AEW Full Gear Hits and Misses w/Justin C

Yeah, I’m stealing the Chairman’s gimmick here with this review. But it is late! So I’m doing what I want!

HIT: Hangman Page Climbs The Ranks

I was critical of Hangman Page and how he was used in the build up to the initial AEW World Title match. Well, AEW and Page have recovered nicely since the start of Dynamite. I thought Page had a good promo a few weeks ago and was strong in the tag match as well. And I really liked his match with PAC tonight. I would consider it his first big win in AEW and his slow rise back to the top of the card. I know he was high on the AEW Rankings that were released this week. But I would hold off on giving him another Title match at this point. I want to see Page rack up a few wins over the next few months before he gets another Title match.

MISS: Lights Out

There are going to be a couple of things I will be critical of in this review that the AEW die hards won’t like. I really didn’t get into the Moxley/Omega match. After seeing Moxley in the G1 this past year, I know that he is a great wrestler. And I know that Moxley and Omega could put on a great pro wrestling match if given the opportunity. But instead they did this Lights Out gimmick match to mask the win/loss record thing meaning something. With that, they backed themselves into a corner because they didn’t want Omega suffering another loss on his record. Knowing what these two are capable of, it put me off seeing them in this type of match. Moxley should be the next challenger for the AEW Title, if this win actually counted.

HIT: Riho Wins Again

AEW’s Women’s Division isn’t the best, but Riho is super fun to watch. I’m glad AEW put the Title on her to start. She should not be losing it any time soon. But the question is who is next for her? I think they are obviously building to a Riho/Awesome Kong match. But you don’t want to go to that right away. We have to have Voodoo Witch Doctor Brandi Rhodes summon Awesome Kong first. The wrestling in this match was good. And the sequence of counters and near falls leading to the final pin were great. Imagine if Riho was in WWE? How badly would Vince and Co. book her?

MISS: Tag Title Match

Things just seemed off this entire match. Pentagon and Fenix tried hitting some tandem offense and they looked bad. There were a couple of times they tried a springboard catapult off each other and both times it was messed up. I think Private Party is starting to get exposed a bit as a tag team. I still like their act but it is getting a bit more obvious that they are still green in the ring. And the crowd fell flat for the ending with SCU retaining. And they also fell flat for Christopher Daniels returning in the Pentagon getup to confuse him. I still don’t know why they are making the Lucha Bros heels and SCU faces when it should be the other way around.

HIT: Opening Tag

I can be critical of The Young Bucks, but I really liked their match with Santana and Ortiz. I actually thought it was the match of the night for me. They had good chemistry with each other. I love Santana and Ortiz’s act as a whole. I like their music, their cocky walk to the ring, and they are showing why they were one of the most sought after tag teams a few months ago. And obviously the Bucks pulled their weight in the match as well. I don’t, however, need to see Ricky Morton attempt a Mexican Destroyer ever again. Santana and Ortiz should be next in line for a Tag Title shot. And I believe they are the best tag team in AEW right now.

MISS: MJF Throws In The Towel

We talked on the HTCWrestling Podcast this past week if it would be too early to have MJF turn on Cody. Well AEW didn’t. After MJF threw in the towel, causing Jericho to retain the AEW World Title, he pleaded with Cody to forgive him. And then after it seemed like Cody did, MJF low blowed Cody. I was fine with that. We knew it was coming at some point. But again, I just wasn’t feeling the ending with MJF throwing in the towel. And again, it is because AEW backed themselves into a corner with the whole “Cody can’t challenge for the Title if he loses” gimmick. The match could have been ten minutes shorter and still gotten to the point quicker as well. I would have rather just had Cody pass out from the pain. And given that awful cut he had above his eye, the visual could have been pretty good.

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