AEW Dynamite Review 10.30.19 w/Justin C

We see Cody arriving with Dustin at the airport. Tony Schiavone is in the limo with Cody on the way to the arena. We really trying to redo Ric Flair Starrcade 93?

Next is a behind the scenes clip of Jon Moxley in Tony Khan’s office. We only get audio, but Khan tells Moxley his match with Omega at Full Gear is now Non Sanctioned and won’t count against the win/loss record. I’m sorry but that is a total cop out move.

Sammy Guevara vs Hangman Page

Both men hit suplexes early on. Guevara backflips over Page before hitting his. Page backs Guevara into a corner and slaps him. Guevara pushes Page away but Page catches Guevara off the top and hits a throwaway slam. Page sends Guevara to the outside. Page takes his time getting to the outside and Guevara pulls Page off the apron and Page lands back first. Guevara tosses Page into the railing. Back in the ring Guevara goes to the top but jumps off and just slaps Page. Page returns it. Guevara hits a superkick but Page comes right back with a lariat. Page tries hitting Dead Eye on the apron but Guevara escapes. Page drops Guevara charging at him on the apron. Page hits a powerbomb in the ring and goes back to the outside, where he hits a moonsault off the top onto Guevara. Page goes for the Buckshot Lariat but Guevara rolls away. Guevara hits a running knee but Page comes back again with another lariat. Page gets tossed to the apron but comes right back at a charging Guevara with the Buckshot Lariat for the win.

WINNER: Hangman Page- Good opener. Guevara has the “I want to punch this douche in the face” act down properly. He needs a win eventually but Page needed it more here.

After the match, Page says he knows things haven’t been going his way but he is going to do some cowboy shit and rip PAC’s head off at Full Gear.

Shanna vs Hikaru Shida

We get some armdrag take downs early on. Shanna goes for a dive to the outside but Shida comes back up and knees her. Shida sets up a chair on the outside and uses it to launch off and hit a knee. Shida hits a backbreaker then starts working over the back. Shanna tries fighting back and goes for a cradle but only gets two. Shida goes back with kicks to the back. Shida then hits a right elbow. It wakes up Hanna who fights back with some weak looking chops. She runs right into a Shida hurricarrna, but Shanna comes back with one of her own. Shanna goes on an offensive run in the picture-in-picture commercial. They go to the top. Shanna headbutts Shida off as Shida hangs on. Shanna hits a double stomp off for two. Shanna goes for a double underhook facebuster, but Shida counters into a double underhook back piledriver. Shida hits a suplex from the outside to the ring for two. We get a couple of near falls. Shida hits a Falcon Arrow for two, then finishes it off with a running knee for the win.

WINNER: Hikaru Shida- I really liked that match. It started off with little crowd reaction, and by the end, the crowd was fully invested into it. Shida got over and Shanna looked good as well.

We get a video promo with Brandi, who apparently has voodoo powers and can summon Awesome Kong. Did we accidentally jump over to Lucha Underground?

The Rock n Roll Express come out for an interview, but are attacked by Santana and Ortiz. They put Ricky Morton through a gimmicked part of the stage.

Tony Schiavone and Cody are driving to the arena in the limo. It was tough to hear. Tony talked about a Dusty story and how honored he was to be a part of this with Cody.

John Silver, Alex Reynolds and QT Marshall vs Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

Best Friends and Cassidy come out in Ricky and Morty costumes. It’s a quick win for the faces. Cassidy comes in and does his kick spots, then hits a hard dropkick when he gets knocked down. Cassidy hits a dive to the outside and Best Friends finish it off in the ring. AEW is definitely doing Orange Cassidy right so far.

WINNERS: Best Friends and Orange Cassidy

Contract signing time. Cody signs it. Jericho pretends to go to flip over the table but it was a fake out. Jericho says the match is too important. Because if Cody wins he will finally be a World Champion. But instead, Jericho will show Cody is just an entitled millennial jackass. They get in front of the table, Jericho offers his hand for a handshake. Cody accepts, then pulls Jericho in and stares him down. Jericho says they can stand there all night, but Cody might be needed elsewhere. They then cut to Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara in the back. Hager is beating up Dustin Rhodes and ends up slamming the door on Dustin’s arm. Hager also low blowed Dustin too, just like he did in his MMA fight this past weekend.

Kip Sabian, Jack Evans and Angelico vs Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks

The heels attack as Omega and the Bucks are posing. But that doesn’t last long as Omega and the Bucks come back. We get a springboard double stomp and double enziguris. They line up for triple dives but the Bucks are pulled out. Evans hits a spinning kick then a hamdstand running moonsault to the outside. Matt Jackson ends up getting the heat on him as the heels work him over. Back from break Omega gets the hot tag. Omega cleans house. Evans catches him with a rolling heel kick. Bucks and Omega come back. Omega goes for the Terminator Dive but Sabian stops it. Sabian goes for a dive but the Elite catch him and drop him on the apron. Evans eats a triple superkick. Omega then hits a V-trigger and One Winged Angel for the win.

WINNERS: Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks- Fun little match. The heels got enough offense in to look decent in defeat.

Two people dressed in Ricky and Morty masks attack the Bucks. It was Santana and Ortiz. They get some shots in until Omega clears them away.

Peter Avalon comes out. Jon Moxley then comes out and DDTs him. He complains about the match at Full Gear now not counting in the win/loss column. Moxley says that if this is how it is going to be then they can take the win/loss records and shove them up their ass. Moxley says he is unsanctionable. Moxley said he will beat Omega within an inch of his life and his blood will be on AEW’s hands. Moxley tells the suits to kiss his ass and stay out of his way.

Tag Title Tournament Finals: SCU vs Lucha Brothers

All four men throw hands to start the match. SCU gets the upper hand. Lucha Bros take out Scorpio Sky with a kick/backstabber combo. Pentagon hits a package pumple handle slam for two. Scorpio Sky comes in but eats a slingblade from Pentagon. Kazarian comes in but eats a walking the top rope knee from Fenix. Scorpio Sky gets tossed into Kazarian. He then backflips Kazarian into the Lucha Bros. Kazrian goes for a pin. Pentagon tries reaking it up but Kazarian pulls up Fenix and Pentagon kicks him. Scorpio Sky hits a hurricarrana on Fenix on the outside. Fenix gouges the eyes of Kazarian then hits one of his crazy sprongboard armdrags off the ropes. The Lucha Bros then take out SCU on the outside.

The Lucha Bros work over Kazarian during the picture in picture. Kazarian finally gets the hot tag to Scorpio Sky. Sky sends Pentagon to the outside with a head scissors then then takes him out with a dive. Fenix dropkicks Sky off the apron. Kazarian goes for a hurricarrana on the apron but his foot gets caught in the ropes and it looks a bit awkward. Kazarian eats a Mexican Destoryer from Pentagon and Fenix gets a pin on Sky for two. Both men collide mid air. Kazarian goes for a boot on Pentagon, but Pentagon stops him and powerbombs Kazrian through the time keeper’s table. Fenix hits a dive off Pentagon’s shoulders onto Sky for two. Lucha Bros go for their finisher, but Sky rolls up Pentagon and Kazarian blocks Fenix to give SCU the win.

WINNERS: SCU- Match was fine. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t give the Titles to Lucha Bros. Maybe AEW thinks they are over without any Titles. It seemed like the goal of the tournament was to get over Scorpio Sky and it looks like that may have worked.

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