WWE NXT 11.13.19: The Three Top Stories

1. War Games Matches Take Shape

The lineup for NXT War Games began to take shape a bit more last night. When it comes to the Women’s War Games match, Io Shirai defeated Mia Yim in a ladder match thanks to help from NXT Uk Champion Kay Lee Ray. This means Shayna Baszler’s team will get the advantage when it comes to entry. One would also assume this means Kay Lee Ray will be the fourth member of Shayna’s team. It is a smart move. I’d love to see Toni Storm come over as well but that doesn’t appear to be happening. Mia Yim’s nose got messed up during the match after getting a ladder right to it. Dakota Kai helped Yim during the match. There was also someone attacking multiple women backstage. It was never revealed, but you might assume it was Bayley. Bayley attacked Baszler to close the show.

The men’s side got a bit more clear during the show, but then didn’t as the show went on. Dominik Dijakovic joined Team Ciampa, looking to complete his team. But at the same time Finn Balor called out Matt Riddle. Riddle attacked him and William Regal made Balor vs Riddle for Takeover. So that leaves an open spot for Team Ciampa heading into the show. And right now there isn’t an obvious choice for the spot, especially with Johnny Gargano injured.

2. Are We On Our Way To A Triple Threat?

Killian Dain was suppose to fight Pete Dunne. But Damian Priest made his presence known when he attacked Dain on his way to the ring. If you remember last week, Dain attacked Priest after his match. Priest and Dunne then went at it as well. It ended with all three men brawling. Priest hit a running dive over the top onto both men to finish up the brawl. No Tyler Bate to be seen. Bate was there last week with Dunne and had an interaction with Trevor Lee. My guess is that Bate either comes back for a tag match, or we get a Triple Threat match with the winner getting some kind of Title shot in the future. As you all know I’m still high on Damian Priest and you guys can join me on that bandwagon any time you want.

3. Lio Rush Defeated Angel Garza To Retain the Cruiserweight Championship

This match opened the show this week and it was just great. There is no way this match would have received this amount of time on any WWE show. The idea to put the cruiserweights on NXT is a smart idea. And they should really just scrap 205 Live all together and integrate those guys fully into NXT. Lio Rush is having a nice rebound after being stuck with Lashley. And Angel Garza is going to be something special if booked right. I’m not even talking about the main roster. In NXT alone he could be a big star. I’ve seen some people make comparisons to Eddie Guerrero. I’m hesitant on that because Eddie was so good that I don’t know if anyone else can get there.

The Rest

-Aliyah had her nose busted up pretty bad as well thanks to Mia Yim. I like Aliyah and maybe she can use this.

-Can we stop with the Forgotten Sons promos? No one cares.

-Speaking of being stars, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott has something too. I actually hope he ends up being the fourth member of Ciampa’s team.

-Did I tell you guys to join me on the Damian Priest bandwagon yet?

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