Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez, Braun Strowman vs Tyson Fury Set For WWE Crown Jewel

The WWE just had one of the most scripted, cringe worthy press conference to announce their two big matches for WWE Crown Jewel. They were matches everyone expected. But I guess they WWE wanted to have this really bad press conference to announce them:

There was no word on whether Brock Lesnar’s WWE Title was on the line. If I’m guessing, I bet it isn’t. That way you can give Cain a win and it can set up a rematch down the line for the Title. Braun Strowman vs Tyson Fury appears to be an actual wrestling match. Hopefully Fury is going to put in the effort to make the match passable.

In typical WWE fashion, they included all of the buzzwords they force down our throats. What WWE fails to realize is that what makes press conferences good is the unpredictability, spontaneous nature of the words that come out of the fighters. Fury and Strowman had this really awkward double pat then fake shoving. Cain paused way too long during his short promo. It was to the point where I thought he forgot his lines (which he might have).

In other Cain Velasquez news, Marc Raimondi reported that Cain Velasquez signed a multiyear deal with the WWE.

Velasquez showed signs of promise in his two matches in AAA. Hopefully that grows in WWE and he puts in the effort to continue his pursuit of being a professional wrestler. I want to see what Velasquez looks like against someone other than Lesnar where he can do some full lucha libre moves that he picked up in Mexico.

The WWE Crown Jewel show takes place in Saudi Arabia on Thursday October 31.

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