WWE Raw Review 10.21.19

Raw kicked off with the 16-time world champion Ric Flair, who was out here to announce the fifth and final pick for his team.

After playing to the crowd and insulting the Cleveland Browns, Flair played his final card, and it was a game-changer as Drew McIntyre made his way to the ring. McIntyre was a first-round pick and maybe will finally get that big push.

McIntyre said he was going to give us a preview of the Crown Jewel pay-per-view when he takes out Ricochet in their upcoming match. I love the fact this opening segment was brief, and there was minimal talking. WWE got right into what looked to be a pretty solid wrestling match on paper.

Below is the rest of what happened on Raw, as I rank the segments from best to worst and give my final rating at the bottom.

McIntyre vs. Ricochet steals the show:

Drew took over this match to start as he slowed the pace down and delivered a handful of hard-hitting chops. Ricochet would try and counter McIntryre’s offense several times but was unsuccessful until he hit a dropkick that got Drew off his feet, and Ricochet followed that up with a dive to the outside.

Following the commercial break, McIntyre was back in control after throwing Ricochet into the ring post. Every time it looked like Ricochet was gaining any momentum, Drew would send him back to square one. Ricochet would slow McIntyre down when he nailed him with a dropkick and later hit a springboard and a standing shooting star press, but Drew kicked out at one! Ricochet stayed aggressive and springboard moonsault off the middle rope and got a two-count.

McIntyre chopped Ricochet out of mid-air, then hit a buckle bomb and then a powerbomb, but only picked up a two-count. Ricochet was later able to lift the much larger McIntyre up and plant him to the mat and then hit a shooting star press, and Drew JUST kicked out before the ref’s hand hit the mat for the third time.

Ricochet went back up to the high rent district but Drew rolled out of the way and tossed Ricochet to the outside to stop all momentum. Drew then planted Ricochet into the ring post and then nailed the Claymore Kick for the win. WOW, WHAT A MATCH! I witnessed this in person, and the crowd was hype for this match. Both superstars brought their “A-game,” and this was quite the way to kick off Raw.

After the match, Drew beat down Ricochet by throwing him into the steel steps. Message sent.

Street Profits debut on Raw:

From the start of the Street Profits entrance, I was invested in this match, there is just something about them, they ooze charisma. The Profits dominated the early portion of the match before Gallows and Anderson cut the ring in half and slowed the match down.

Montez Ford, after getting worked out for what seemed like ten minutes, came close to reaching his partner several times, but Gallows kept sending him toward the OC’s corner. Finally, Ford was able to buy enough time to get to the corner and tag Dawkins into the match.

But the two on three odds would catch up to the Profits when Dawkins was pulled to the outside, and the ref became distracted, allowing Styles to push Ford off the top rope. The referee caught Styles interfering the second time and kicked him out, but before Styles could make his way up the ramp, Kevin Owens music hit!

Owens, who was the third man, came down to hit a stunner on Owens, Anderson was distracted in the ring and Ford would hit the splash for the win, what a debut!

I did not like how all of a sudden, the 3-on-3 angle of this match was dropped, made no sense to me, but it gave us more time to watch the Street Profits excel, so I suppose things are not all bad with this main event. Plus, Ford and Dawkins going into the crowd to celebrate was a fun way to end the show.

Humberto Carrillo calls out the champ: 

Raw’s newest pick called out Seth Rollins following the Andrade/Sin Cara match, saying if he were Universal Champion, he would not be playing with fire. Rollins heard this message and challenged the newcomer to a match.

The crowd was not overly into this match, as they chanted, “We want Wyatt!” several times. However, I was impressed with Carrillo and his skill set in the ring. Rollins threw him into the ropes, but he landed on the middle rope, jumped to the top rope, and then hit a crossbody.

After the break, Carrillo hit a dive over the ropes and then went to the top ropes, but missed and Rollins hit a Falcon arrow that Carrillo kicked out of at two. Carrillo later suffered a buckle bomb and then a superkick, but again kicked out at two!

Carrillo hit a kick, then a DDT, and then went to the top rope and hit an incredible moonsault. However, the newbie to Raw went to the well one too many times, as Carrillo went to the top rope again, only to have Rollins get the knees up. Rollins then hit a kick, and then the stomp for the win.

I was not sure about the selection of Carrillo to Raw, but this was an impressive debut on Raw for Humberto.

Andrade takes care of Sin Cara: 

Sin Cara started the match off hot as he hit a dive and then went to the top rope. However, that momentum did not last long, as thanks to Zelina Vega, Andrade regained momentum.

But Sin Cara would hit a hurricanrana and then hit a moonsault on the outside, which knocked down Andrade, and after the break, he hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall on Andrade. Sin Cara then went up to the top rope, but Andrade dodged him and would regain momentum.

Andrade, though, took too much time, even showboating a bit, and the two tangled on the top rope before Sin Cara planted Andrade from the top rope. Vega later distracted the referee, then hit a hurricanrana of her own. This allowed Andrade to get Sin Cara back in the ring and hit the hammerlock DDT for the win.

Andrade is another superstar on Raw that deserves a big push, he can be a top heel on this brand, along with Drew McIntyre. He’s got the in-ring talent to steal the show every single week.

Aleister Black wants to fight: 

After a recap of the WWE Draft, we got an Aleister Black promo, and then he made he way to the ring to face a local jobber. Poor guy.

Black wasted little time going on the attack with a plethora of strikes. Local jobber Jason Reynolds got in a couple offensive moves, but this only angered Black, who connected with more strikes before delivering the deadly Black Mass kick for the win.

I have high expectations for Black on Raw, I am hoping this guy is in a U.S. Title picture soon.

Rusev speaks about Lana: 

Rusev said he is going to crush Bob Lashley for poisoning Lana’s mind. Rusev said he hopes that he and Lana can get through this, but Lashley cut him off. He and Lana were out to eat at a fancy restaurant.

The new couple exchanged “I love you’s” and Lashley told Rusev “out with the old and in with the new.” Rusev said he was going to deliver a message to Lashley and Lana in person.

Later in the night, a staff member at the restaurant told Lana and Lashley they would have to leave because they heard Rusev is on the way. But they were still there when a distraught Rusev showed up and starting beating down Lashley.

My favorite part of the segment was Lana standing on the booth, screaming at the top of her lungs. I could not make out 99 percent of what she was saying, but it was funny, nonetheless.

This feud has taken yet another interesting turn.

Viking Raiders dominate: 

Erik tosses around Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins right from the start.  Erik then threw Ivar into Ryder, and the Ivar hit a dive on Hawkins through the middle rope. Hawkins and Ryder got in too much offense here, and they even broke up a pin attempt by the Raiders. Seconds later, the duo hit the Viking Experience for the win.

Hawkins and Ryder tare nowhere near a credible tag team, and the Viking Raiders should have squashed this team in two minutes. Seeing these big men with their versatile offensive skillset gives me hope for the Raw tag team division. Imagine what a feud between them and AOP would look like? Sign me up for that.

R-Truth has a new feud: 

R-Truth, minus Carmella, ran into the Bollywood Boys who teamed up on Truth and won the 24/7 title. Truth was funny as usual in the segment.

Mysterio back on Raw: 

Rey Mysterio was back on Raw for the first time since he was brutally beaten down by Brock Lesnar. Mysterio was out here to thank the fans for all their support for himself and his family. He then said we will all celebrate when Cain Velasquez puts another scar on the face of “that bastard” Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman then popped up for an on-screen promo. Heyman said Lesnar said for the past nine years has seen the scar Velasquez gave him & Brock is salivating for revenge.

Then of all people, Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring to verbally attack Mysterio. Benjamin reminds Mysterio that he trained with Lesnar back in college, and he knows Lesnar very well. Benjamin began to push Mysterio around because he thinks if you beat up Rey, then you deserve a title shot.

Then all of a sudden, music hit, and Cain Velasquez appeared from the back! He marched down to the ring and went at Benjamin, throwing some punches before putting a chokehold on him before Benjamin escaped to the outside after tapping out.

It was personally exciting to see Velasquez in person, but the beat down seemed to fall a bit short for me, and it did not exactly get Cain over as this unstoppable “Beast Slayer” we all thought he could be. Also, the crowd was not very hot for this angle (I would know, I was there).

Overall this was an average episode of Raw. The opening match between McIntyre and Ricochet was excellent, and the tag match to close the show was a solid ending. It was a bummer the women were off touring elsewhere because this show could have used Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair.

Raw has some promising talent in Carrillo, Black, Andrade, and Ricochet, it is just a matter if WWE can book them the proper way moving forward. Seeing Cain Velasquez was neat, but the crowd was not behind it, and they were not into Rollins at all, especially in the dark match against The Fiend.

My rating: 3.25 out of 5.