WWE Raw Review 10.14.19

The night started off with ‘The Man’ Becky Lynch, who was selected No. 1 overall in the 2019 WWE Draft. Lynch was not just in the ring to cut a promo, she was there to fight Charlotte Flair for the right to see which brand got the top overall pick tonight.

Lynch and Flair had a brief interaction, and Charlotte told Becky she wanted to be friends again, and she missed her. But in typical Flair fashion, it was all a lie, and she used this moment to attack Lynch. The two women would go after each other before the bell, and the chaos spilled out to ringside.

Once the match was underway, these two superstars put on a pay-per-view caliber match. Both women countered each others moves all match long, playing up the fact that they have spent quite a lot of time in the ring together over the past year. Their overall chemistry in the ring is quite impressive, and they seemingly put on a show every time.

Several times it looked like Flair had this match won, but Becky countered the figure eight a couple of times and also kicked out of Natural Selection, a big boot, and a spear. After Flair failed to pick up the win from the spear, she was beside herself, which ended up costing her as Lynch would come from behind and roll Flair up for the win.

Nice to see Becky pick up the win, though I wish it would have been off of an actual move instead of a roll-up. Given the fact that Raw gets three picks and Smackdown gets two every round, the outcome seemed entirely predictable.

Overall this was a solid opening to the show, but how did the rest of the show fare? Check out how I rate the rest of the segments below and my overall Raw rating for this week’s episode.

 Seth Rollins burns it down: 

Wyatt told Rollins that he is strong and smart, but the Fiend never forgets. Ramblin Rabbit (alive again) came to Wyatt in a panic, telling him that Rollins is here. Wyatt was not worried, but out of nowhere, Rollins attacks! Wyatt asks Rollins why he is doing this, but Seth just attacks Wyatt again and then sets the Fun House on fire!

Later in the night, it was announced that Rollins would once again battle for the Universal Title at Crown Jewel in a falls count anywhere match. With Wyatt on Smackdown now and Rollins on Raw, the outcome of this match seems quite obvious and unless the Fiend somehow gets traded to Raw. Looks like WWE is booking themselves into an even bigger corner.

Viking Raiders vs. Roode & Ziggler: 

This match was made last week with Ziggler and Roode’s tag team titles at stake. Well, this title bout started off hot, as seconds into the match Ivar flew through the middle rope with ease, taking out Roode. Ivar then went to the top rope and squashed Ziggler for a near fall.

Ziggler and Roode would bounce back, and right before the break, Ziggler would land his signature “Zig Zag” on the outside by the timekeeper’s area. The champions continued to cut down the Viking Raiders after the break, not allowing Erik to reach Ivar in the corner.

Ivar was able to get the hot tag and ran wild like a wrecking ball. But would be cut down by a kick from Ziggler as he was setting up Roode for the Viking Experience. Erik would kick out of a Zig-Zag, Spinebuster combo, and later the Glorious DDT was broken up by Ivar.

The match concluded with Ivar doing a handstand into the ropes, the hit both Roode and Ziggler with a flying elbow. This then set up the Raiders to hit the Viking Experience for the win! After months of squashing jobbers and feuding with the O.C., this is precisely where the Viking Raiders should be, the Raw tag team champions.

Buddy Murphy vs. Cedric Alexander: 

These two former members of the Cruiserweight division, now both members of Raw, were here to showcase the future of the Red Brand. It is a shame Buddy has not been seen on TV since his stint with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns a few months back.

Murphy possesses so much talent, and it was on display here again. His Murphy’s Law finisher is such a sweet finisher. Like I have said with so many other superstars, I hope Murphy gets a nice push in the coming months.

WWE Draft Day 2: 

Round 1:

  1. Seth Rollins – Raw
  2. Brock Lesnar – Smackdown
  3. Charlotte Flair – Raw
  4. The New Day – Smackdown
  5. Andrade – Raw

Round 2:

  1. Kabuki Warriors – Raw
  2. Daniel Bryan – Smackdown
  3. Rusev – Raw
  4. Bayley – Smackdown
  5. Aleister Black – Raw

Round 3:

  1. Cedric Alexander – Raw
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura – Smackdown
  3. Humberto Carrillo – Raw
  4. Ali – Smackdown
  5. Erick Rowan – Raw

Round 4:

  1. Buddy Murphy – Raw
  2. Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode – Smackdown
  3. Jinder Mahal – Raw
  4. Carmella – Smackdown
  5. R-Truth – Raw

Round 5:

  1. Samoa Joe – Raw
  2. The Miz – Smackdown
  3. Akira Tozawa – Raw
  4. King Corbin – Smackdown
  5. Shelton Benjamin – Raw

Round 6:

  1. Rey Mysterio – Raw
  2. Shorty Gable – Smackdown
  3. Titus O’Neil – Raw
  4. Elias – Smackdown
  5. Liv Morgan – Raw

Overall there were some interesting picks for Raw, mainly Akira Tozawa, Humberto Carillo, and Jinder Mahal. I get that Raw is a three hour show, and you need to fill the time, but do we really think any of those three guys will be nothing more than jobbers or mid-level talent at best?

Liv Morgan teased a new character a couple months back, so her re-debut could make the women’s division even stronger. Raw’s roster is going to revolve around Becky, Charlotte, Rollins, Samoa Joe. But as I note throughout this article, the addition of Andrade, Ricochet, Buddy Murphy, and Aleister Black can really make this show take off in the coming months.

Andrade vs. Ali: 

This was more of a showcase for Andrade, who had been selected in the first round earlier in the night. He got the upper hand after shoving Ali off the top rope and beating him up around the ring as well as throwing Ali into the ring post.

But Ali briefly got back into the match after dodging a running knee from Andrade, which sent him up and over the top rope. Ali went for is patented dive, but Zelina Vega was there to run interference. But that did not stop Ali from jumping over her and connecting on the dive.

However, Vega would hit a Hurricanrana on Ali when the referee was not looking. This allowed Andrade to get Ali back in the ring and hit the hammerlock DDT for the win. Hopefully, with Raw investing a first-round pick in Andrade, this means he will finally get that push, which has been long overdue.

Aleister Black dominates:  

Black took on Eric Young (formerly of Sanity) and took little time to establish control in this match. In no time, Black dropped Young to the mat, hit a moonsault, and then nearly ended the match with Black Mass.

Aleister then hit a lethal knee strike and then locked in his new submission finisher, “The Dark Ritual,” and Young quickly tapped out. This is another man who deserves a massive push on Raw, and I am looking forward to seeing what Paul Heyman does with him on Raw.

The O.C. Welcomes Street Profits to Raw: 

After months of doing backstage recaps for Raw, the Street Profits look to have their first feud set up. The O.C. was here to welcome them to the Red Brand, but their hospitable nature went away, and Styles wondered why the Street Profits were even here.

This would lead to the O.C. beating down the Street Profits, I guess they want the smoke.

Fury/Strowman contract signing:

Just a couple weeks out from Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury were here to officially sign their contract. Strowman told the Gypsy King that he only came to the Smackdown premiere so he could further his own career & Strowman does not want anyone using him as a stepping stone.

Fury told Strowman he was there because his kids are a fan of Strowman, but made it clear that he is going to knock Braun out. The two then had an intense staredown, and Bruan smashed the table, but Fury responded by snapping a…pen? This was an interesting segment, but I am actually looking forward to their match at Crown Jewel.

Ricochet vs. Shelton Benjamin: 

The high-flying Ricochet, who was selected by Raw on Friday night, was in action here. Benjamin grounded Richohet early on, but Raw’s newest “superhero” would eventually break out his high-flying arsenal.

Benjamin would try and counter by going to the top rope to meet Ricochet, but his attempt to knock him down failed. Ricochet would land on his feet, connect with the Recoil, and pick up the win. Like Andrade and Aleister Black, Ricochet is another former NXT superstar that should be in line for a massive push on Monday Night’s.

Lashley and Lana: 

Well, it looks like Rusev’s problems continue, as Bobby Lashley was seen here giving Lana a massage. Ruseva and Lashley were drafted to the same brand, so I’d expect a resolution to this feud at some point down the line.

Former Foes turned Tag Partners: 

So for months, Lacey Evans and Natalya were at each other’s throats, with their feud seemingly ended with their last women standing match. Now all of a sudden they are partners, why? Especially if Natalya is a babyface while Evans is a heel.

These four women actually had a solid match, and I am getting more and more impressed with Evans’ work in the ring. But in the end, the Women’s tag champions won, as WWE attempts to make those belts have some value.

This show was another one written around the WWE Draft. The Tag team match between the Viking Raiders & Roode/Ziggler was good, and Becky and Charlotte’s opening match was a great opening. Raw had some interesting draft picks, but I think the overall makeup of the Raw roster has the feeling of potential throughout the roster, with a few top stars.

The ending of Raw was interesting, and most of the matches were just showcases for the talent drafted to the Red Brand. It was an overall average show.

My rating: 3 out of 5