WWE Smackdown Hits and Misses 10.18.19 w/ The Chairman

Now that the dust has settled after the WWE Draft, Smackdown’s roster is officially in tact. Well for now at least. This episode featured an Intercontinental Championship match between Shinsuke Nakamura and Roman Reigns and a six pack challenge women’s match to determine who would get to challenge the new Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley next. All this and more on this weeks Smackdown.


MISS: Another Title Match, Another No Finish

It should’ve been a red flag to me knowing Smackdown was going to start with a Intercontinental Championship match. As we seen on the first two Smackdown on FOX episodes, the title matches were last. The title matches of course had title changes. When I seen the match announced I was expecting Roman to win the title here. Especially since someone decided it’d be a good idea to put the WWE Championship on the part timer Brock Lesnar. The match itself was fine. I enjoyed Sami Zayn’s commentary and involvement early when he saved Nakamura from a Reigns Drive By. However we didn’t get a definite finish here as King Corbin interfered going after Roman Reigns. WWE has been going the no finish route alot lately to the point it’s getting annoying. Apparently since the Rock embarrassed Corbin a few weeks ago, he has his targets set on Reigns. Daniel Bryan came out and made the save so the weird partnership of Reigns and Bryan continues on. Another thing I didn’t care for is they announced as the main event of this show was Reigns and Bryan teaming up against Corbin and Nakamura. What happened to continuing a story onto next week? This almost tells me they’re going to overexpose Roman Reigns as much as possible in multiple segments and matches a show.


MISS: Chad Gable Completely Loses His Name

The devolution of Chad Gable’s name has offically hit rock bottom. He was drafted to Smackdown as Shorty Gable, but now someone decided it’d be a good idea to have him go by Shorty G. Shorty defeated Curtis Axel in a squash match which was fine. However it’s going to be hard to take someone named Shorty G seriously going forward. I give credit to Chad Gable having to work with this terrible name he was given, but man I hate to see this.


HIT: Eight Man Tag Action

Not a fan of the story this match is building towards (Crown Jewel) however there was good action in this one. New Day teamed up with Heavy Machinery to face off against the Smackdown Tag Team Champions Revival along with Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. It’s what you expected in a eight man tag team match. Lots of action and lots of wrestlers showcasing their signature moves. In the end, Otis held up Scott Dawson and passed him off to Big E. Big E and Xavier Woods then polished off Dawson with the Midnight Hour giving the fan favorites the victory.


HIT: Why Bayley?

Usually I cringe at these wrestler talk segments these days because they’re not as good as they used to be. However this episode of Miz TV was pretty good. Miz invited Bayley onto his show and she was joined by Sasha Banks. I love how Miz goes right to Sasha and said she didn’t invite her, but whatever. We spoke on the HTCWrestling Podcast this week (listen to it if you haven’t yet) about Bayley’s heel turn and were curious if she could pull it off. Bayley at first told Miz she didn’t owe anybody an explanation for any of her recent actions such as destroying the Bayley Buddies and the change of appearance. Miz then nailed it by calling Bayley Brock Lesnar by referring to her as a champion that doesn’t talk and called Sasha Paul Heyman. Sasha of course sounded like a child with her “well you were drafted in the fifth round” comeback. Miz of course quickly spins it and says it doesn’t matter what round he gets drafted, when he talks people listen. This of course caused Bayley to vent about the fans how she was always there for her, but nobody was there after Hell in a Cell when she lost the title. Bayley then called the women’s division lazy and closed by telling the fans “life sucks, then you die.” Bayley’s hitting it out of the park with her new persona. Hands down the best part of Smackdown.


HIT: Six Pack Challenge

It was announced Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, Carmella, Sonya Deville, and Mandy Rose would all collide in a six pack challenge with the winner getting a title shot against Bayley. I predicted Carmella to win here figuring they would play more into their past friendship. Plus you know they’re not going to do heel vs heel so that shrunk the pool down in half. I was wrong on my prediction of course and Nikki Cross was victorious by taking Mandy Rose down with the swinging neckbreaker. We’ve seen Cross have plenty of run ins with Bayley and Sasha this past year  already so was disappointed they didn’t go another direction. Hopefully this time Cross actually keeps her title shot and doesn’t just give it to her bestie Alexa Bliss. The six pack match was fine. It gave exposure to a good amount of women on the Smackdown roster. Though can we all agree on how cringe it was hearing Dana Brooke talk about flex appeal?


MISS: Drew Gulak Getting These Hands

I’m fine with Braun Strowman squashing somebody to try to reestablish his brand on Smackdown. Obviously we all know Braun has a big match against Tyson Fury coming up. However I don’t like the decision of Drew Gulak being the sacrificial lamb in this one. Gulak is coming off a hot summer as cruiserweight champion until he lost to Lio Rush a few weeks ago on NXT and there are plenty of other people that could’ve been used in this spot. I guess the one good thing is that Gulak didn’t get made out to be a complete fool. He brought back the powerpoint presentation and tried to tell Braun why he’s going to lose to Tyson Fury.


MISS: Roman and Shinsuke Pulling Double Duty 

As I stated earlier, not a fan of these guys wrestling again on the same show. They could’ve easily continued the story into next week. Instead these guys are featured in another segment. Hell we could’ve at least had Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin. Then again the Smackdown roster is limited so this is probably going to be a common trend going forward unless they make some of their matches longer. Oh yeah, Roman Reigns is the new captain of Team Hogan for Crown Jewel if anyone cares. Either or, the match was alright. It was your typical heels dominant early and then the babyfaces rally in the end. Roman Reigns speared King Corbin thru the barricade. I did enjoy the Bryan and Nakamura encounters and really hope there’s an Intercontinental Championship match featuring these two in the future. Bryan slays the champ with the Flying Knee for the win. I almost would’ve preferred to see the heels go over here and possibly start a new faction. However that wasn’t the case. Still trying to figure out the Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan alliance as well.


In the end, this was an uneventful episode outside of the Bayley promo. Seems to be alot of the same old, same old. Kofi Kingston is basically forgotten about as he’s now a cheerleader for Big E and Xavier. Brock of course holding the WWE Championship hostage is going to hurt Smackdown as well. I’m hoping things get better once WWE starts building towards Survivor Series and gets thru Crown Jewel. With that, thanks for reading and as always check out my latest tweets @chairmansv.