Justin C’s Three Up, Three Down 10.27.19-11.2.19

STOCK UP: Adam Cole

You could honestly put the entire NXT roster on here after last night’s Smackdown. They made a statement on the show. But Adam Cole gets singled out here. Cole is over with the audience. I was in the building and can tell you the crowd knew him and cheered him on. It was still probably 60/40 for Daniel Bryan but the crowd was into everything about Cole and this match. (outside the one drunk idiot the next section offer chanting for refunds, sorry you didn’t get your Roman Reigns/Baron Corbin main event). Cole stepped up in a moment’s notice and delivered the best TV match of the year so far with Daniel Bryan. And won clean. If they ever leave NXT, Adam Cole and The Undisputed Era will be big time players on RAW or Smackdown.

STOCK DOWN: Cain Velasquez

If you saw Cain Velasquez’s work in AAA like me, you probably had some hopes for this match to be decent. Instead we saw a less than two minutes MMA style match in a WWE ring. That didn’t translate well at all. The WWE rushed this match to fulfill their blood money obligations and delivered a giant stinker. Why would any WWE fan who didn’t know Cain before this take him seriously as a threat now? I would venture to guess they probably won’t. I was not expecting to see Cain bust out luchador moves like he did in AA, but I expected a little bit more of an effort in the ring from him and Brock. If they try to run this match back at Wrestlemania it will probably fail miserably.

STOCK UP: Hangman Page

AEW knows what they have in Hangman Page. They see a future star in him. That is why they had Page in their first ever AEW Title match. But in the build up to that match and the match itself, Page struggled and didn’t really come off as the future star people pegged him as. While he is still not fully there yet, I’ve liked what I have seen from him over the last couple weeks. His work with PAC after AEW Dynamite two weeks ago was solid. And I thought his match with Sammy Guevara and following promo were both well done. I think Page needs to beat PAC at Full Gear to give him the big win that he is missing right now in AEW.

STOCK DOWN: Lucha Bros

It pains me to put these two here. If you have read my stuff you know how big of a fan I am of these two. I think Pentagon Jr. is the most charismatic wrestler in the world right now. And I think Fenix is one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. So that begs the question: What exactly is the plan for them in AEW? Pentagon is a guy they can build their entire promotion around in my opinion. Hell Fenix is too. But they have not come across as top guys yet in AEW. You could easily have either one of them be the next challenger for Chris Jericho. But for now the Lucha Bros are just coming off as special attraction acts in AEW. I hope that changes because these guys can be money if given the opportunity.

STOCK UP: Lashley/Lana/Rusev Angle

Yes, I know it died in the ratings. But I actually enjoyed the ending of RAW from this past Monday. Rusev got cheered during the segment as Lana kept ripping on him for wanting sex all the time. And like he said, who can blame him? Lana came off as an entitled bitch which was the exact goal. Lashley did his part and I thought it was done well enough to keep people interested in the angle despite it losing ratings. It’s in offensive to me and it is getting Rusev some of his face heat back. Does it mean anything long term? Maybe not. But the crowd wants to see Rusevv get his hands on Lashley, so I say this angle is working so far.

STOCK DOWN: Braun Strowman

This was pretty much inevitable when it came to his match with Tyson Fury at Crown Jewel. The match was awful. Then Strowman loses via KO/Countout and the WWE’s idea to get his heat back in the end is to just powerslam Fury. By the way, Fury got up almost immediately after it happened. So much for training at the Performance Center working out. I have zero idea what they do next with Strowman. He’s not a World Title contender and he can’t put on great wrestling matches with people. They all have to have bells and whistles attached to them. Strowman seems like a great guy but at this point he could use a couple months off TV. There’s nothing in the short term he can do to get people back interested in him.

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