NXT UK 17.10.19

Ilja Dragunov Vs Saxon Huxley

I’m not overly familiar with Huxley but based on this first minute I feel he underestimates the Russian. I know I say it a lot, but he’s so Intense. Having a break from action has definitely helped reinvigorate him.

The punches and kicks he hurls at Huxley are constant. His flying knee to the face was a thing of beauty. Despite Wolfgang (of Imperium) coming out to play, it didn’t distract either man. If anything, it helped Huxley up his game. He came close with a 2 count, but Dragunov kept up the pace and just wore him down with the win.

Also interesting to see was Wolfgang of Imperium take Ilja away for a little chat. Future member of Imperium!? we can only hope! speaking of which…

Imperium Vs The Hunt

This was a full-on brawl! Imperium usually pride themselves on their technical prowess, but tonight it was just all-out war. To the credit of The Hunt, they were equally as brutal. They were disrespected last week and wanted to show that they aren’t as disgusting as Imperium made out. That they certainly did.

This for me was an exceptional match. One of the best since Takeover Cardiff. Truly non stop action. Full on, hard-hitting and fast-paced. It was obvious Imperium was going to get the win, but take nothing from The Hunt. That we’re both awesome.

Nina Samuels Vs Xia Brookside

Both of these women are top athletes. Xia has a slight advantage when it comes to speed and agility due to her size, but Samuels is able to keep up with her (just about)

It was another glorious showing of fast-paced action from tonight. Not so much hard-hitting and nothing that stood out, but it was hard to keep up with (in the best possible way) and in the end, Brookside gains the win.

Andrews & Webster Vs Gallus (NXT UK tag team titles)

The NXT UK tag team champions clearly mean business because they’re stating this match off the second the bell rings. the idea being, take the opponents by surprise…and it actually worked! the Welshmen work well together and do a fair few of their moves in sync, but Gallus is all about stamina and soon begin to wear the tag team champions down.

I’m not his biggest fan, but FMW was phenomenal tonight. Andrews was laid outside of the ring for a considerable amount of time and left Webster all alone…but he held the fort damn well. Once again throwing Gallus completely off guard; that knee to the face, followed by a headbutt to Wolfgang was brutal, but the big Scott is made of stronger stuff.

The whole night was full of exceptional wrestling, and this was truly the icing on the cake. The back and forth was ‘edge of your seat’ stuff but in the end, it was Gallus who were the superior team and crowned the NEW NXT UK tag team champions!

What a night. What a show. What a brand.