WWE Nano Metalfigs

Jada Toys are one of over 175 licensees that create and produce WWE products. The product in question has come under fire (by fans) for being of a poor standard, but if you search hard enough you can actually find some good stuff. EVERY major toy manufacturer suffers from poor paint app from time to time (Mattel & Funko being just 2 examples) but It’s all about leg work and the thrill of the hunt. More to the point, what more do you want for a quid?

Jada Club

Jada Toys are a manufacturer of innovative, highly stylized license toys (as their Twitter bio will tell you) & one of their brands are the Nano Metalfigs.

This series of figures…well, there’s no actual articulation & they come on a stand, so we’ll call them statues, covers a broad selection of franchises. From Harry Potter & DC Comics to Marvel and the aforementioned WWE. The latter of which we will be looking at today.

The Set-Up

This series of ‘figures’ was released in 2017, so as you can imagine, some of the gimmicks are old hat by now. But it’s still a really good mixture of talent to choose from. As we can see from the checklist we have;

  • 5 Female Wrestlers
  • 4 Legends
  • 15 Male Wrestlers

Making an impressive little collection of 24. Which, at £1 per figure will get you a complete collection (if found) for the same price as a Mattel Elite action figure. Not too bad at all if you ask me. It’s worth mentioning that out of the 24, I personally found 11 different ones in the same shop (which was Poundland here in the UK) this leads me to believe that obtaining a full collection is most certainly doable if that’s what you’re after.


So, this is where the ‘issue’ comes in. As you can see, these statues stand at around 2 inches tall. I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly struggle to paint realistic facial features on a METAL statue of that size. So I feel like they deserve to be cut some slack. Again, these are only £1. That’s a bargain for an officially licensed metal product that big.

The packaging is pretty generic too (on par with Mattel’s Basic action figure range) but again, I feel like you could make a pretty sweet display using them if done properly.


At the end of the day, if you’re a wrestling fan and I showed you these 2 ‘figures’ you’d know exactly who they were. Yeah, they’re not perfect, but the price point means you can get yourself the odd one or two you really like for less than a Coffee. They are also great for stuff like party favours & stocking fillers too.

But that’s just my opinion. What’s yours? let me know in the comments below, and make sure you come back next Thursday for my weekly NXT UK TV review.