The HTCWrestling Podcast: CM Punk on WWE Backstage, AEW Full Gear Recap and More!

Hell has frozen over, and the HTCWrestling Podcast crew is here to talk about the unthinkable. CM Punk returned to WWE as a contributor to WWE Backstage. What does it mean to his future in the WWE? Justin C, Cam and “The Chairman” Steven Vincent break it all down.

  1. CM Punk Returns to WWE Backstage: Is his return to the ring in WWE inevitable?
  2. AEW Full Gear Recap
  3. The NXT Invasion in WWE Continues: Who is coming off as the biggest star?

After that the crew breaks down the Wednesday Night War and who won the night as they discuss each show.

Then they do a “Buy or Sell” segment where they look at wrestling history from this past week and if they buy or sell the following questions:

  1. Was Big Boss Man dragging Big Show’s dad’s casket the best angle Big Boss Man ever did?
  2. With Finn Balor’s debut five years ago this week, has his run in the WWE been a disappointment?
  3. Was Steve Austin getting run over by a car at Survivor Series bound to be a disappointment no matter what?
  4. Has Becky Lynch’s run over the last year been the best run of any woman so far in WWE history?

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