron Corbin is a primary focus of this show. We had a segment with a video dog last week, and this week we had a dog mascot. I’m sure Prichard and Vince McMahon were laughing their asses off backstage. But 95% of your audience wasn’t. I cannot believe that Corbin continues to be a main focus of this show. Can someone at FOX get them to stop focusing on Corbin? Hell, can someone at FOX get them to shit can Prichard while they are at it? I’m sure our Smackdown correspondent The Chairman would greatly appreciate it.

The Ultimate Tease Award: CM Punk on WWE Backstage

Admit it: If you are reading this you have fantasy booked CM Punk’s return to the WWE ever since Tuesday. Punk joined WWE Backstage this week and will be appearing as a semi regular host on the show. Of course this is a FOX Sports contract and not a WWE Contract. But I feel pretty confident in saying that the WWE had to give their blessing for FOX to do this. And then they promoted his return on Smackdown this past week. At this point I’d put it at above 50% that Punk makes a return to the WWE. Survivor Series weekend is in Chicago, so you know the CM Punk chants will be prevalent. But for now we all have to play the waiting game until the return actually happens. I’m still putting my money down on the Royal Rumble.

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