WWE NXT 10.30.19: Three Thoughts w/Justin C

1. Hey Full Sail, Can You Just Boo A Heel For Once

Here’s one advantage that AEW has over NXT (there are many but I’m pointing out just one): The AEW crowds know they are suppose to boo a heel. The crowd in Full Sail cheering Asuka and Kairi Sane as well as Finn Balor needs to just play along every one in awhile. Balor cut a great heel promo and the crowd cheered him during it. Hey Full Sail, Finn doesn’t want you to cheer him. He probably doesn’t even like that you are cheering him. If you want to respect Finn and let him know he’s doing a good job, boo him. That is what a heel likes. Then Asuka and Kairi use heel tactics and get cheered as well. I don’t think it changes if NXT goes on the road. But at least the AEW crowd boos the Inner Circle.

2. One War Games Match Too Many?

The only official match War Games match is the women’s match. But there was a strong hint that there would be a second War Games match at the end of the show. When Tommaso Ciampa saved Keith Lee and Matt Riddle from a beatdown of the Undisputed Era he told Goldie she’d have to wait, because he is going to war. That would lead you to think that in addition to the women’s War Games match, we will be getting a men’s one too. This is WWE main roster killing a gimmick match. And with the news that NXT will be involved in Survivor Series, it makes zero sense. Why would NXT stars wrestle in a War Games match then wrestle again the next night when they should be selling the brutality that is suppose to be War Games? I was looking forward to seeing Undisputed Era in singles matches. Not in another War Games match.

3. Is The Best Part Of NXT The Undercard?

There is no doubt that NXT is full of great talent. Everyone talks about the main event scene, but I really like the mid/under card that NXT has. Many of you know that I am extremely high on Damian Priest and think he’s done wonders since coming to NXT. Cameron Grimes continues to grow on me as an act and he put on another good match for the second week in a row. Bronson Reed entertained yet again. The top of the card gets so much hype that people forget the undercard is just as good. And if they are bringing in Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne too? NXT’s overall depth puts AEW’s to shame.

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Justin C

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