WWE Raw Review – 11.4.19

Raw starts with Triple H getting out a car, and it looks like he is not here alone.

But after the opening video package, we got Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman in the ring. Lesnar quit Smackdown and is here to seek revenge on Rey Mysterio. Lesnar is now on Raw because basically, Lesnar can do whatever the hell he wants.

Heyman then turned his attention to Mysterio and says someone better turn him over, or Lesnar will tear the building apart. Backstage, Brock beat down a stagehand and then nearly ripped a door clear off a car.

How would Lesnar’s rampage affect the rest of the show? Check out the rest of my Raw review below to find out exactly what happened.

The Beast Strikes again:

Lesnar and Heyman came back out and confronted the announcers. Heyman pretty much told Lawler that Lesnar would kill him, and then Dio Madden of all people got up to confront Lesnar.

Brock laughed and then gave Madden an F-5 onto the table. But out of nowhere came Rey Mysterio! He struck Lesnar with a lead pipe and then decked him with the WWE Title Belt.

After the break, Mysterio cuts a passionate promo, challenging Lesnar to a championship match at Survivor Series, which Brock later accepted.

Rollins addresses the crowd:

After his loss to The Fiend at Crown Jewel, what’s next for Seth Freakin’ Rollins? Seth said it feels like he’s starting from square one again with Lesnar back on Raw holding the WWE Championship.

Rollins then said he doesn’t know what’s next, but was cut off by Triple H’s music. The Game let Rollins know that whenever he doesn’t know what’s next, their paths always seem to cross.

HHH wants to know what Rollins is going to do next, and that will determine what he will do next. Triple H told Rollins he was either with him or against him, which led to The Undisputed Era coming out to the ring.

Before Rollins could answer, the O.C. would enter the picture, chasing away the NXT faction. But it was all a setup, and Dominik Dijakovic, as well as Damian Priest, began the attack with the Era coming in to pick the bones.

Raw’s roster of Zack Ryder, R-Truth, and Erik Rowan chased them off… not the most intimating trio of wrestlers.

After the break, Rollins told HHH that he wanted Adam Cole tonight for the NXT Championship. Boy, that’s a dream match right there!

Adam Cole vs. Seth Rollins:

This Wrestlemania caliber match began with Cole and Rollins locking up. Rollins then gained the upper hand and dumped Cole to the outside, then flew over the top rope to take out the NXT champion. Back in the ring, Seth nearly connected with the stomp, but Cole was able to get out of harm’s way. Rollins follows Cole to the outside and throws him into the barricade as a break hits.

Back from commercial, Cole dropped Rollins with a kick and picked up a near fall. The two superstars then traded kicks, with Rollins getting a near fall. A third near fall occurred when Rollins went to the top rope, but Cole landed a kick to the chin.

Later on, Cole went for the Panama Sunrise, but Rollins countered it into a buckle bomb for a two-count. Rollins then hit a pair of dives before connecting with a knee to the face.

A series of near falls would occur before they collided in the middle of the ring. Cole and Rollins then met on the top rope where Seth would land a superplex and then a falcon arrow for ANOTHER near fall.

Seth was setting up for the stomp, but the Undisputed Era appeared from underneath the ring and picked apart Rollins.

The ring then quickly filled up with both Raw and NXT superstars, and an absolute melee ensued. All the while, Triple H was sitting back watching his brand go to work. Raw went off the air with Keith Lee going over the top rope, taking out a plethora of superstars. What a chaotic ending!

Becky Lynch interview:

The news was broke as Becky Lynch will face Bayley and Shayna Baszler in a triple threat match at Survivor Series.

But this interview was cut short by a Baszler interruption. These two women had an exchange of words followed by an intense staredown. Lynch then told Shayna that “she’s going to show her who the real baddest women on the planet is.”

I personally loved this interaction between Becky and Shayna because it made sense on multiple levels. One, they are the top champions of their respective brands, so this encounter was inevitable. Two, Shayna has some personal motivation because Becky is the only woman to defeat her friend, Ronda Rousey. in a WWE ring.

Add Bayley into this encounter and we are going to see one heck of a match come Survivor Series.

Six Man Tag Team Action:

This match was already underway when Raw came back from the commercial break. The team of Humberto Carrillo and the Street Profits had the upper hand early on. But AJ Styles would run interference, and Montez Ford would be sent to the outside, and Gallows nailed him with a lariat.

Going into the commercial break, Gallows had Ford in a reverse chin lock. Back from break, Ford was still in the ring, but this time it was Karl Anderson beating down Ford. However, Ford was finally able to get free and hit a blockbuster into Gallows, then tagged in Carrillo.

Carrillo would hit a standing moonsault on Styles before going to the top rope and hitting another high-flying moonsault. Styles would later counter with a powerbomb and picked up a three-point with his feet on the ropes. This is now the third time Styles has pinned Carrillo in the past week, which is not a great way to try and build someone up to be a credible threat on Raw.

Kabuki Warriors in action:

The women’s tag champions were in the ring, set to face off against Charlotte and Natalya.

Nattie took control of the match early on until Flair tagged herself in and went right after Asuka, and she and Nattie each hit an exploder as the commercial break hit.

After the break, Nattie and Asuka were in the ring, with Nattie literally directing traffic. After quite a while, Charlotte got the hot tag and ran wild on Kairi Sane for a bit. Flair even hit the Natural Selection, but Asuka pulled Sane’s foot up onto the ropes.

This only infuriated Flair, who then hit a moonsault on both Kabuki Warriors. After the break, it was Nattie getting the hot tag, but Asuka got her into an armbar, which Nattie countered into the sharpshooter. After a brief distraction, Nattie locked it in again and tapped out Asuka! The team of Flair and Nattie are picking up some real momentum.

Mixed Tag Match:

Carolina and Sin Cara were here to take on Andrade. Out of the gate, Sin Cara gained the early advantage, and Carolina even hit a cannonball senton onto Vega right before the commercial break.

Sin Cara and Andrade were back in the ring, and the two jockeyed for position on the top rope with Sin Cara hitting an avalanche sunset flip powerbomb!

Later on in the match, Sin Cara took out Andrade on the outside, but this allowed Vega to eventually pick up a win off a head scissors driver into the mat.

Alexander vs. Murphy:

This match started out hot and quickly ended up on the outside. Buddy Murphy went to chop Alexander but missed and hit the ring post. However, Murphy would regroup and send Cedric into the post moments later.

The match then slowed down for a bit, before Cedric hit a wicked forearm to the face to gain control over Buddy. Alexander then flew through the ropes and then over the ropes!

Back in the ring, Cedric countered Murphy’s Law into a pin and then hit a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Buddy would regroup and caught Cedric to hit Murphy’s Law for the win.

Rusev wants a fight:

Rusev told Lashley he can have Lana, but his ass was Rusev’s. However, Lashley came out to the ring on crutches saying he tore his groin doing “things” with Lana.

So Lashley’s replacement was none other than Drew McIntyre. Early on, Rusev was up to the challenge as he was landing blows. Right before the break, Rusev hit a fallaway slam to send Drew to the outside.

Back from break, Rusev was planted by a spine buster for a near fall. However, Drew called Rusev a b*tch, and this lit a fire under the Bulgarian Brute. Rusev hit several lariats and then hit a spinning heel kick!

Rusev later would land a Machka Kick, which sent Drew to the floor. Lashley would come down and nails Rusev with his crutch for the DQ. However, Rusev would turn the tables on Lashley and beat him down before an RKO!

But Ricochet would come down to save Rusev and even kicked Lashley into Lana. Looks like Team Flair was still upset from their loss at Crown Jewel last Thursday.

Viking Raiders going nowhere:

The Viking Raiders ran over the East Hampton Polo Boys in about a minute. BORING.

Overall I thought this was a pretty solid episode of Raw. The Lesnar/Mysterio angle was great, and Rey’s motivation for doing this is justified. Rollins and Triple H have history, and their interaction was good.

I also enjoyed the Lynch/Baszler segment, these two women are badass, and their staredown was epic. While I enjoyed the NXT invasion, it didn’t feel as organic as last Friday. We basically knew this was coming, and that was only confirmed by Raw’s opening.

I still do not understand what WWE is doing with the Viking Raiders, and Buddy Murphy and Cedric Alexander, who are both extremely talented, just fought just a few weeks ago.

My Raw rating: 3.25 out of 5.