Justin C’s Three Up, Three Down 10.20.19-10.26.19

STOCK UP: Street Profits

I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Street Profits to finally get in the ring on RAW. And despite it going from a six man with a mystery partner to a regular tag, I still wanted to see how the Street Profits came across on TV. And thankfully, the Street Profits came off great. In a RAW that focused on the new youth movement of the brand, I thought the Street Profits came off great. Montez Ford is going to be a big star down the line. Him hugging and dancing with that baby at the end of the show was great. A dead crowd throughout the night came alive for them at the end, with the help of Kevin Owens. But I think the Street Profits time on the main roster is going to be a fun one.

STOCK DOWN: Chad Gable

This one is a pretty obvious. Look, I commend Gable for fully embracing this Shorty G gimmick he has going on right now. He’s done well so far with it. But I’m sorry, he looked like a guy last night that would be picked last in a game of street ball. That outfit looked ridiculous. Gable can embrace this gimmick all he wants but there is a certain shelf life with it. He is going to be stuck in the mid card with it and not get anything else out of it. I wish Gable the best but he really needs to get out of the WWE soon.


That whole segment from AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday was phenomenal. Everyone played their part extremely well. Chris Jericho was the standout, but MJF was a close second. MJF has his character down to a tee right now. He’s playing a heel who is a friend of Cody, but it s a heel to everyone else on the roster. I loved the upside down diamond cutter symbol when walking down the ramp to the camera. I also loved him handing the scarf to Cody to break through the door. As a character, MJF never disappoints. Once he puts it all together in the ring he is going to be a big star for AEW. The eventual turn on Cody will garner so much heat.


It was a bad week for this group. First, Xaiver Woods tears his Achilles in Australia. Then on Smackdown, Kofi and Big E lost to Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. This was after it was announced that Kofi and Big E would get tag title shots next week. So why the hell would you have them lose in this match in under five minutes? Not only that, why the hell is Kofi Kingston the one taking the pin? Kofi was WWE Champ not even a month ago and now he is getting pinned by Dolph Ziggler in throwaway tag matches. New Day is on a quick downward spiral. It is getting to the point where fans might quickly give up on them.

STOCK UP: Finn Balor

If you are a fan and listener of the HTCWrestling Podcast, Finn Balor continued to be a topic of discussion over the summer for us. When it was reported that Balor would be taking a break after SummerSlam, we all universally agreed that it would be a good thing. When he came back to NXT we agreed it would b a good thing. And this heel turn is the best thing that could have happened to Finn Balor. Balor worked great as a heel in New Japan and I hope they let Balor somewhat control his own heel persona down in NXT. Heel turns can inject new life into people and since Balor has yet to be a heel in WWE, I look forward to seeing what it brings.

STOCK DOWN: Bray Wyatt

By now I think you pretty much figured out that Smackdown was by far the worst show of the week (sorry Chairman). First let me say that I’m glad Rambling Rabbit was revived before getting eaten again by the buzzard. Can we get the other characters to yell “Oh my god, they killed Rambling Rabbit!” then have the pig yell “You Bastards!”? Because that would be fun. This is also kind of in anticipation with what I think will happen next week. First Bray will lose to Seth. then he will be on Miz TV? I mean I don’t know what the plan is there. But things have stalled out for Bray ever since Hell In A Cell and they don’t look to be getting brighter any time soon.

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