An Interview With J J Creations

Many men & women work behind the scenes of a wrestling PPV. Stage crew, security, camera operators, all these people work as one to put together an epic event. One of the unsung heroes of the ‘behind the scenes’ crew are the designers & creators of wrestling gear.

Think about it. An athlete can perform to the best of their ability and put on one hell of a show, but if they don’t look the part (especially on such a grand stage) then they are missing that essential aspect of a top-notch pay per view; the look.

The whole point of something like Clash of Champions is that it’s a next-level event compared to the regular weekly TV tapings. There’s more at stake, the matches are more intense and it looks (and feels) like a big-time spectacle.

I bet I could list the last 4 or 5 big WWE PPVs and ask you what Ricochet wore, and you’d be able to tell me. And that’s all down to whoever designed & created his gear. It’s iconic, and memorable and fits the occasion.

So who are these people that leave such a lasting impression on our mind? are they veterans of the business? people who just happen to have landed such a role (and do it for the love of design, and not necessarily wrestling) or maybe a bit of both. Well, allow me to introduce you to one such person.

Today I speak to a team who work very closely (& regularly) with one Nikki Cross! I first became aware of them after 2019 Clash of Champions & have finally managed to track them for a quick interview. They’re super busy & constantly on the go, so I appreciate their time even more so. Introducing to you, the fascinating story of JJ Creations…

For how long have you been creating?

We started our project back in 2015. Officially, though, JJ Wrestling Creations was born in 2016.

Do you design, create/make, or do both?

We do both. Sometimes, our clients have very specific ideas and they come up with designs and sketches made by them. Our job, in those cases, is to turn their dreams into reality. Some other times, we also help them to shape a general idea into something more refined, creating a proper design for the mas well.

Has it always been wrestling gear you made, or did you start doing smaller simpler items first?

We started creating wrestling gears since day one, but we have also released cosplay costumes and sportswear.

Who or what was it that got you motivated to make this into a career? Or was it something you always strived for?

We have always been very passionate about sewing and creating pieces of clothing. Growing up, we became professional wrestlers and after a few very bad experiences ordering gears online, we decided to turn our passion for fashion into a profession. So we studied and learned the art of tailoring and opened our own business.

Who are your inspirations?

Our sources of inspirations were our grandmothers. They were amazing seamstresses, but because they got sick when we were quite young, they couldn’t teach us their knowledge on the subject. We hope we can make them proud throughout our creations.

Once you have a piece on the mind, do you see it through from thought to end product? Or do you have several ideas going on at the same time?

It really depends on the type of commission we are working on, but generally, whenever we visualize the design or the sketch, the whole process comes up to our minds and once the goal is set up, nothing can’t stop our creative flow.

How did you get involved with Nikki?

We personally know her and she knew about our job as well. So, she reached out to us one day and that’s simply how our collaboration started.

Was she very specific with regards to the design? Or did she just ask you to work your magic?

She had an idea about what she wanted, but she gave us the freedom to work around it and implement it with our creativity, in terms of colours and design.

If you could design/create for any wrestler (any promotion) who would it be?

To us, every client is important and special. Our goal is to make people happy and confident whenever they are performing. To watch them rocking our creations and smiling at the cameras is the best reward ever.

And finally, how and where can people get hold of you?

You can find us:
Facebook as JJ Wrestling Creations
Twitter @J_Jcreations
Instagram @j_jwrestlingcreations

Or you can contact us via email at

Always feel free to send a message with all of your amazing ideas. We can’t wait to work with you all.

Thank you for having us!