WWE Crown Jewel: What You Need To Know

1. Brock Lesnar Defeated Cain Velasquez in Under 2 Minutes

Well, that didn’t go as expected. I didn’t expect them to put on a five star 30 minute classic. But I was at least expecting the match to go about 10 minutes. But instead the WWE basically gave us a fake MMA match in a WWE ring. Cain needs knee surgery, but that Saudi Arabia blood money can make those things wait. I’m not judging Cain off of this performance. But it wasn’t the best start for the hardcore WWE fan base who had no idea what Cain Velasquez was all about. Cain already received luke warm reactions in all of his appearances. What will the WWE expect now that he just lost in such a quick time frame?

2. Tyson Fury defeated Braun Strowman via Countout.

Woof. I know Fury put in some work at the performance center over the last few weeks. But it didn’t translate over to this match. Fury knocked out Strowman coming back into the ring, which caused the countout. In typical WWE 50/50 fashion, Strowman hit a powerslam on Fury at the end of the match. As I said in the entire build up to this match, this whole thing did absolutely zero for Braun Strowman. At least he didn’t take a clean pinfall loss. But Strowman isn’t getting a main event push any time soon because of this, and he’s pretty much turned into an attraction match from this point forward. And I use the word attraction very loosely.

3. The Fiend defeated Seth Rollins to win the Universal Title

Yes, the WWE is still doing the stupid red light effect. It is painful to watch these matches with that red light. And in typical WWE fashion, they have taken something the fans enjoy and turned it into a total shit show. I’m fine with the Fiend not selling a handful of moves here and there. But the overkill they go with it now is ridiculous. Today, the Fiend practically no sold getting electrocuted and set on fire. They did the old “fall into the wiring” spot. Then a spark went off as Rollins went over. And if they couldn’t turn him into more of a bitch, Rollins goes “OW MY EYE.” The Fiend appears then does the mandible claw and Sister Abigail for the win.

So now the Universal Title is on Smackdown as well as the WWE Title. What does it mean? Probably nothing. I think it is a temporary ratings ploy to get people to tune into Smackdown tomorrow. The ratings on that show are taking a hit and the WWE probably thinks a quick Title change and both wrestlers on Smackdown will help it. Because as we all know, they have no future planning to think of when it comes to how to help ratings.

Nothing else much happened. Team Hogan won that match and that’s it.

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