WWE Raw Review – 11.11.19

This week Raw kicked off with The Man Becky Lynch, who would be teaming with Charlotte Flair to challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Lynch spoke to the Manchester crowd about how she started her wrestling career here in the United Kingdom, and now she is the face of this “whole damn business.”

With a target still square on her back, Lynch said to bring on all challengers, referring to Shayna Baszler, Bayley, and the Kabuki Warriors. Flair would then make her entrance as would the Kabuki Warriors. What an opening match to begin Raw!

The match began with Lynch and Asuka in the ring, and the two traded shots early on before Kairi Sane tagged in, and the Kabuki Warriors teamed up on Lynch. Becky would then dodge a couple of shots from Sane before getting the upper hand on Kairi and then sending her into the corner.

Flair would tag in, and Sane tried hitting chops on Charlotte, which she completely no-sold before Flair delivered a massive chop of her own. Sane then locked in a sleeper hold before Flair broke free, locked in figure four head scissors, and slammed Sane’s head into the mat.

It looks like we were getting cocky Flair tonight as she would willingly allow Sane to make a tag to Asuka. Just like with Becky, Flair and Asuka traded blows before Flair landed a wicked back elbow to the face.

But wait! NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler makes an appearance ringside. For the time being, Baszler stood ringside, taking in the action. Meanwhile, in the ring, Flair was in firm control until Asuka successfully executed a drop toehold and then delivered kicks to the face of Flair.

Asuka would slow the match down before dumping Charlotte through the middle rope, which led to Sane beating her down on the outside. The tag champions would then double team Flair for a bit, not allowing her to make a tag to Becky.  Asuka would continue to go after Flair by locking in an octopus hold, which Charlotte would briefly counter before Asuka hit a Crucifix driver for a near fall.

Asuka did not let up, as she locked in the ‘Asuka Lock’ and then an armbar, but Flair showed great strength by hoisting Asuka up for a powerbomb which Sane would run in and break up. Sane would later go on the attack, but not for long as Flair hit a backbreaker before FINALLY tagging in Becky.

Lynch ran wild, hitting forearms and a kick on Asuka before dodging interference from Sane before Becky hit a missile dropkick on both Kabuki Warriors. But before Lynch could make the cover, Baszler jumped onto the ring apron but would be pulled down by Bayley! However, Baszler would get the best of the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

Back in the ring, Asuka would roll up a distracted Becky for the win. Lynch quickly locked eyes with Shayna before walking toward her motioning for the NXT Women’s Champion to come out and fight her. However, Bayley would run up behind Lynch and attack, throwing her into the barricade.

To me, it seems clear that WWE is building up the Women’s triple threat match at Survivor Series more than any match announced, and rightfully so as those three women not only deserve the time but also deserve to be the main event of that pay-per-view.

Below is the rest of what took place on Monday Night, and I rate the segments from best to worst.

Six-Man Tag Main Event: 

This match started with Ricochet and Karl Anderson in the ring, but before long, Humberto and AJ were in the ring, and Carrillo hit a springboard arm drag on Styles. Ricochet tags back in, and he dodges an attack from Styles and sends him straight into Randy in the corner. Orton thinking this was intentional, comes after Ricochet in the ring as we head to break.

After the break, Carrillo was back in the match and hits a dive off the top rope before trying for another springboard arm drag, which AJ countered. AJ and Gallows work over Carrillo for a bit before Ricochet can tag back into the match, where he was welcomed with a spinebuster by Anderson.

Gallows then took his turn to beat down Ricochet, where he hit a massive leg drop for a near fall. Before Ricochet could make a tag, he is pulled back into the ring by Styles but broke free with a heel kick, and Carrillo enters the match.  Humberto would head to the top rope for a moonsault, but Styles rolled out of harm’s way and Orton tags into the match.

The match really broke down, and everyone had a chance to hit their big moves. Humberto would wipe out Gallows and Anderson with another moonsault. But back in the ring, Randy sneaks up on Ricochet as if he is going to strike, and even spins him around for the RKO but then hits Styles with it! Orton then tags in Carrillo, who connects with a moonsault for the win.

Randy once again teases turning on Ricochet and then tells him he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants.

Seth Rollins open challenge: 

Seth tells the crowd that Triple H did light a fire in him last week, and he is here to stay on Raw.  Rollins then issues an open challenge and says he wants to face the United Kingdom’s best talent. Out comes the NXT UK Champion Walter and his faction Imperium.

Walter starts out the match delivering a judo throw and then hitting a kick and then a chop to Rollins before Seth counters with a sling blade. Rollins’ momentum did not last long, though, as  Walter hit a German suplex and then picks Seth up and slams him before locking in a Boston crab.

Walter was not done, hitting a boot and then connecting with a slap to the chest. Rollins, however, would gain momentum back with a springboard knee. Back in the ring, Rollins would then connect on a pair of superkicks before setting up for the stomp…but the rest of Imperium rush in to attack Seth, and the match is stopped.

The Street Profits run down for the save, but it still 4-on-3 in favor of Imperium until Kevin Owens would show up to even the odds!

Eight-Man Tag Team Match: 

After the scrum in the ring, the order was restored, and an eight-man tag team match was underway.

Seth and Alexander Wolfe start out in the ring, but Seth quickly falls over the top rope due to a low bridge by Fabian Aichner, and then Marcel Barthel throws him into the steel steps. Walter then tagged in and delivered an uppercut and a slam on the apron. Wolfe and Barthel then take turns beating down Rollins. Then it was Walter’s turn with Rollins, and he would hit a shotgun dropkick for a near fall that was broken up by Owens.

This led to the match completely breaking down, with Walter taking out Rollins three other teammates. The Ring General would then head to the top rope, but Rollins met him there and hit a Superplex! KO finally got the hot tag and immediately hit a cannonball on Aichner and then superkicked the other three members of Imperium. Up on the top rope, Owens hit a Swanton Bomb for a near fall, this was followed up by Rollins and Montez Ford hitting dives on the outside onto Walter.

An Owens Stunner on Aichner would lead to Rollins hitting Wolfe with the stomp for the win. What a wild and entertaining match! While this match showcased some of Raw’s top talent, but the crowd and fans at home got a great look at Imperium, which features an incredible talent in Walter.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara:

McIntyre started the match by throwing Sin Cara around the ring and hitting forearms and chops. Sin Cara was able to dodge Drew, and McIntyre’s momentum sent him to the outside, and then Sin Cara hit a dive through the ropes. Up on the top turnbuckle, Sin Cara connected on a moonsault that knocked Drew to the floor.

Drew cut off Sin Cara’s momentum with a headbutt and then hit a series of kicks and punches in the corner, which led to a near fall. Sin Cara looks to gain momentum by sending Drew to the outside, but out there, Drew caught Sin Cara, hit a massive powerbomb, and then back in the ring hit the Claymore kick for the win.

McIntyre looked like a million bucks in this match, and with the news of Sin Cara asking for his WWE release, this outcome is not much of a surprise.

Lana’s Ruse:  

After the break, Lana comes out to address the crowd. Lana admits she cheated on Rusev but only did it because Rusev cheated on her first. Lana then tells us it is her “sexiversary” with Bobby Lashley (TMI Lana), and it was seven weeks ago that she hooked up with Lashley.

Lana then drops the bombshell that she is nine weeks pregnant, and she had a “Bulgarian Brat” inside of her. This rant from Lana brought out her “soon-to-be ex-husband” Rusev to the ring. Rusev was trying to figure the whole situation out when Lana jumped on Rusev’s back and raking his eyes as Lashley made his way to the ring.

Bobby beat down Rusev, and the happy couple left him in the ring. Boy, this storyline just keeps getting wilder by the week. And to top this all off, Lana admits to faking being pregnant. What a crazy this ride this story has been.

RKO out of nowhere: 

After the Women’s Tag Team title match, WWE cuts backstage to Ricochet having words with Randy Orton. But at the same time, the O.C. can be heard confronting Humberto Carrillo. Ricochet steps in to defend Carrillo and the O.C. challenge them to find a third member, which does not take long. Randy steps in and says he’ll be the third member.

Viking Raiders vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan: 

Finally, some legitimate competition for the Raw Tag Team Champions. The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions got off to a hot start, hitting a pair of dives onto the outside, which knocked down the much bigger Erik and Ivar.

Back in the ring, Andrews hit the ‘Stundog Millionaire’ move, and Morgan hit a move from the top rope & picks up a near fall. The Raiders weathered the storm, and Ivar would go on to hit a dive through the middle ropes, and then Erik picks up Ivar and slams him into Morgan. Moments later, the Raiders hit the Viking Experience onto Morgan for the win.

This was a statement victory for the Raw Tag Team Champions, and it was nice to see them pick up a win against a legit tag team for a change.

R-Truth vs. Singh Brothers for the 24/7 Title: 

R-Truth was here to take on the Singh Brothers to try and become a 22-time 24/7 champion. Predictably the Singh brothers teamed up on Truth early on, but Truth got the upper hand. However, the Singh brothers ran out of the ring and backstage.

They ended up in a room that was occupied by Erik Rowan, who beat down both brothers but did not pin the champion. Not sure what this segment accomplished other than making Rowan look strong, which we have already seen before.

Cedric Alexander vs. Andrade:

Andrade took control of the match in the beginning, but Alexander would fire back with a dropkick that sent Andrade to the outside. But Andrade would regain momentum with a dropkick and then punches of his own.

Cedric countered with another dropkick and then would hit a dive through the ropes, which led to a flatliner for a near fall. Andrade would block the lumbar check, and then thanks to interference by Zelina Vega, Andrade hit the hammerlock DDT for the win.

Again, I personally think Andrade can be one of the top stars on Raw, but I really wish he would win a match or two on his own without the help of Vega.

Before the break, Aleister Black cut a promo from that dark room, asking for someone to come fight him.

Erik Rowan has a new friend: 

Rowan was here to take on someone named Soner Dursun. Rowan made quick work of Dursan, winning with the claw slam. After the match, Rowan went to pick up the cage that is holding something unknown. Guess Rowan already has a new gimmick.

Well, this one quite the show, and the crowd in Manchester was hot for much of the night. The show was filled with a lot of quality wrestling matches, starting with the Women’s Tag Team match and ending with the six-man main event.

NXT UK Champion Walter and Imperium made their Raw debut and had a solid eight-man tag team match while Drew McIntyre continues to tear through the Raw roster. And then there was the madness that is the Lana/Rusev/Lashley storyline. Overall though, I thought this show was one of the better episodes of Raw, with quite a bit of quality wrestling.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5.