Justin C’s Three Up, Three Down Week of 10/5/19

So with so much wrestling going on during the week, I decided to do this column every Saturday after Smackdown. This allows me to combine every promotion into one column. I’ll take a look at AEW, WWE, NXT, NJPW, ROH, Imapct and maybe more and look at which wrestler’s stock has gone up or gone down every single week. It’ll be under the featured column section every week on Saturday. So enough talking, lets get to it!

STOCK UP: Bayley

Smackdown was absolutely dreadful yesterday. The fake Draft war rooms were ridiculous, and whatever higher up thought that was a good idea should be fired (they won’t). It was a chore to get through that show. The one bright spot came at the end of the show when Bayley entered to face Charlotte Flair. Bayley took off her hoodie to reveal that she had cut off her trademark ponytail. She then popped all of her inflatable tube buddies and her music cut off. Bayley then went on to win the Smackdown Women’s Title from Charlotte. After the match, Bayley grabbed the mic and said “Hey Bitches, Screw All of You.” It is one week, but for once they finally did something right with Bayley’s character. Now since it is WWE they could screw it up next week. But Bayley was on life support at this point and doing this gives her an injection of life.

STOCK DOWN: Shawn Spears

Even with Tully Blanchard in his corner, I just can’t get behind Spears as anything more than a decent hand. He’s never going to be a main eventer. And I don’t think AEW ever intended on him being one. But at this point I don’t even know if he can be an upper mid card guy in AEW. I almost wish Tully Blanchard was in someone else’s corner at this point. If it wasn’t for the “10” gimmick I don’t even think Spears would have made it to WWE TV. I hope Spears is able to rebound but I have a feeling that he might start slipping down the AEW ranks sooner rather than later. I could see Spears being the one guy that AEW can’t shake the WWE stink off of.

STOCK UP: Darby Allin

I start this off by saying that I have been a Darby Allin fan ever since I saw him perform Wrestlemania weekend. But AEW did a good job of elevating him this past week on Dynamite. I wasn’t the biggest fan of his match with Jimmy Havoc but Allin did get the win in the end and the crowd popped for it. Then they did a great job of having Allin come down at the end with a skateboard and taking out Jericho. Allin was the one left standing in the end and that is a positive start to getting the crowd to care about a new performer. Jericho is going to make Allin look great next week in their Philly Street Fight. I have no doubt about that. Then it will be on AEW to continue to get the crowd to care about Allin.

STOCK DOWN: Velveteen Dream

Dream has yet to really wow me since NXT moved to USA. And this past week was no different. Dream’s whole promo about Roddy having a small penis felt like Vince McMahon levels of comedy. It made me worry that Vince creeped into the NXT booking room for a segment. Dream’s promo the week before wasn’t anything special either. It is almost to the point where he is being exposed a bit as an overall performer. He has the chance to get back on the right side of things with his upcoming match against Roderick Strong. But Strong did most of the heavy lifting in their last match and I imagine it is more of the same in the rematch.

STOCK UP: Private Party

I wasn’t fully on board the Private Party bandwagon when they first came into AEW. I have to admit I  didn’t see much with them. But there is one thing AEW continues to do right and that is build up new wrestlers every single week. Private Party, in addition to Darby Allin, were the winners this week. My mind set going into their match with the Young Bucks was that they would come out of it looking great but fall short in the end. Well not only did Private Party come out of the match looking great, but they won too! I’m not sure about that, and that is coming from someone who isn’t the biggest Young Bucks fan. I think it would have been better for the Bucks to at least win one of their matches before losing. But the crowd was fully invested into the match and they cheered for Private Party winning in the end. So it worked out.

STOCK DOWN: Kofi Kingston

Boy could I go on a rant here. When I saw Kofi come out last night on Smackdown like nothing happened last week I was shocked. I think Kofi’s reaction last night did more damage to him then losing in seven seconds did last week. Kofi was WWE Champion for six months. He was actually booked somewhat decent throughout it despite having awful opponents. And last night he made it seem like he didn’t give one damn about losing that Title. If someone from creative gave him that directive I would not be surprised. Kofi is an afterthought now to Brock and Cain. But this goes back to the point I made months ago about the New Day. Despite Kofi winning the WWE Title, nothing really changed with them. Now Kofi’s character couldn’t give two shits about losing the WWE Title and is just happy about tossing pancakes. Why should I care about Kofi’s motivation as a character anymore? It is one of the main reasons the WWE is in the position it is in now. Everyone gets an automatic rematch unless Brock Lesnar is winning, and then it becomes all about Brock’s next match.

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