JC’s Top Rope Report: The Week In Pro Wrestling 11.3.19-11.9.19

So the stock up and stock down report was fun. And I may go back to that or mix it up with this in the future. But I wanted to take a different approach to things this week. Instead of going with just three up and three down, I want to take a look at everything. Not just wrestlers. We are going to talk about wrestlers as well as matches and segments, and shows overall in this space now. I think it gives a better perspective to the week overall.

Ok lets get to it!

The Shawn Michaels Wrestler of the Week: Riho

I had no idea who Riho was when she first came to AEW. I had no exposure to any of her previous work. Since coming to AEW, Riho continues to impress me more and more. And she is slowly becoming one of my favorite wrestlers in AEW. She had a good tag match on Dynamite Wednesday. And her match at Full Gear was my second favorite match on the card. We all know they are building up to Riho vs Awesome Kong. But I hope they get a few more talented women in the promotion beforehand to have some good matches with Riho.

Runners Up: Chris Jericho, Adam Cole

All the Stars Match of the Week: Santana and Ortiz vs The Young Bucks

Has hell frozen over? Did I really give The Young Bucks my Match of the Week Award? I really enjoyed their tag team match to open Full Gear on Saturday. It was everything I want to see in a tag match. Santana and Ortiz worked over Nick’s leg the entire match. And Nick sold it well. I loved the selling of falling off the ropes when going for the Meltzer Driver. Santana and Ortiz are quickly becoming one of my favorite teams in the business.

Runners Up: The OC vs Matt Riddle, Keith Lee and Tommaso Ciampa, Riho vs Emi Sakura

The Most Must See Segment of the Week: Chris Jericho’s Video Package

I thought there were three really strong non wrestling segments this week. But this one takes the award. I laughed the entire way through. From Jericho’s Aunt’s friend from church, to Virgil, to Jake Hager not saying a word every time he was on the screen. It was perfectly done. It is something you would never see produced on a WWE show because no one is smart enough to come up with something like that. Jericho continues to be the best act in wrestling in 2019. And I am seriously wondering if 2019 Chris Jericho is the best version of Chris Jericho yet.

Runners Up: Cody’s Promo on Dynamite, Becky Lynch/Shayna Baszler Face to Face on RAW

The “Did I Really Just See That” Segment of the Week: Baron Corbin’s Opening Smackdown Promo

While the previous award goes to the best segment of the week, this award goes to the worst segment of the week. Hands down, I am giving this to Baron Corbin’s opening Smackdown promo. We went from last week’s great Smackdown show to one of the worst this week. And it started with a 10 minute Baron Corbin promo. He had Roman’s dog logo on the screen barking like a small dog. Then the show ended with a 20 minute Baron Corbin match. Remember earlier this year when the McMahon’s blamed Corbin for the low ratings on TV? And now he is beating Roman Reigns clean. I really need to know what anybody sees in Baron Corbin. He does not need to be pushed this hard at all. But of course ratings went up this week for Smackdown so I don’t see anything changing any time soon.

Runners Up: More Lashley/Lana/Rusev Drama, Taynara vs Santana Garrett Match

The Sid Vicious “Half the Brain You Do” Worst Booking Decision of the Week: Seth Rollins Promo

This award goes to a bad booking decision. I’m going to try and separate it from the worst segment of the week so we don’t have the same people getting the award. But once again, I have no idea why they thought the Seth Rollins promo from Monday was going to translate well to the crowd or TV audience. Rollins is not coming off as likable at all. People want to see an aggressive, angry side of Rollins. The crowd does not want to see Rollins moping, trying to make us feel sorry for him. It seems like the WWE is incapable of booking him as the top face on RAW and really need to figure out something with Rollins quick. But who is there to elevate to the top spot on RAW in Seth’s place? That is the problem currently facing WWE.

Runners Up: Humberto loses to AJ Styles AGAIN, Baron Corbin beats Roman Reigns clean

That’s all I have for this week. I plan on expanding with new ideas in the weeks ahead.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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